Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.07 : 13 Chefs Compete, Part 2 of 2

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : June 25, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The 17 remaining chefs wait in their kitchens for the first-ever Hell's Kitchen fashion night. With the models preparing for the runway show, the Red Kitchen is getting pumped up for service to begin. In the Blue Kitchen, although Chef Ramsay has yet to call an order, Clemenza tries to get ahead by cooking some scallops in advance. Chef Ramsay begs him to pay attention after he admits he made a mistake.

There will be three mini fashion shows during dinner service featuring the work of acclaimed designers David Meister, Amanda Ché, and Ina Soltani. After each presentation, the chefs will send out the next course to the invited guests. To help speed up service, Chef Ramsay has selected Royce for the Blue Team and Kimmie for the Red Team to assist at the pass.

While both teams prepare to start their appetizers, Soltani's models begin to strut down the catwalk in the dining room. The women on the Red Team joke about the irony of featuring these skinny, underfed models in a dining room.

As Soltani's show ends, the Red Kitchen begins cooking their appetizers. Kimmie sends back the first order of scallops that are brought to the pass. While Tiffany takes control of the fish station for the Red Team, the Blue Team is delivering their first dishes. As Chef Ramsay begins rattling off orders, Clemenza becomes overwhelmed by the task of cooking a mountain of scallops.

In the Red Kitchen, Tiffany impresses Chef Ramsay with her second attempt at the scallops. When Robyn offers to help Christina and Dana, they refuse her offer and manage to push out a steady stream of starters. Twenty minutes into service all the diners on the Red side are thrilled with their food.

Now the only thing standing in the way of the second part of the fashion show is a completed appetizer service in the Blue Kitchen. Clemenza must deliver 16 perfect orders of scallops, but he still struggles to complete the task. Guy, who jumps in to help Clemenza, sends overcooked appetizers to the pass. Chef Ramsay sends Royce out to the fashion show coordinators to tell them that they need five more minutes in the kitchen.

With a major assist from Brian, the scallops are now worthy of being served to diners, and the men deliver all of their starters. Chef Ramsay gives the orders for the entrees for the first tables so that as the models finish up on the catwalk, the cooks are ready to deliver main courses.

The second part of the fashion show begins, featuring the swimwear of Ché. The men are momentarily distracted by the half-naked models and set a pan on fire, but they quickly regain control.

In the Red Kitchen Robyn struggles to get the beef cooked in time to deliver the entrees to the window for the first tables. Chef Ramsay tells her that it's perfectly cooked. Meanwhile, in the Blue Kitchen the swordfish arrives at the pass rubbery and overcooked. Clemenza quickly redeems himself on the fish station, and the first order of Blue Kitchen entrees goes out to the dining room.

When Robyn overcooks some meat in the Red Kitchen, she runs out of filets. The women discuss going to the Blue Kitchen to get more beef, and Christina volunteers to sneak into enemy territory but she does not return with any meat.

Robyn finally confesses to Chef Ramsay that she ran out of meat. He instructs her to tell Maitre 'd James that they need to tell the patrons and get a new order from those tables.

While Robyn gets back to work, Chef Ramsay turns his attention to Tiffany on the fish station. When Christina jumps in to help her, Tiffany appears to be doing more supervising than cooking.

Back in the Blue Kitchen, all eyes are on Guy at the meat station. His cold beef prompts Chef Ramsay to gather the men around the uncooked beef for a talking-to.

Tiffany's swordfish, cooked by her helper, Christina, is also cold. Despite that, the Red Team successfully delivers all their entrees to the pass. It's now up to Kimmie to plate the final dishes, as the Red Team completes their entrée service.

Now the men need to complete their main dishes so that the third part of the fashion show can begin. When Royce is caught wiping plates at the pass with a dirty rag, Chef Ramsay sends him for a momentary time out before the Blue Team finishes up the entrée service.

With the entrees complete, it's time for third catwalk, featuring the work of Meister. With dinner service done, the chefs pat themselves on the back for finishing without anyone being kicked out of the kitchen.

Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that while fashion night was not perfect, the Red Team definitely has the edge. He asks the Blue Team to retreat to the dorms and select two chefs to put up for elimination.

The women seem to reconcile after having a successful service. Even Kimmie and Robyn appear to have patched things up. Meanwhile, the Blue Team convenes to select two nominees. They all agree on naming Clemenza but have a difficult time picking a second chef.

Down in the dining room the Blue Team tells Chef Ramsay they chose Clemenza and Guy. The two contestants plead their cases on why they should remain in Hell's Kitchen, but in the end Guy is asked to turn in his jacket.






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