Episode 1.12 : The Reaping

  • Helix
    • Episode Premiere : March 21, 2014
    • Distributor : Syfy
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2015
    • Production Company: Tall Ship Prod., Kaji Prod.
    • Official Site : http://www.syfy.com/helix

Cast and Crew

  • Director Brad Turner
  • Screenwriter Cameron Porsandeh
  • Main Cast
    • Billy Campbell as Strickner,
    • Hiroyuki Sanada,
    • Kyra Zagorsky,
    • Mark Ghanime,
    • Jordan Hayes,
    • Meegwun Fairbrother,
    • Catherine Lemieux,
    • Neil Napier,
    • Jeri Ryan as Dawn Elizabeth Smith

The Story

Day 12

The Scythe reports to the board: he doesn't know where Sutton is, but the cure for the virus does exist. His unknown contact, seen only in a red font, says the board will be pleased. The Scythe snits that he'd like his orders so he can get on with things and some other unknown boss "can get all the credit." Those orders: take the Narvik and Hatake, alive; kill everyone else.

In the bunker, Sarah -- wearing a Kiss My Bass ballcap to disguise her silvered eyes -- suggests using Hatake's escape tunnel. Alan reminds her of Ilaria's "worldwide ambitions," and says there's no running: it's them, or Ilaria.

Peter comes to and jokes weakly (in both senses of the word) to Alan that he had a weird dream about working on an Arctic base, while Jules tends to Hatake's arm wound. Hatake is worried about Aerov, who's out trying to round up the remaining scientists, and when Aerov returns moments later, he looks vaguely ill. (And glares.) Cut to Alan and Peter surveying the carnage in the elevator. Peter is horrified; whoever did this "was just like [him]" when he was infected -- he himself spread the disease to 17 people. "I was counting!" Alan tries to excuse this on the grounds that the virus "compels" its hosts to do things, but Peter isn't having it -- though, when Aerov chimes in that Peter's different from the Scythe because he's remorseful, Peter thanks him by bagging on Hatake for working for Ilaria too.

Aerov snaps that he doesn't defend his father, and they need to keep moving. Alan wants to lure the Scythettes out into the open, and Peter is again accusatory: "That's your plan?" That's a lot of 'tude for a guy who spent the last week and half either biting people, or sleeping. Shut up, Peter. Alan wants him to help Sarah in the bunker, but Peter is afraid the others won't accept him after everything he's done. Or because he's an imperious jerk. That last part may have been silent.

Sarah and Jules bond over all the fun things about being immortal, and how unbelievable it is that Hatake is 513 years old. Then it turns serious, as Jules points out that, eventually, everyone they know will grow old and die, and they'll have to hide who they are. For fear of... what, death? Isn't the whole point that they're immortal?

At a remote fishing camp, Balleseros barks orders for the continuing evac. Tulok resents this, and gives Anana flak for liking Balleseros That Way. She points out that Balleseros saved their lives, and if she's wrong about him, she'll "gut the son-of-a-bitch myself."

Aerov locates security footage of the Scythe. Alan can't believe how young he is, but Hatake talks about the Scythe -- aka Spencer Chiswick -- perfecting "the art of human suffering." Alan shouldn't underestimate him.

In another office, Spencer looks at them looking at him and wonders what the game is; Hatake's "too smart" to stay out in the open like that. A container with bio-readings on the outside rattles, and Spencer tells Scythette #1, Thea, to "shut her up." The container is injected with something just as Scythette #1, Blake, finds four-day-old footage of Sutton being killed by Hatake. Spencer seethes, "I will avenge my mother."

Blake interrupts his obsessive rewatching of the murder footage to spy on our heroes, who are arguing over who's at fault for their current predicament before laying out the plan: Aerov and Jules create a diversion, Hatake and Alan retrieve and destroy the Narvik.

After Tulok and Balleseros get into it over whether Balleseros is going to hurt Anana, it's back to Aerov, fixing a Snowcat and wondering aloud if the Scythettes bought it. He and Jules talk about his growing up on the base, and finding out everything Hatake did was for Jules. Jules is sorry about that, and says he can treat her like a sister. He already has one, he sighs.

The Snowcat barrels out of the base. Elsewhere, dear (very) old Dad and Alan are sniping at each other again, this time over taking the long view versus seeing the forest for the trees, and Hatake is hard to take seriously in a parka he apparently borrowed from David Byrne. Alan notes that Hatake isn't making a great case for his own immortality helping humanity -- the nightmare they're living through, Hatake killing Sutton, etc. -- before they head outside.

As Hatake pulls a storage tube out of one of the outdoor pods usually used for people's heads, the Scythettes surround them, guns drawn. Hatake taunts Spencer to come and get the tube, then tosses it into the snow; when Thea chases after it, a crevasse opens and swallows her. The other two vanish.

Inside, Hatake is defeated: only Spencer matters, and they missed their best chance at him. With no choice, they head for the bunker as Spencer has a tantrum about Hatake -- but Blake draws his attention to the audio just before Hatake killed Sutton, when she's ranting about the Willis Hypothesis and Hatake's daughter. Spencer kisses Blake and orders her to find out about "that daughter."

Anana is dismayed to find that Balleseros has ditched them during the night. Tulok, who told Balleseros he'd leave if he really cared about Anana, looks ambivalent about Balleseros's absence. Or maybe he's just glaring.

An alarm sounds; the lights go out. Aerov says it's a fuse, but Jules isn't sure that's all it is, and downstairs, Peter says the others should have returned already. No one in or out, Sarah reminds him, and Peter snits, "Don't quote Alan's rules back to me." Seeing her faith that Alan will return, Peter is snide about Sarah following her crush on Alan to the Arctic. Sarah pointedly wonders if Peter came to the Arctic to run away from sleeping with Jules. Atta girl. "I slept with Julia because I loved her," Peter grunts, not answering the question at all. Shut up, Peter.

The system reboots; when the lights come on, Jules is gone. Naturally Alan wants to go after her, and naturally Hatake disagrees, saying Spencer will "inflict more pain" in her if they confront him. Pacing, Alan says they have to do something and Hatake tells him not to get rattled, it's what Spencer wants. A storage tube rattles down the bunker stairs, addressed to Hatake and containing Jules's finger. Now it's Hatake who wants to fight the Scythe and Aerov who wants to stop him, and Alan agrees Hatake should go to Isolation, alone, as ordered by the Scythe -- or Jules will die (as in, gutted to a level that even she, an immortal, couldn't heal from).

Another Balleseros-based fight between Anana ("You're wrong about him!") and Tulok ("People don't change!") later, Aerov has come up with a plan to knock Spencer and Blake out using halothane gas, which would have come in pretty handy a dozen different times before, but now he thinks of it? Okay, then. Peter volunteers for manual-lever-reset duty, because he knows the ducts. Before Hatake leaves, Aerov is grumpy some more that he's not the favorite. "You're a good son," he's told. "I wish I could have been a better father."

Jules is in a Plexiglas chamber with a Running Man-style explosive collar around her neck. Spencer blathers evilly.

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