The Event

Episode 1.15 : Face Off

  • The Event
    • Episode Premiere : March 28, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Steve Stark Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sean and Vicky sprint through city streets as Jarvis' security detail chases them. The duo steals a van and drives off. Vicky wants to stop helping Sean but he reminds her that he will expose the identity of her son if she bails now. Sean demands that she accompany him to the Jura Mountains in France to find Dempsey. Meanwhile, outside of the downtown LA church, Martinez's armed men surround the sleepers. Simon tries his best to hide the growing tension he's feeling as he watches his fellow sleepers imperiled. Martinez phones Sophia and tells her if they don't surrender within 10 minutes, ground forces will take aggressive action.

Three minutes have passed and Martinez tells General Armbruster that he should deploy his men. Sterling objects, saying that Martinez is rushing into an armed engagement rather than acting more sensibly. In the church, Thomas blames Sophia for their predicament. Sophia says there's no time to argue and demands Thomas give her access to Gerard, the man who controls the portal. It might be the only way the sleepers can escape. Sophia calls Gerard and says almost 200 sleepers need to be transported to safety immediately. Gerard says transporting the sleepers will take hours. Just then a sleeper shoots one of Martinez's men. Sophia looks on in horror, knowing this will set off a war.

Sophia phones Martinez immediately and says the shooting was an accident. Sophia warns Martinez not to storm the church, but he's had enough. Martinez hangs up on her in a fit of rage. Sophia then turns to Michael and Thomas and tells them to contact Gerard and order him "to take it down." Suddenly Martinez and his men feel a rumbling. Outside, the Washington Monument collapses! Sterling tells Martinez that the Monument has been destroyed; they have to assume this is Sophia's work. Martinez alerts his men to "stand down." Armbruster urges Martinez to evacuate but he refuses. He'll only allow his wife and son to be evacuated. When Martinez learns 70 civilians have been killed, he declares a state of national emergency.

Sophia phones the President and demands three buses that will transport the sleepers to LAX, where a jet should be waiting. When Martinez refuses, Sophia says they will destroy all of Washington D.C. if he doesn't comply. With that, she ends the conversation. On the flight to France, Sean allows Vicky to contact her mother and son. Only then does Vicky learn terrorists have destroyed the Washington Monument. Sean tells Vicky that Dempsey has a corporation called the Phoenix Foundation. They are funding a dig at Jura, but the question is: what are they looking for?

In the Jura Mountains, Dempsey arms the heavily guarded site. Dr. Ellis tells Dempsey they've unearthed nearly a dozen limestone Amphoras dating back to 2000 B.C. One Amphora has been inscribed in an unknown language. When Dempsey learns that Dr. Ellis entered the chamber and looked at the pictographs, Dempsey shoots him dead for disregarding his instructions! Back at the church, Thomas and Sophia embrace, hoping for the best. At the White House, Martinez tells Simon to give the sleepers the buses they've demanded. Sterling takes Martinez aside and shares some alarming news: Thomas visited Simon and switched his blood sample just before Sterling was about to test Simon's DNA. Simon is a sleeper! Sterling says they should keep it a secret and monitor Simon's cryptic calls for clues.

Simon phones Sophia and tells her blowing up the Washington Monument goes against everything she was supposed to stand for. Sophia says she had no choice. They don't have the power to transport all the sleepers and Sophia's threat to destroy Washington D.C. is a total bluff. She's thankful Martinez bought it so that the sleepers can escape to safety. Unbeknownst to Sophia and Simon, Sterling and Martinez are tracing the call and working on breaking the encryption. Sean and Vicky arrive at her friend Henri's farmhouse. It's clear Henri and Vicky have a long history. Henri tells Sean that Vicky used to be a CIA agent until her superior made a mistake and blamed her. It nearly ended her career and her life.

At the church, Leila tells Michael that blowing up the Washington Monument was a reprehensible terrorist act. Michael says they had no choice and moreover, Leila shouldn't pass judgment. After all, she's a sleeper, too, and will never be fully accepted by humans. Dempsey enters a mountain cave with one of his henchmen. On the walls, he illuminates cave drawings of guardian angels. Every civilization and every religion reduces them to metaphors and symbols, but in fact they are very real. Dempsey points to a drawing of a guardian angel with a triangle marking on its forearm. Then Dempsey reveals he has the same exact marking!

Sophia speaks to her followers and urges them to stay strong as they board the three buses waiting outside. Isabel whispers in Thomas' ear, saying he should be the one speaking to the sleepers, not Sophia. Thomas says he feels Sophia is more than capable. Meanwhile, Martinez and Sterling finally hear Simon's prior phone conversation with Sophia. Martinez learns that Sophia's threat to destroy Washington D.C. was just a bluff! Furious, Martinez gives Sterling orders to take the sleepers out by any means necessary. Sophia sees an Apache helicopter flying above the buses. She tells Thomas to call Gerard to see if there's any way he can help. Suddenly the helicopter fires, causing one of the buses to explode!

Gerard tells Thomas that he only has enough fuel to portal one bus. Thomas gives Gerard the coordinates of the bus carrying Sophia. In so doing, Thomas has saved his mother and the other passengers on her bus including Michael and Leila. Suddenly the Apache helicopter fires, killing Thomas, Isabel, and the others on his bus. Sophia's bus disappears into a white light and vanishes. Martinez looks on, shocked.






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