Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.02 : 17 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : June 05, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Seventeen chefs remain in the pursuit of a dream job as the head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris in Las Vegas. After a pathetic showing on opening night, Chef Ramsay sends a wake-up call that he hopes will help the competitors find their rhythm, as Chef Scott arrives in the dorm with a rap crew to get them out of bed.

When the teams arrive downstairs, Chef Ramsay informs them that they had the worst-ever preparation of scallops. He presents them with two mounds of ice containing 125 scallops each and instructs them to find every one of the pieces and get them in the bucket.

Within seconds of starting, Royce is cut when a scallop hits him in the face; he is taken out of the competition to visit a medic. Barbie mostly stands by the sidelines as her team digs through the ice. When they're finished, they take their buckets of scallops to the kitchen, where they must shuck, clean, and cook as many properly prepared scallops as possible. The first team to deliver six stunning scallop dishes wins the challenge.

The men on Blue Team are the first to the pass, but with the round sides of the scallops facing out the plate is rejected. The women arrive with their first plate and earn one point. The men's next plate contains uneven sized slices, and the scallops are declined. The women arrive with another perfect plate and win their second point.

When the men bring Chef Ramsay a plate with scallops cut in rectangles he tells them to start again. The women continue to bring perfect plates to the pass, accumulating five points to them men's zero.

Guy and Royce finally deliver a stunning plate to Chef Ramsay and earn the first point for the men. Following that, a second Blue Team plate is accepted, making the score 5-2. But when Barbie and Tiffany arrive at the pass with the final dish of perfect scallops, the Red Team wins their second challenge of the season.

As their reward, the women join Chef Ramsay on a trip to Catalina Island on a yacht, while the men remain behind to clean the mess left in the driveway from the mounds of ice and scallops. The men also need to shell, clean, and devein the prawns for the next dinner service. As a special treat, Chef Scott prepares some scallop shakes with the leftover fish from that morning's challenge.

With a second dinner service just hours away, both teams are desperate to prove themselves. While the men have put aside their differences, the women do not seem to have brought their positive bonding experience back from Catalina. There is now a feud brewing between Robyn and Barbie.

Chef Ramsay arrives and tells the contestants that tonight is about redemption and pride. He opens "Hell's Kitchen." Along with the regular menu, Chef Ramsay has added a special table-side shrimp scampi appetizer. Brian and Christina are assigned to this service, and Brian has a difficult time figuring out the lay of the land in the dining room.

Don brings the first pizza to the pass, but it's burnt on the top and raw underneath. He starts over on the pizza for the Blue Team. Kimmie delivers her first pie in the Red Kitchen, but Briana's risotto is not as successful.

In the Blue Kitchen, Guy is determined to make his first appetizer perfect, and Chef Ramsay says his risotto is delicious. After a bumpy start, the men are now on a roll. Appetizers are quickly making their way to diners, until one patron sends back raw shrimp scampi prepared by Brian.

Forty-five minutes into dinner service, the Red Team still has not sent out a single appetizer. When Barbie delivers eight scallops instead of ten, they need to start again. In the Blue Kitchen, Chris struggles with four orders of scallops and how many pans to use to cook them. In the end, he delivers 20 unacceptable pieces.

While the men try to regroup, Barbie attempts to get some momentum going in the Red Kitchen. But, once again, her undercooked scallops are sent back.

There are now five men in the Blue Kitchen cooking scallops - more than the number of scallops in the pan. The men finally get it right, and deliver an acceptable appetizer.

One hour and half into dinner service, both teams complete the first course and move on to entrees. Robyn and Barbie have a communication breakdown when it comes to the timing of the dishes, fueling their rivalry. They send overcooked bass and lamb to the pass.

Over in the Blue Kitchen, Chris hopes to redeem himself on the fish station but delivers raw bass to Chef Ramsay. Unfortunately, Justin's perfectly cooked Wellington goes to waste. On their second attempt, Chef Ramsay comes down hard on Royce for his bland mashed potatoes.

Two hours into dinner service, not a single entree has left the kitchen. When the women present more improperly cooked scallops, Chef Ramsay kicks the entire Red Team out of the kitchen. Tempers erupt in the dorm room.

Meanwhile in the Blue Kitchen, the men bring their third attempt at their first entree to Chef Ramsay. After they give him overcooked steak, he completely shuts down "Hell's Kitchen."

The two teams gather, and Chef Ramsay tells them it was an embarrassing evening. After calling the teams a sinking ship and a runaway train, he demands that both sides choose two people to put up for elimination.

The women nominate Barbie and Roshni, while the men select Chris and Royce. Chef Ramsay calls all four cooks forward, and they tell him why they should get a chance to stay. In the end, he decides to send Chris home, to the disappointment of Red Team members unhappy about continuing to work with Barbie.






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