Episode 1.13 : Dans L'ombre

  • Helix
    • Episode Premiere : March 28, 2014
    • Distributor : Syfy
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2015
    • Production Company: Tall Ship Prod., Kaji Prod.
    • Official Site : http://www.syfy.com/helix

Cast and Crew

  • Director Brad Turner
  • Screenwriter Steven Maeda
  • Main Cast
    • Billy Campbell as Strickner,
    • Hiroyuki Sanada,
    • Kyra Zagorsky,
    • Mark Ghanime,
    • Jordan Hayes,
    • Meegwun Fairbrother,
    • Catherine Lemieux,
    • Neil Napier,
    • Jeri Ryan as Dawn Elizabeth Smith

The Story

Day 235

Alan is beating a man strapped to an office chair, demanding in French, "Where is she?" "Lost! Forever!" the hostage (who has silver eyes) yells, switching to English to ask if Alan thinks he's never withstood torture before. Ilaria can kill everyone Alan loves. Alan blusters that he might find "them" first, but Le Hostage snaps that Alan already contacted the military and the FBI: "No one believed you." Ilaria is everywhere; Alan has to hide. As Alan prepares to hit him again, Le Hostage smirks, "Go ahead. All I have is time. Unlike you."

Day 13

Back to Day 13, where Jules demands to know where her mother is and Spencer just taunts her. After she loses it and hits him, Alan and Peter escort her from the Plexiglas cube, and outside, Alan orders her not to sink to their level, even though Spencer cut off her finger.

Jules marches off to take a minute, and comes upon Hatake hunched over Aerov's body. She asks if he'd like to be alone, but he says no, and after a pause, she asks why Aerov sacrificed himself for her. Aerov knew Hatake would make the same choice, he says; Jules is his flesh and blood, however much she might hate him. Jules doesn't hate him, but why didn't he tell her her mother was still alive? "I didn't want to fail you, as I failed her." He let Ilaria take Jules Sr., and they leveraged that to compel Hatake to create the Narvik for them. They hold hands and cry as Jules notes that Hatake didn't reveal himself so that Ilaria wouldn't find her. Hatake adds that now they'll hunt Jules "to the ends of the earth."

Tulok and Anana find Balleseros's abandoned snowmobile, and no tracks nearby. He urges her to accept reality: "He might already be dead." She wants to keep looking; Tulok complains that the others are waiting.

Cut to Balleseros, staggering through the snow and willing himself forward ten steps at a time.

Inside, Sarah reassures everyone that they're safe in the bunker; she has to go find Alan. Dr. Haven tries to stop her, saying she's the only one keeping them all sane. She counters that Aerov took "both canisters" -- the virus and the cure -- and she needs to tell Alan. Another headache hits; Haven tells her she needs a blood test, and his lab is just upstairs -- won't she let him make it up to her for "what happened before" (presumably, attacking her while suffering from vector-itis)?

The Farraguts re-enter Spencer's pod...to argue about torturing him. Spencer rightly busts on this routine as "good scientist, bad scientist," but Alan ignores that and orders him to contact Ilaria: if Jules's mother is returned, they'll get Spencer back. Spencer snorts that they've already lost. Alan says they have the virus and the cure, but Spencer directs them to a news download from a couple days before: an "unknown viral illness" has hit Puerto Rico. They're calling it sangre negra -- "black blood." Peter and Spencer have a glare-off before Peter wonders how it got off the base. Alan: "Balleseros."

But Balleseros has just passed out facedown in the snow outside the base.

Tulok and Anana stop at a Stonehenge-ish rock sculpture, the turnoff to Nunavut. Anana tries to guilt Tulok with the sculpture, which is supposed to remind them that they're never alone. "He made his choice," Tulok grunts.

Scythette Blake isn't honoring Balleseros's face; she clonks him with a gun butt, apparently for sleeping with her and not calling, but she didn't leave him outside to die because she needs backup.

Narvik A -- the non-vector version of the virus -- is what hit Puerto Rico. Alan is sure it's a test, but they can contain it; they just need the cure. And my mother, Jules pipes up. They put together a plan to hack the cameras on Level G. Peter will stay behind to babysit Spencer, after Hatake issues yet another warning not to underestimate the kid.

Hatake, Jules, and Alan head for Level G, guns in belts. Blake watches them on the cams and hands Balleseros a pistol, which he uses to punch her out as the white hats burst in. They're surprised to see him; Balleseros will hand over the canisters as soon as he gets what he came for. Jules gets permission to open the bio-crate holding her mother as Alan lectures Balleseros about committing mass murder. Balleseros has no idea what he means, but doesn't have time to deny it; he wants the list of Inuit kids. Blake sasses him about being dead already, so he shoots her, announces he doesn't work for Ilaria, and draws down on Hatake: "Now. The list."

