Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.01 : 18 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : June 04, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Eighteen bright-eyed new competitors arrive at "Hell's Kitchen" and are greeted by Sous Chef Scott, who reveals that he shaved his head to prove how much he wants to work for Chef Gordon Ramsay; he then challenges the new contestants to do the same. Sous Chef Andi brings in a barber chair and reveals that she, too, has gone bald for Chef Ramsay. They ask for volunteers to shave next.

A young man with shoulder-length tresses steps up and sacrifices his locks, followed by a young woman. Chef Scott calls up a very reluctant Danielle, but just as he is about to put the shears to her head, Chef Ramsay steps in and stops the madness.

The chef divides the teams into men versus women and tells them that they have 45 minutes to prepare their signature dishes. But before they present their creations, Chef Ramsay clears up a few misconceptions: the two volunteers who shaved their heads are Chef Scott's friends, and Chef Andi is wearing a bald wig. Chef Ramsay also announces that this season's prize is the job as his head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris in Las Vegas for an annual salary of $250,000.

Robin is the first to present her dish: seared striped bass over yellow Romesco sauce. Chef Ramsay says that it's delicious. Robin then goes head-to-head with Don, who has prepared a Southwestern saltimbocca. Chef Ramsay is overwhelmed by the Texas-sized portion and the spices. The first point goes to the women.

Next up, contestant Tiffany's lamb does not impress Chef Ramsay. Her opponent, Guy, asks the chef to not try his bass with chocolate sauce because he is unhappy with how it turned out. Chef Ramsay does not award a point to either team.

Competitor Roshni then brings a coriander-encrusted rack of lamb to the table, and Chef Ramsay says it has a nice balance of flavors. The chef is also pleased with Royce's pan-seared grouper and awards a point to both teams.

With the women still ahead by one point, Danielle takes on Justin. But her dish does not hold up to his, and the point goes to the men, tying the score two to two.

Kimmie then presents a fisherman's trio, and Brian has the gall to prepare a dessert. There are no points awarded this round. Next, Barbie gives Chef Ramsay soggy potatoes, while Chris' food is bitter and burnt. Again, Chef Ramsay won't give any points to either team.

Briana's duck tastes delicious, and Patrick nails his seasonings. They both get a point for their efforts. With the score still tied, Dana and Tavon hope their dishes will stand out and give their team the lead. Dana's pan-seared scallops are cooked beautifully, but Chef Ramsay calls Tavon's fettuccine dish hideous. The women get the point and take the lead.

In the final round the men look to Clemenza to keep them in the running by defeating Christina. Her molasses-glazed pork chop is perfect, while his stuffed veal chop leaves a bad taste in Chef Ramsay's mouth.

The women get the point and win the first challenge of the season. The men are left to clean both kitchens, while the women are treated to a steak barbecue cooked by Season 3 winner Rock and Season 6 winner Dave.

As the grand reopening of "Hell's Kitchen" approaches, Chef Ramsay gives the contestants a pep talk, informing them that they are preparing the kitchen's 125th dinner service that evening.

The women do not get off to a good start, as Roshni brings three scallops to the pass when a serving is five. They are also not cooked to Chef Ramsay's standards.

In the Blue Kitchen the men are ready with their first appetizer - almost. Royce can't find the anchovies for the salads. He blames Guy for not prepping the salad station properly.

After 45 minutes of attempting to deliver one plate of scallops, Chef Ramsay kicks Roshni out of the kitchen and moves Barbie to the fish station. With Roshni gone, the Red Team sends its first appetizers out to the diners.

Royce finally finds the anchovies, and the men, too, think that they are ready to deliver starters to the hungry guests. But when Chef Ramsay finds pigeon raw enough to fly, they must begin again.

An hour into dinner service the Blue Team has not yet served one appetizer. After inspecting scallops that have been improperly sliced, Chef Ramsay, sends Tavon back to the dorms.

The women have been steadily pushing out appetizers and are trying to keep the momentum going with entrees. But Chef Ramsay is not happy with Christina's Wellington, and service stalls while they re-fire the dish.

Shockingly, the men still have not delivered a single appetizer. When Royce brings crunchy spaghetti to the pass, Chef Ramsay throws out the third chef of the night.

Nearly two hours into dinner service, the women are stuck on the entrees, and the men are still a mess with the appetizers. But the Blue Team's raw pastry is the final straw, and Chef Ramsay completely shuts down their side of "Hell's Kitchen."

With the men gone, Chef Ramsay turns his focus to the women, who are still attempting to send out their first entrees. Unable to deliver a perfect Wellington, Chef Ramsay shuts down their kitchen.

Chef Ramsay gathers the two teams and declares, "A hundred diners. Eighteen chefs. Zero entrees served." He says that the Blue Team was the worst offender and sends them to the dorm to pick two cooks to nominate for elimination.

They decide to put up Tavon and Don. Chef Ramsay does not agree, naming Tavon and Royce as the two worst cooks. After the two plead their cases, Tavon is the first chef to leave "Hell's Kitchen" this season.






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