The Event

Episode 1.11 : And Then There Were More

  • The Event
    • Episode Premiere : March 07, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Steve Stark Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The communications satellite flies deep into space before exploding. News anchors spread rumors about Amalah's mysterious rocket launch while President Elias Martinez leads a private White House briefing. Martinez tells his staff that there is an unknown number of "sleepers" hidden in the general population. These sleepers have launched a communications satellite from Amalah that transmitted a message into deep space before self-destructing. Martinez has covered this up in the media, but admits that his staff must know the entire truth. Suddenly, Director Blake Sterling interrupts. He's been able to decrypt the first line of the message. Chillingly, it reads: Preparations are being made for your arrival.

At the Oval Office, Sterling tells Martinez, General Armbruster, and Chief of Staff Richard Peel that the satellite message should be considered an act of war. Peel isn't so sure; after all, these sleepers have been in the general population for years and haven't harmed anyone until Thomas came around. Still fearful, Sterling asserts that the sleepers might colonize the Earth and pose a very real threat. Martinez tells Sterling to go to Inostranka and interrogate the detainees in order to gain more insight. At Sophia's apartment, Sophia and Simon try to find a way to stop Thomas. Sophia says they must locate Thomas before he's done creating the "portal array." Simon asserts that they must ask a certain someone for help, but Sophia refuses. It's unclear to whom Simon is referring.

In the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, Thomas and Isabel bring the key module to Gerard. Gerard hopes that Sophia will not try to stop them from enacting their secret plan. Thomas tells Gerard not to worry and compliments him on the progress he's made on the portal array. In no time, they'll be able to transport more of their people to Earth. At the Willow Brook Hospital, Sean and Leila are still recovering from the idea that Leila's father, Michael, might be a sleeper. Suddenly, Sean hears a Matron in the hallway. Sean holds her at gunpoint until she admits that Samantha was kidnapped - along with the other children - because she's half human, half "non-terrestrial." The children are part of an experiment aimed at slowing down aging in humans.

Sean forces the Matron to admit that Samantha has been taken to another facility in White Plains. Sean and Leila get on the road in the hopes of intercepting Leila before she arrives at her destination.A guard tells prisoner Michael Buchanan that he will be transferred to a facility in Virginia. Michael begs for any information on his daughters, but the guard says he knows nothing of them. Moments later, guards drive Michael in a transfer vehicle. All of a sudden, a car smashes into the vehicle and two masked men kidnap Michael and help him escape! One of the men removes his mask and we see that it's Simon Lee!

Peel tells Martinez that Senator Catherine Lewis is waiting for him in his office. The governor appointed her to fill her deceased husband's seat until Alaska can hold a special election. She's a working mother who wants Martinez's support on a new bill that she feels will help the people of Alaska. When Martinez enters his office, he realizes that Lewis has stumbled upon some classified information intended for her husband. Lewis knows that an Interior Sub-Committee earmarked $90 million for the expansion of a weather station at Mt. Inostranka, but when she asked officials about it, everybody played dumb. Lewis tells Martinez that as a fan of government transparency, she knows he'll get to the bottom of the situation. Just after the meeting, Lewis tells her aide Eric that she thinks Martinez was hiding the truth about Mt. Inostranka.

Simon, Michael and Sophia meet at Sophia's apartment. Michael begins by apologizing for attempting to fly the plane into the Presidential Retreat. He claims he had no idea Sophia would be there at the time. Moreover, the lives of his daughters were at stake. Sophia interrupts and scolds Michael for having daughters at all. He and the others were supposed to be trying to free the detainees, not playing house with humans. Sophia knows that Michael was helping Thomas with the portal array and now they need Michael's help to lead them to Thomas. Michael says he will only help Sophia find her son if she and Simon help Michael find his daughters.

A van transports Samantha and her fellow test subjects. Sean and Leila tail the van, waiting for the right moment to make their move. As Sean and Leila creep up beside the van, the driver veers the van into them, trying to force them off the road! Sean brakes, sending the van into a clearing by the side of the road. Then Sean knocks out the driver while Leila unlocks the van's doors. Samantha rushes out and embraces her long-lost sister at last. Then Sean, Leila and Samantha drive off before the police arrive. At a seedy bar, Isabel flirts with a man and invites him back to her place. In the parking lot, Thomas ambushes the man - Commander Grier - and says that unless Grier follows orders, his family will die.

