Episode 3.17 : Stowaway

  • Fringe
    • Episode Premiere : March 18, 2011
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2013
    • Production Company: Bad Robot
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

William Bell has completely taken over Olivia. She moves like him, talks like him ... she IS him. He explains that her conscious mind is just resting. She's totally safe. It's all going as he planned: In his office on the Other Side, he gave her a cup of tea containing the soul magnets that drew his consciousness into her body.

Bell tells Broyles and the team that he knows this will take some getting used to. Imagine how HE feels; he never realized a bra was so binding. He and Walter snicker like schoolboys. Bell explains that they need to find a permanent host for him, but Olivia's brain can safely accommodate his consciousness for several weeks. Peter says, weeks?! No way. Bell promises that they'll locate a host within 48 hours. Then he flirts with Astrid.

In Roxbury, Massachusetts, a blonde woman tries to talk down a suicidal man on a high rooftop, but he leaps anyway. And she goes with him! Then she stands up, bloody but basically OK. People stare as she walks away.

Walter thinks that Bell can help figure out how to keep Peter out of the machine. But when Bell sees the drawing of Peter in it, he tells the younger Bishop this could simply be his fate. Peter doesn't believe in fate, and he's not getting into that machine. Well, says Bell, sometimes when you walk away from your fate, it leads you directly to fate's doorstep.

The team watches a video of the woman walking away after jumping. Who could have survived that? Walter fears it's not her, but the location. He tells Bell that they're seeing signs of degradation on This Side.

But Bell determines the Roxbury site is OK. Broyles arrives with the bespectacled Special Agent Lincoln Lee, from the office in Hartford, Connecticut. Lee has no idea what Fringe Division is, but he does have strange information: The mystery woman, Dana Gray, was murdered 18 months ago with her family. Then her body went missing. Lee assumed it was stolen ... until Dana started turning up at double suicides. Witnesses saw her, and her fingerprints were found, but her body never was. Lee knows this sounds insane, but he thinks Dana can't die.

Lee visits the Harvard lab, where Walter explains that Dana's molecules are held together by an unusually strong, almost unbreakable magnetic bond. Bell and Walter think she somehow prolongs her life by taking others' life forces as they die, but she only takes the suicidal. Peter and Lee head out to investigate.

Dana weeps while arranging roses at her husband's and children's graves. Her cell phone rings; a man named Brian needs help.

A suicide hotline manager identifies Dana as star counselor "Joan," who's saved many lives. She tells Peter and Lee that Joan had been struck by lightning twice. Among Dana's stuff, the guys find a book, "The Afterlife of the Soul." Peter realizes Dana wants to die, not live forever.

Brian points a gun at Dana, cries, says that she has to save those people - and tells her exactly where he put a bomb in a duffel bag on a train. She dials 911. He makes a reference to someone named Azrael, then shoots himself. Dana, thoughtful, disconnects the call.

Walter and Bell pass a joint while searching for a suitable host. Gene the cow moos, and Bell says hmm. Walter protests if they put Bell's consciousness into Gene ... Walter would have to milk him. Bell says we could assign Astrid. They giggle. Peter and Lee arrive, and Bell agrees that being hit twice by lightning may have made Dana overly electromagnetic. Lee gets word that she's been spotted.

At Brian's apartment, Lee says that if her soul's stuck in her body, maybe she's trying to go with another person. Like a stowaway to heaven, muses Peter, who wonders why Dana didn't shoot herself. Agents find an invoice for plastic explosives, but no bomb.

Dana learns that Azrael was a sinner the angels rescued from purgatory. The combined innocence of their souls outweighed his sins, and his soul was lifted to heaven. She gets on the train and locates the bomb.

Lee thinks that Brian told Dana about the bomb, and now she's trying to kill herself with a GROUP of people. Peter phones Dana, but she hangs up before the trace is complete. Luckily, the awesome combined brain power of Walter and Bell pinpoints her location. Agents swarm in but don't find Dana or the bomb onboard.

Nearby, a weeping Dana puts the bomb on the ground. Lee and Peter hear the explosion ... and find her body near the blast point. Lee wonders why she really died this time, and Peter says welcome to Fringe Division. Every answer just leads to more questions. Lee, who thinks it's pretty exciting, says call me if you ever need help. Peter says be careful what you wish for.

Later, Bell tells Peter the bomb's energy might have reset Dana's electromagnetic charge and let her die. But maybe not; perhaps she couldn't die because she needed to be here to save those people. Peter says oh, destiny again. Bell says Jung called it synchronicity: the interconnectedness of apparently unrelated events. Bell believes every event has a message. You just have to be able to hear it.

A church bell tolls, and Bell is suddenly stricken. For a moment, Olivia reappears, confused and panicky. Then Bell returns, saying he may have been wrong. "This may be a little more complicated than I first thought."

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