Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.05 : 14 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : June 18, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

After a rough dinner service and a shake-up on the Blue Team in which Roshni is told to join them, the chefs are more focused than ever. When they gather in front of Chef Ramsay, he tells them that there is one cuisine that he has come to love in a big way but they've never focused on in Hell's Kitchen before: Mexican.

Sous Chef Scott enters the dining room with a piñata, and Chef Ramsay tells the competitors that they'll be turning five Mexican classics into fine dining foods. Inside the piñata are balls with different ingredients on listed them. Each team will have 90 seconds to grab 25 balls, and they will split the ingredients to make five dishes.

After the mad scramble, the chefs are given 35 minutes to prepare their plates. All seven chefs on each team will cook a dish, then each team much choose which five they want to present to Chef Ramsay.

When time runs out, the women quickly decide upon their dishes to present to Chef Ramsay. The men struggle to choose between Royce's and Brian's tacos. Casting the final vote, Patrick picks Royce's dish. Chef Ramsay then announces the two guest judges: Thomas Ortega of Ortega 120 and John Sedlar from Rivera and Playa.

First up in the challenge, Royce and Kimmie present their tacos. Both guest judges find Royce's tortillas to be greasy. Despite questioning Kimmie's choice of flour tortillas, Chef Sedlar finds them appetizing. The Red Team scores the point.

Next Danielle and Clemenza serve their burritos. Danielle disappoints the judges with her New York strip burrito, but they applaud Clemenza's decision to fuse his Italian heritage into the challenge by using provolone and mozzarella cheeses. He wins the round.

With the teams tied at one point apiece, Tiffany's crab salsa soup narrowly beats Justin's pickled shrimp tortilla soup. The women score the point.

Chef Sedlar says that Christina's carnitas enchiladas seem "sanitized of anything Mexican," and he declares that Patrick's lobster enchilada has "the spirit of Mexico." The Blue Team again ties the score.

The final round finds Dana up against Roshni in her first presentation as a member of the Blue Team. While Chef Ortega prefers Roshni's crab tostada with coriander seeds, Chef Sedlar prefers Dana's ahi tuna tostada.

Chef Ramsay must break the tie between Dana and Roshni. He chooses the ahi tuna, calling it the best overall dish of the day. With that accolade, the women win the challenge.

For their reward, the women head to John Sedlar's restaurant Rivera for lunch. Roshni and the men are left to dine on tripe and must prep all the salsas for the upcoming Mexican fiesta in Hell's Kitchen.

When the Blue Team finally gets a chance to unwind, Royce vents his frustration to a few of the women. But a tipsy Tiffany rats out Dana, Christina, and Danielle to Kimmie and Robyn - mistakenly attributing Royce's comments to her own teammates.

After a confrontation that morning in the dorms, tensions run high among the women, who have lost all common courtesy in the kitchen. On the men's side everyone is on their best behavior, being extra respectful of Roshni.

When Chef Ramsay arrives for service, he tells them that he's excited for the first-ever Mexican night. The evening's special menu features an ahi tuna tostada, tequila cilantro mussels, and a New York strip with mojo verde.

Both Barbie and Guy get off to a rocky start on apps for their teams. A half hour into dinner service they get back on track, and attention turns to Danielle on the meat and Dana and Kimmie on entrees. When they bring fish and meat to the pass on the same tray, Chef Ramsay chews out the women for their error.

He gets even more upset when none of the women will admit to the crime. Kimmie finally takes responsibility, but it only serves to infuriate her that she's taken the blame for what she considers to be Dana's mistake.

While Patrick and Guy serve overcooked meat for the men, Danielle is confident that her first dish will pass muster. She's sadly disappointed when Chef Ramsay calls her raw pork the "ultimate insult."vWhile Danielle starts over on her pork, Guy and Patrick are almost ready for their second attempt. When their timing is off, Chef Ramsay throws them both out of the kitchen.

The remaining members of the Blue Team try to come together on the entrees. In the Red Kitchen, Danielle is looking to redeem herself, but when her second offering is raw, she too is sent back to the dorms. Clemenza and Justin also serve raw pork and are kicked out of the kitchen.

When an overly cautious Barbie uses a thermometer to measure the temperature of her chicken breasts, she is sent to the dorms. And after Tiffany burns her mashed potatoes, she too is told to get out. Finally, Chef Ramsay snaps when Royce brings too-crispy chicken and sends him to the dorms.

The two remaining members of the Blue Team, Brian and Roshni, and the last few women in the kitchen rise to the occasion and complete dinner service.

Once again both teams are declared losers, and each group must come up with two names for elimination. The men put Patrick and Guy on the chopping block. After much debate, the women nominate Barbie and Danielle. After they plead their cases, Chef Ramsay sends Barbie back to the group. His decision about who he will eliminate will be revealed on the next episode of "Hell's Kitchen."






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