The Event

Episode 1.09 : Your World to Take

  • The Event
    • Episode Premiere : November 22, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Steve Stark Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

In a law firm's conference room, a plaintiff testifies that her husband is extremely ill due to almost 40 years of breathing toxic dust. An attorney named Isabel counters that the plaintiff's husband was a smoker and therefore bears some of the blame. Just then Isabel gets a mysterious text that reads "1121944." We cut to different scenes of people in all walks of life a professor, a postal worker, a police officer all getting the same mysterious text. Isabel and the rest of the text recipients file into a reception hall. Among the crowd we see Sophia, Thomas, and Simon. Sophia and Thomas take the stage to a standing ovation. It's clear Sophia is the leader of this room full of sleepers!

Sophia tells the group that they still need additional raw materials in order to transport themselves back home. Now that Martinez knows of the sleepers' existence, time is of the essence and she is working in earnest. The sleepers, however, no longer want to go home. They've started families and adapted well to their Earth-bound existence. Though they were only sent to Earth to scout it, many of them like it. And nobody wants to go back to a barely viable planet. Sophia overrules the sleepers and says that plans to return home are still on. After the meeting, Sophia scolds Thomas for focusing on building a financial empire rather than keeping her abreast of the sleepers' growing desire to stay on Earth. It's clear Sophia's suspicious of Thomas but can't pinpoint why.

Thomas sneaks off to meet Isabel. Isabel says she has spoken to the sleepers and believes that there's a way for Thomas to become their new leader. Isabel admits she didn't tell the sleepers all the details of the plan, but if the transition of power is handled correctly, Isabel thinks overruling Sophia will be possible. Isabel and Thomas kiss. Thomas reveals his plan to kill Sophia after she retrieves the key module! Sean and Leila share an intimate moment when suddenly Agent Collier phones Sean. She's looked at Michael's mysterious list of names: they belong to young girls who have all been recently kidnapped. Three days ago, one victim, Abby Stern, managed to escape and get back to her family in Tulsa. Sean and Leila decide they must interview Abby to find out if she knows what happened to Samantha.

In a hospital, Martinez and Sterling watch as Jarvis fights for his life. Martinez wants Jarvis to live, if only so he can find out who was really behind the assassination plot. Jarvis' wife Erika walks over to Martinez, visibly upset. Martinez consoles her and gives her no indication that her husband is a traitor. In Dempsey's office, a henchman named Berg tells Dempsey that Jarvis might survive. Dempsey tells Berg that Jarvis must die, but in the meantime, Dempsey has a different task for Berg. Dempsey wants Berg to find a girl who's gone missing. Once Berg finds her, he must capture her and "administer a dose" of some mysterious fluid using a syringe. All witnesses must be killed.

Sean and Leila arrive at Abby Stern's house and ask her mother Mary if they can speak to her daughter. Though Mary is resistant at first, she lets them inside once she learns that Leila's sister Samantha may have been kidnapped by the same people who took Abby. Mary says Abby knows nothing of her captors or where she was kept. Suddenly overcome with emotion, Mary asks Sean and Leila to leave. Mary says that with Abby home, everything should be fine – but it's not. From the darkness, Abby's voice asks, "You're Leila? You're Samantha's sister?" Before Leila can question Abby further, Mary and her husband Paul force Leila and Sean to leave.

Isabel gives Thomas a gun. Once Sophia's retrieved the module, Thomas will have to act fast and destroy her. Though Isabel worries that perhaps Sophia will find out about their devious plan, Thomas tells Isabel he's got everything under control. On a private plane, Sophia tells Thomas that she still does not condone his handling of the Inostranka release. He had no right to act so aggressively towards the Martinez administration. She recalls when Thomas was a child and feared the rain. She tried to expose him to the rain so he'd get over his fear, but instead it only terrified him more. Sophia says she's finally learned not to change Thomas but rather to accept that he lacks certain qualities such as patience and morality. He doesn't understand that belligerent force isn't the same as true power.

Sophia and Thomas take an elevator to the base level of an imposing building. Sophia retrieves a module from a storage unit and smiles, remarking that fortunately it hasn't been damaged in the crash. Suddenly, Thomas pulls a gun on her! Thomas demands the module but Sophia stands firm, maintaining an eerie calm even as a gun is pointed at her face. Sophia correctly surmises that Thomas is being manipulated by the shrewd Isabel. Thomas tries to pull the trigger, but collapses into tears and drops the gun. Sophia strokes her son's tear-stained cheeks and simply says, "I love you."

Meanwhile, outside of the Stern residence, Leila and Sean see the entire Stern family sneak into their car and drive off. Without missing a beat, Sean and Leila follow them. Behind Sean and Leila, Dempsey henchman Berg trails them! At a gas station, Leila confronts Mary and Abby in the restroom. Leila begs Mary to help, saying she's desperate to find Samantha. Mary finally gives in and lets Abby – whose face is prematurely wrinkled – speak to Leila. Abby says Samantha arrived days before Abby escaped. Like most of the girls when they arrive, Samantha was scared. Abby speaks of a strange hospital with nurses and mysterious injections. There was a triangular logo on the syringes the nurse used on the children. And when Abby escaped, she noticed a water tower nearby.

At the gas station, Sean notices Berg pull a gun on Abby's dad Paul. Sean yells out, distracting Berg. Berg manages to shoot Paul in the leg and then races after Sean, Leila, Mary and Abby as they dart into a field. Just as Berg is about to grab Abby, Sean tackles Berg to the ground, sending his gun flying. Berg and Sean tussle until Sean gets hold of a rock and knocks Berg unconscious. Mary runs after Abby who has sprinted away from the group in terror. Meanwhile, Sean looks through Berg's belongings and sees that he's not after Abby at all: he's after Leila! Jarvis regains consciousness and sees his worried wife at his bedside. She tells Jarvis that two men were at the house and told her that if Jarvis talked to the President, Jarvis and his family would be as good as dead.

Isabel waits for Thomas by the Potomac and is surprised to see Sophia emerge from the shadows instead. When Isabel asks about Thomas' whereabouts, Sophia says, "You don't need to worry about Thomas; you need to worry about me." Isabel apologizes, but it's too late. Sophia gives Isabel an ultimatum: either Isabel lives a life of terrible loneliness separated from the other sleepers, or she must shoot and maim herself. Isabel shoots herself and falls to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. She won't die, but by the sound of her wails, she has an equally terrible fate ahead of her. Sophia enters a waiting car where Thomas is sitting. They drive off together into the night.






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