Agent Collier calls Sean, who is still on the run with Leila and Samantha. Collier says that someone representing Michael Buchanan has phoned her saying that Michael desperately wants to get in touch with Leila. Sean doubts the story until Collier says that the anonymous caller knew that Sean was going to propose to Leila during their cruise. Sean asks Collier to text the phone number belonging to the mystery man; it's clear Sean believes that this man will lead him to Michael.

Senator Lewis arrives at her office and finds security guards rifling through her desk. A Sergeant at Arms named Niles Duncan says the Office of the President has demanded that Duncan "secure" Catherine's office. After all, she does not have the high-level security once afforded to her deceased husband, Bernard. Knowing she must stop Duncan, Catherine says that personal letters from another woman and written to her husband are hidden in Bernard's desk. She asks Duncan if she could retrieve these letters and Duncan reluctantly agrees. Duncan clears the office, allowing Catherine enough time to retrieve a file on Inostranka!

Director Sterling arrives at Inostranka and asks Major Pearson for files on the detainees and an interrogation room. Nearby a guard crosses by; it's Commander Grier, the man Thomas and Isabel held at gunpoint! At a rest area, Michael, Leila and Samantha wait for Michael. While Leila wonders what it would mean to be only half human, a van pulls up with Simon and Michael in tow. Simon introduces himself to Sean and thanks him for his heroism. Leila meanwhile asks Michael if he is "one of them" Michael can only say "I'm sorry."

Armed intruders kill Inostranka guards while inside, an oblivious Sterling interrogates Maya, the detainee who followed Sophia's orders to kill fellow detainee William. Maya claims she knows nothing about the satellite or an invasion; on the contrary, all of the detainees took an oath of peace and aim to protect the Earth's inhabitants. Sterling doesn't buy it. Meanwhile, Thomas rides a transport truck through the gates of Inostranka. Grier facilitates the break-in, knowing full well that his family will die if he doesn't help Thomas. Once inside, Thomas and his men gas more Inostranka guards and rush inside.

In the Inostranka control room, Major Pearson asks Grier why the Inostranka surveillance cameras are 12 minutes off. Grier pulls a gun on Pearson and suddenly Thomas and his men appear. They're here to take over the prison! When Pearson refuses to cooperate, Thomas' right hand man Devon kills Pearson. Then Thomas forces Grier to call for a "Code 8" lockdown. Meanwhile, Maya tells Sterling that her people would never back an invasion; it's against their philosophy. She seems genuinely crushed when she learns of Thomas' crimes. Corporal Bell interrupts the interrogation to say he has to report to the boiler room since there's a Code 8 drill, but Sterling tells Bell to stay put. When Thomas learns that his arch-enemy Sterling is on the premises, his eyes light up.

Thomas' men fire on Bell, forcing him into the interrogation room to protect Sterling. Bell unlocks Maya and joins Sterling as they break into an observation room. When Thomas' men break in, Sterling manages to shoot them first! Sterling then interrogates Thomas' men and learns that they're trying to free the detainees in preparation for "their" arrival. Sterling blanches when he learns Thomas is on the premises. Just then another sleeper shoots Sterling, injuring him. Maya runs out, leaving Bell to tend to Sterling alone. In the White House Situation Room, Martinez demands to know the second part of the satellite's message. Martinez is further upset by news that there's no update from Sterling regarding Inostranka and that Michael Buchanan has escaped.

Carrying her deceased husband's Inostranka file, Catherine confronts Martinez. She wants to know why Martinez is operating a secret, illegal prison. She demands to know who the prisoners are, but Martinez tells her it's confidential, a matter of national security. Martinez reminds Catherine that she wasn't actually elected and only has 90 more days of her term left, then shows her the door. At an undisclosed location, Sophia offers tea to Sean and explains how she and her people crash landed onto Alaska 66 years prior. Sophia apologizes to Sean for Thomas' violent behavior. Though Sophia wants to peacefully return her people to their home, Thomas wants to invite them to Earth. If Thomas succeeds, Sophia says "your world will be destroyed."

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