Elsewhere, Sarah is in Haven's lab, fidgeting and insisting they get back downstairs. Why doesn't she just leave? What's he going to do, kill her? Even if she weren't immortal, he's only got one working arm. As Haven is discovering elevated indicators for cancer in her blood, Sarah is taking my advice and running off to cry in the hallway.

Balleseros plunks the canisters down and again demands the list: the 31 Inuit children, and where they wound up. Alan is shocked to hear that Hatake kidnapped kids. Hatake makes his usual excuses about the pursuit of science, which Alan isn't buying, and claims there's no written record, which Balleseros isn't buying. But Hatake remembers all the names and placements, and begins to list them for Balleseros.

Jules helps her mother, Jane, out of the crate. She introduces herself, but Jane doesn't recognize her; she says she has a daughter named Julia, but "she's just a little girl."

Balleseros finishes the list, folds it, and leaves. Hatake hands Alan the canisters.

Spencer taunts Peter some more. Peter holds a knife to Spencer's throat. "Go on then. Get it over with," Spencer says, but instead, Peter cuts his restraints, complaining Spencer has no idea what they've put him through. Turns out he's running a long con on behalf of Ilaria, and he's the one who smuggled the virus off the base. Together, Spencer adds, they'll rule the world. Peter hands Spencer the bomb trigger. They "toast" "to the future," and to make it look like Spencer "escaped," he knocks Peter out.

Jules tells Alan that Jane is tranqed out, but stable. Jules has dreamed of this reunion, but now...Alan says Jane's mind might have shut down to protect itself, but Jane finally recognizes Jules. She wishes she'd taken Jules away sooner, but she loved Hatake; she hoped he'd change. She asks who the "handsome fella" is. Jules introduces them, adding lamely, "We were married."

Hatake creeps in. His eyes light up seeing Jane. She says fondly that he looks the same. They kiss. The sweet moment is interrupted by a perimeter-breach alarm; Hatake doesn't think it's Ilaria...

...and outside, as Ballereros hotwires a snowmobile, a pack of other snowmobiles approaches. Alan and Hatake, armed, head for the entrance, and as Sarah joins them, the doors open on Balleseros, Anana, and Tulok, who lunges at a shocked Hatake but is held back by Anana. She reluctantly offers their snowmobiles to evacuate everyone else off the base. Then she asks where Aerov is.

While she's collapsing in grief, Peter is playacting his injury from Spencer. Alan orders Sarah to get everyone from the bunker to the loading bay; Spencer won't allow them to leave, Hatake says. "We have to try!" "Then we are doomed to fail." You are with that attitude. Alan insists Spencer must have one weakness they can exploit, and Hatake does remember one. Way to save it for the last possible minute, dude. Peter freaks.

Amid the rushing to leave, Alan hands Jules the canisters, telling her they have to get to Puerto Rico. "We'll take them there together," she says; he hopes so. He's about to bustle off when she grabs him for a kiss, and Peter watches and fumes.Haven calls to Sarah; she tries to brush him off, but he's got unexpected news -- she's pregnant. She's stunned.

Alan opens the bay door on Spencer with the bomb trigger; he yells to everyone to get out. Fireballs rip through the base, which begins collapsing, and Alan sits up among the unconscious bodies to see Spencer holding Jules at scythe-point. We're still not understanding why threatening immortals physically is effective, but Jane hobbles up to beg Spencer to release Jules, and Hatake in turn wails for Jane to stop. Angered at Jane's use of his given name, Spencer slashes Jane's throat. An Ilaria helicopter swoops in, and Spencer muscles Jules towards it. Alan gives chase. Hatake collapses by his soulmate.

Then we see Spencer's weakness (we guess?), as Alan hurls Sutton's head onto the chopper and climbs on after it. The distraction buys Jules enough time to give Alan one of the cannisters (which one? virus? cure?) and tell him to find her before Spencer punches Alan off the chopper. On his back in the snow, Alan watches the chopper fly away.

Day 235 again, in Paris. At a cafe, Alan reads headlines about Narvik. The waiter slips him an Ilaria card with the bill; Alan reaches behind him and chalks an X on the wall.

In a nearby alley, he meets up with Peter and confirms he's found Jules. He thinks she's alive. He reminds Peter to push on without him if he's not at the checkpoint. Peter watches him walk away.

Alan looks up at Ilaria HQ. Inside, silver-eyed board members wait for their chairperson, who enters and puts her hands -- one with a mechanical ring finger -- on the back of the chair. Pan up to Jules. "Shall we begin?" she asks in French. Mon Dieu!

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