Hawaii Five-0

Episode 1.04 : Lanakila (Victory)

Cast and Crew

The Story

McGarrett gets a call from the Governor about Wendell Dawkins, a career criminal who just broke out of prison; he killed three guards and she wants him found ASAP. As the team begins their investigation, Dawkins breaks into a hotel room, shooting Dana, a woman who won a Hawaiian trip on a TV game show, and kidnapping Craig, her husband. McGarrett arrives, just missing Dawkins, but in time to save Dana. Clearly, Dawkins targeted this couple. The Five-0 team discovers that Craig is using an alias and used to be Dawkins partner in crime on the mainland; Dawkins thought he'd killed Craig but then learned Craig had moved the money. Dawkins ended up in prison in Hawaii and when he saw Craig on a game show with Dana, he saw his opportunity to get the money back. Five-0 tracks Dawkins to the bank where Craig gets the money; Dawkins shoots Craig and escapes, but McGarrett is fast on his trail through the Waikolu Valley.

Also, McGarrett's troubled sister Mary arrives from the mainland. She causes a disturbance on the plane and is released into McGarrett's custody. Because McGarrett is on this high priority case, he recruits Kamekona to babysit Mary. Unfortunately, Mary outwits Kamekona and gets away from him. McGarrett finds her at their father's gravesite and they find an uneasy peace with each other.






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