Fringe Episode 3.01 Olivia
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Fringe Episode 3.01 Olivia

Episode Premiere
Sep 23, 2010
Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama
Production Company
Bad Robot
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Episode Premiere
Sep 23, 2010
Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama
2008 - 2013
Production Co
Bad Robot
Fox TV
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Joe Chappelle
J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Andre Royo
  • Amy Madigan

Olivia looks shell-shocked in a therapy session at Fringe Division's facility on Liberty Island. Dr. Anderson tells Olivia that she's trying to help her, so she can go home. This is not my home, says Olivia. The doctor asks, because you come from another universe? Yes.

Dr. Anderson thinks Olivia is Bolivia. She says Olivia's mind created this fantasy to process the trauma she's suffered. Olivia insists that it's not a fantasy. Dr. Anderson shows Olivia pictures and asks questions. No, that is not Olivia's mother. She died when Olivia was 14. No, Lincoln Lee and Charlie Francis are not Olivia's partners. And that's not Olivia with an Olympic medal for marksmanship. That's the Olivia from Over Here.

The doctor asks about Peter, a name Olivia mumbled while under anesthesia. Olivia explains that she and her team crossed Over Here to bring him home. The team went back without her.

In his office, Walternate watches video of this session and tells a lab-coated doctor that the treatments aren't working. The doctor reminds him that "transference" was a long shot. Walternate wants to try again. The doctor protests: Another dose could kill her. Walternate is OK with that.

A soldier escorts Olivia to her "treatment," which involves injecting the "B-lymphocytes" of Bolivia into Olivia. She fakes a bad reaction, busts out of the lab, grabs the soldier's gun, and runs into the woods. On a cliff high above New York Harbor, she stops - then leaps into the water below.

The next morning, Olivia climbs into a cab. The driver, Henry, asks for her Show Me Card. She shows him her gun instead. Seeing her hospital gown, he asks if she's sick. She explains that the government's trying to convince her that she's someone she's not. Henry doesn't want any trouble. Olivia reads his home info on his Show Me Card and threatens harm if he doesn't do what she says.

Meanwhile, at the Department of Defense Hospital, Bolivia's team leader, Lincoln, looks way better than the last time we saw him, literally burnt to a crisp. He's still pretty fried, though. He tells Charlie that three days ago his life was relatively normal, and now all of this. Colonel Broyles arrives and announces that Agent Dunham escaped last night.

Henry gives Olivia some new clothes. She's surprised when he admires the tattoo on the back of her neck - the one that looks like Bolivia's tattoo. He drives her to the Brooklyn opera house where her team crossed over. Olivia plans to use the weak spot to get home. But when she heads inside, a cop stops her. Smoke pours from the building, and it's suddenly encased in quarantine amber. Olivia can't go back that way.

Fringe Division learns that Agent Dunham just left the opera house in a cab. After her!

Henry takes a call from his wife, then asks if Olivia has someone special. She says that his name is Peter, and he's the reason she's here. She asks Henry to take her to 655 18th St., the address of Massive Dynamic. Henry's never heard of it.

First, they need gas. In the gas station restroom, Olivia checks out her tattoo. She goes into the stall and cries. Outside, Lincoln is waiting, but Olivia disarms him. She doesn't know him, and she's not who he thinks she is. More agents arrive, and Olivia orders Henry to go go go! But Charlie stands in their path, gun drawn. She shoots the valve off a nearby propane tank, and the explosion knocks Charlie down.

"You're a helluva shot," marvels Henry. "Actually, I'm not," Olivia says. He tosses the cab's tracking device into the street. Meanwhile, Walternate asks Colonel Broyles if he saw the incident footage. Broyles says only one person at Fringe Division could make that shot: Bolivia.

The 18th Street address is Martin Luther King/Eldridge Cleaver Memorial Park. Massive Dynamic doesn't exist. Olivia's stuck here. She remembers another address: 302 Shadowgrove Circle, a safe house in Tarrytown.

Henry says the guy obviously means a lot to Olivia. "Frank? Yeah," she says. (What? That's BOLIVIA'S guy.) Henry thought his name was Peter. "Yeah, Peter," agrees Olivia. In Tarrytown, Henry shares that, not long ago, he was in a bad way. Inside he knew he was someone else, but only one person believed that: his wife. He says that sometimes you just gotta believe in what you can't see.

The address isn't a safe house; it's the home of Bolivia's mother, Marilyn. Olivia insists that she's not her daughter, then freaks out. This was supposed to be her way home! Marilyn asks how she knew to come here. Stunned, Olivia suddenly recalls helping Mom paint the place. Later, Charlie arrives. "Hey," says Olivia, smiling. She goes with him, and they joke around. Just like old times.

In Walternate's office, the doctor explains that the adrenaline generated during Olivia's escape triggered those B-lymphocytes and transferred Bolivia's memories. Later, Broyles asks Walternate why they had to convince Olivia she's Bolivia, but Walternate won't tell.

Back in Olivia's world, Peter gives his statement about what happened Over There. Outside, a blonde Bolivia waits with Walter. Peter appears and says they can get on with their lives. "Great," chirps Walter, "let's start with dinner." He's starving!

Peter smiles at Bolivia and kisses her. "I'm sure tomorrow something else insane will happen," he says. "We should rest up while we still can." Word.