Episode 4.17 : Everything In Its Right Place

  • Fringe
    • Episode Premiere : April 06, 2012
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2013
    • Production Company: Bad Robot
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

At Harvard, Lincoln finds Walter, Peter, and Olivia preparing to take Gene the cow to her favorite pasture. Olivia gives him a charm she found in her apartment. The name engraved on the back is Robert Danzig - his partner, right? Yeah. How did she end up with this? Actually, Lincoln gave it to her as a thank-you for saving his life a few months back.

Realizing she doesn't remember, he explains that it's Native American. The maze represents the journey of life, and you follow it to the center, which is home. A place to belong. Danzig gave it to Lincoln to remind him he always had a home, with Robert and his family. It was Lincoln's tether.

Astrid arrives and says the Other Side wants a detailed debrief on David Robert Jones. Due to Olivia's memory issues, Broyles ordered Astrid to go - even though she promised to take her dad to Castle Island today. Lincoln offers to go instead. He might find a lead on Jones . . . and he doesn't have anywhere to be.

On the Other Side, a woman is attacked. Then someone grabs her assailant. She runs as the man screams.

This is a case for Fringe Division. Bolivia meets Lincoln at the Bridge, then takes him to the scene. En route, he updates her on Jones, and learns that conditions on this side have been improving since the Bridge was created. He also innocently tells Bolivia his middle name - Tyrone. She taunts Captain Lincoln Lee with this information, which he's never revealed in the six years they've been partners. My bad, says Lincoln.

This dead assailant appears tied to a vigilante who's targeting criminals and junkies. This is the first body they've found, though. The face and neck are sort of melted and yellowish.

In a restricted area that's about to be reopened, a man named Canaan, who looks like the dead attacker, secretly watches two workers take readings. He drops a wallet containing a boy's photo, risking discovery to retrieve it. The workers find Canaan's gruesome secret: a basement full of gooey bodies.

Lincoln decides to stay and help. He removes a locket necklace from a body, dislodging her head. There are three indentations in the roof of her mouth. At HQ, the team finds surveillance footage of the woman - taken two days after her death.

Lee asks why Lincoln doesn't want to go home, and Lincoln says that the others can handle things without him. Lee smugly says that his own world wouldn't survive without him. Lincoln sarcastically notes Lee's unwavering confidence, saying he could use some himself. They agree they aren't much alike. But their histories prove surprisingly identical.

Lincoln believes the vigilante is one of Jones' shapeshifters. He's studied them extensively since Danzig's murder, and the indentations in the woman's palate resemble the marks left by those devices the biosynthetic models used. But Colonel Broyles, who secretly works for Jones, says Lincoln's just looking to avenge his partner's death.

Canaan - who is indeed a shapeshifter - attacks an addict named Dawes. He extends a sort of umbilical cord with prongs on it from his throat. When a witness reports this, Broyles is forced to take Lincoln's suggestion of circulating Dawes's mug shot, and they quickly spot the shapeshifter.

As they search for Canaan, Lincoln again wonders about the differences between him and Lee, who says maybe he simply chose to become the man he wanted to be.

Canaan attacks Lincoln and disarms him . . . but doesn't shoot. He flees and gets caught. Broyles secretly informs the other Nina Sharp.

Lincoln finds the boy's photo in Canaan's stuff. Canaan explains that he's the son of a woman he was with, who left him. They went on with their lives, as if he was never there. He just wanted to be needed, or at least missed. Lincoln understands. Canaan says Jones promised to make him special, but he didn't turn out as planned. Lincoln says Jones doesn't care about Canaan. Canaan insists Jones will fix him.

Meanwhile, a sniper sets up on a nearby rooftop. As Lee escorts Canaan outside, the sniper fires. Bolivia shoots the assassin, but Lee's been hit. As Lincoln applies pressure to his chest wound, Lee asks who else knew they were transporting Canaan?

Lincoln shouts at Canaan: Jones, the man he's protecting, just tried to have him killed! Is Canaan going to keep waiting for somebody to give him a place in the world, or decide he's not just a broken puppet? Choose!

At a facility in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Other Nina surveys a roomful of shapeshifter tanks. The sniper arrives, saying the loose end is tied up. Unseen, he does something on a computer panel. An alarm sounds. She turns to him and realizes - he's Canaan.

Fringe troops swarm into the facility. Other Nina surrenders.

In Fort Lee, Lincoln tells Bolivia that a computerized map covered with glowing dots is a shapeshifter tracking board. They might be able to determine the identity of every agent in Jones' network. Bolivia is pleased.

An agent takes her aside, and her grin fades fast. Captain Lee didn't make it.

Lincoln delivers Canaan to Peter and Walter. Telling Canaan he doesn't have to live on the outside anymore, he gives him the talisman, to keep him tethered.

Bolivia cries over pictures of herself and Lee. Lincoln approaches, then realizes he's probably the last face she wants to see. No, it's OK. He offers to stick around and help her with the Jones case. She smiles and says thanks.

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