The Event

Episode 1.10 : Everything Will Change

  • The Event
    • Episode Premiere : November 29, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Steve Stark Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

In the field, Sean and Leila stand over Berg. Leila's still reeling from the news that Berg was after her - not Abby - when Sean makes a chilling discovery: a syringe with a triangle logo is in Berg's pocket! It looks just like the syringe Abby said the nurses administered to the kidnapped girls to make them age prematurely. Berg regains consciousness but refuses to tell Sean why he's after Leila. Angered, Sean injects him with the mysterious syringe. Berg falls to the ground and his face becomes wrinkled and ashy! Martinez and Sterling ask Jarvis who was behind the assassination plot but Jarvis pretends not to know. When Martinez demands answers, Jarvis threatens to tell the public that Martinez lied about Inostranka and was part of one of the greatest conspiracies in history.

At the White House, agents tell Martinez that the National Security Agency has just discovered an unknown missile installation on the southern tip of Amalah. It could be carrying a warhead and so the situation might be dire. The Amalan government claims no knowledge of the installation. Sterling believes them, implying that this is the work of the sleepers. At Thomas' apartment, Thomas, Isabel, Sophia and Simon engage in a strange tea ceremony intended to honor Sophia. Once the ceremony's finished, Thomas tells Sophia that he's in the process of building an interface that will help transport the sleepers home. Sophia asks if she has all of Thomas' financial records, and Isabel - a bit defensively - says Sophia has all of them. Thomas leaves with Isabel, who's still limping due to her self-inflicted gunshot wound.

With Thomas and Isabel gone, Sophia tells Simon that she knows Thomas and Isabel are lying. Sophia's done some digging and she knows Thomas has a separate set of funds that he's hiding from her. Sophia asks Simon to talk to Stephen Grant, the banker who's handling Thomas' secret stash. Simon must find out where Thomas' money came from and how he intends to use it. In the parking garage, Thomas tells Isabel that he can sense Sophia knows about the hidden funds. Thomas tells Isabel that they must escalate their plan, and reminds her that he needs her loyalty; after all, many people will die as a result of their plan.

In the field, an ancient-looking Berg begs Sean and Leila to take him to Willow Brook Hospital. Paul Stern (Abby's father) interrupts, urging Leila and Sean to leave Berg and run away. Before Sean and Leila can decide on a course of action, Berg dies. A matron calls Dempsey with some troubling news: Berg hasn't shown up yet with the new subject. Dempsey suggests that perhaps Berg's been compromised. If this is the case, the matron will have to "follow protocol." The matron agrees, but says she might need assistance. Berg then asks about the latest subject. The Matron says she's progressing better than expected. Inside, we see Samantha etching something onto the wall of her bedroom.

Sean and Leila pull up to Willow Brook Hospital, the psychiatric facility Berg mentioned and walk right in the front door. Leila discreetly looks at the list of patients, then tells the receptionist she wants to visit her Aunt Caroline. Fortunately, Caroline is mentally ill and believes that Leila really is her niece. Once the receptionist exits, Sean investigates the premises, but gets booted out by a security guard. Before the guard removes Leila, she asks Caroline if she's noticed any little girls at Willow Brook. Caroline draws a blank, but another patient - a long-haired man - says he hears little girls' voices coming from the basement floor all the time. Sean disregards the man, but Leila thinks he's telling the truth. Then she notices a water tower just like the one Abby described. Samantha's in Willow Brook; Leila just knows it.

Simon visits Stephen Grant's home in Winchester, Virginia and finds the banker dead. Sophia knows this was Thomas' doing; after all, he and Isabel have disappeared and aren't answering their cell phones. Thomas also took the key module, thereby sabotaging Sophia's efforts to get the sleepers home. Meanwhile Thomas and Isabel call a man at the Amalah launch site. Thomas tells his associate to expedite the process, adding that they need to get in the air as soon as possible. At the White House, Martinez and his agents are monitoring the launch site carefully. The rocket will launch in less than two hours unless they can stop it.

Ambassador Talaky arrives and tells Martinez he had no idea about the missile installation. Talaky argues that it's not his country's fault; after all, the site is located in a tribal area outside the reign of his government. Martinez won't accept any excuses and tells Talaky that if he doesn't stop the rocket launch, U.S. forces will attack his country. Talaky begs for mercy, saying that a private company built the installation and made an agreement with the local tribesmen. Martinez stands firm. Sterling interrupts the meeting and tells Martinez alarming news: he's uncovered the corporation that built the missile installation. There are 97 board members, and they bear the names of the detainees at Inostranka! Sterling says this proves the sleepers are behind the rocket launch! Martinez says it's definitely Thomas' doing.

Sean and Leila sneak into Willow Brook in the dead of night. While sneaking onto an elevator, they notice the building has no basement. Sean takes out a key card with a triangle logo he took from Berg. Sean swipes it over a sensor and the elevator immediately lowers them to a secret basement level! They walk down a creepy corridor and see hospital rooms that look like they've recently been cleared out. They discover an eerie playroom at the end of the hallway. Leila starts calling out for Samantha, but it looks as though everyone's gone. Finally Leila enters a bedroom where the word "Leila" is etched on the wall. Samantha was here, but now she's gone.

Simon tells Sophia that Thomas used his secret funds to build a missile installation in Amalah. Worse, Thomas made sure that Martinez would know that he's behind it. Simon asks Sophia if she thinks Thomas is capable of launching a nuclear warhead at the U.S. A crestfallen Sophia says at this point she has no idea what Thomas is capable of. At the White House, Martinez is feeling the pressure. The rocket's about to launch and the U.S.'s F-16s and Amalan ground troops aren't close enough to intercept. Meanwhile, Thomas calls his troops at Amalah and okays the launch. While Martinez watches in horror, the missile launches.

Agents feverishly try to find out information about the mysterious rocket. The rocket isn't equipped with a nuclear warhead, and it's not aimed at the U.S. The missile is actually a communication satellite of some kind that's broadcasting messages away from Earth. Sterling posits that the sleepers are trying to contact their home planet. Suddenly an ear-piercing noise rings out. Meanwhile at Willow Brook, Sean and Leila discovered piles of burnt paperwork. In the mound, Sean discovers a file with photos of Paul Stern. Curiously, he's not aging in the photos. Sean suggests that perhaps Paul's "one of them." Then Sean finds a file on Michael Buchanan. It contains a photo of Michael from 1948, yet somehow Michael looks exactly the same; he hasn't aged a bit in over 60 years.






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