Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.03 : 16 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : June 11, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

When the contestants return to the dorm following elimination, Robyn confronts Barbie, accusing her of bringing the whole team down and blaming her for everything falling apart in the kitchen during dinner service. Barbie chalks it up to Robyn starting to crack.

As a new day begins, Barbie wakes up everyone while cleaning the kitchen by banging pots and pans and stomping her feet. Robyn and Tiffany fly out of bed, and both seem ready to get physical with Barbie. Luckily, Chef Ramsay calls and breaks up the arguments.

When they arrive in the kitchen, Gordon tells the competitors to be quiet, and the teams see that the dining room is packed for a U.S. Citizenship ceremony. In celebrate the momentous occasion, Chef Ramsay tells the guests that the contestants will be whipping up an all-American meal in their honor. He then explains to the contestants that the first team to complete service for the 60 new citizens on their side of the dining room wins the challenge.

The menu consists of a California Cobb salad appetizer, followed by a choice of three entrees: Nebraska beef sliders, a New York-style pizza, and a Wisconsin grilled cheese sandwich. The test of speed and synchronization gets off to a rocky start.

The Blue Team is eager to fire their entrees but must wait until Royce has completed the appetizers. Meanwhile in the Red Kitchen, Barbie waits for no one. She fires the pizza before the Cobb salads have even been served. Robyn jumps in to remind her team that all the apps must go out before they can even start the entrees.

Thanks to Robyn's leadership, the women are on to their first entrees. But over on the Blue Team side, nothing has left the kitchen. When Royce finally brings a Cobb salad to the pass, Chef Ramsay rejects it because he's included mushrooms, which are not part of the classic dish. Frustrated, Clemenza and Guy jump in to help Royce, and salads are finally leaving the Blue Kitchen.

The women are all ready to send out their first entrees, except Barbie's pizza isn't ready. When it finally makes its way to the pass, Chef Ramsay rejects the burnt, black pie. He throws Barbie off the pizza station, and she moves to burgers.

In the Blue Kitchen, Clemenza gets off to a rocky start with his undercooked pizzas but quickly recovers. At the same time, the Red Team rallies, and their entrees are flying out of the kitchen. While they hit their stride, the Blue Team has hit a wall. Brian's first batch of burgers is raw, and Patrick jumps in to help him make more that pass Chef Ramsay's inspection.

Even though the men get back on track, the women still win the challenge. With some unwelcome assistance from the Red Team, the Blue Kitchen finally feeds all its diners. For their reward, the women travel to San Diego with Chef Ramsay on a private jet to go on a safari.

Chef Ramsay calls out the Blue Team for their fragmented kitchen, and Patrick volunteers to step up and lead his group. In the meantime, the chef announces that he has volunteered them to perform manual labor at the Ballona Wetlands.

Back at "Hell's Kitchen" the next day, the women are confident that they will keep a pledge they made to Chef Ramsay on their safari to complete dinner service that night. In the Blue Kitchen, Patrick is determined to build on the unity they achieved during their punishment and lead the team to victory. But the other men, especially Royce, aren't fully onboard to accept him in his new role.

Since James the maitre d' is fed up with apologizing to patrons, Chef Ramsay assigns a person from each team to work as waiters. He selects Tiffany and Don.

To get Royce on track, he calls his boss from home: Season 1 runner-up Ralph Pagano. The former contestant knows what it takes and gives his employee a pep talk, which reinvigorates him in the competition.

With a fully booked dinner service underway, including U.S. servicemen and firefighters, Chef Ramsay starts calling out orders. Royce gets the men's team off to a smooth start with his perfectly cooked risotto. But the women are off to a bumpy beginning when Dana's spaghetti is over-sauced and looks like canned soup.

The men seem to be moving at a good clip, until Clemenza starts to slow things down on the meat station. However, it is worth the wait. Chef Ramsay is thrilled with Clemenza's work, and the men are doing their best job yet in the competition.

Barbie then delivers a batch of scallops to the pass, Chef Ramsay rejects them. As the women regroup, Patrick and Clemenza struggle to get their timing in sync on the fish and meat stations.

After Christina dives in to help on the appetizer station, Briana keeps burning fish, which makes things difficult for Kimmie on meat. To top things off, Roshni can't get on track with her garnish. Meanwhile, the men are in a dire situation when Clemenza runs out of Beef Wellingtons. Chef Ramsay makes him go to a table of hungry Marines and admit his mistake.

The men quickly get back on track, but Kimmie, Briana, and Roshni are unable to successfully deliver the firefighters' entrees. An irate Chef Ramsay throws them all out of the kitchen.

While the women retreat to the dorms to contemplate their failure, the men complete the first service of the season. After a painful evening, Chef Ramsay congratulates Royce and Christina. But he dubs the women the losing team.

Briana volunteers to be put up for elimination, and the women vote to put Barbie on the chopping block as well. Chef Ramsay believes that Roshni's performance also puts her in contention to be sent home. In the end, Briana is asked to turn in her jacket and leave "Hell's Kitchen."






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