The Event

Episode 1.02 : To Keep Us Safe

  • The Event
    • Episode Premiere : September 27, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Steve Stark Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Onboard a fire breaks out, forcing Sean to evacuate the other passengers. Michael exits last, walking in a trancelike state. It's four days earlier. In a warehouse, a menacing man holds Michael hostage and demands that he fly a plane into the Presidential compound. When Michael resists, the man threatens to kill Leila, just like he and his colleagues killed Michael's wife Val. Michael sees Vicky holding his daughter at gunpoint and realizes the extent of his predicament. Will he do anything necessary to save his daughter?

Back in the desert, Sean asks Michael what happened. Michael explains that after witnessing his wife Val's murder, he was forced to participate in the assassination plot or risk losing Leila and possibly Samantha too. He didn't want to hijack the plane - he had to. When Sean asks who was holding Leila hostage, Michael tells him it was a woman named Vicky. Sean immediately recalls her from the St. Lucia trip. Before he can question Michael further, the other passengers call out, claiming help is on the way. But the low vibrating noise and dark objects on the horizon frighten Michael. He tells Sean that help is not on the way � it's something else entirely � and begs Sean to run off and find Leila. In the meantime, Michael adds, Sean must trust no one. Sean sprints off alone.

Moments after Flight 514 disappears, Martinez meets Sterling at a military base. Sterling says he has the copilot's recording from moments before the plane disappeared. Turns out a Michael Buchanan hijacked the plane. Though Martinez wants to know who attempted to kill him, he's more interested in finding out who saved him. Nobody knows, and in the meantime the government has already quashed rumors in the press. Martinez's ambivalence about a cover-up is apparent, but he's more concerned about the missing passengers. The truth is that nobody knows where they are. All they know is that a space-borne censor recorded an electromagnetic blast the moment the plane disappeared. Whatever device caused this was completely beyond the U.S. Armed Forces' capabilities. Sterling implies that the Inostranka detainees are involved somehow.

It's 13 months earlier. At the White House, Martinez forces Sterling to reveal the history of the mysterious Mount Inostranka facility. In 1944, an aircraft of undeclared origin crashed in Alaska. Military forces apprehended 97 survivors, many of them wounded. Shockingly, they were found to be "not of terrestrial origin." Agent Simon Lee, the man in charge of overseeing Inostranka, explains that the prisoners look very much like humans. Their DNA varies from humans' by less than but oddly, they age at a very slow rate. Martinez objects to keeping these visitors in prison, citing how similar they are to humans. Sterling objects, arguing that they haven't been honest about why they came or what they want. He senses a secret agenda.

Sean staggers through the desert alone before collapsing to the ground. As he's blinded by a white light, we cut back to seven days earlier. On the cruise ship, Leila wakes up complaining of an upset stomach. Sean insists on staying by her side, but Leila urges him to go snorkeling with Vicky instead. After Sean and Vicky leave, Greg (Vicky's boyfriend) visits Leila's room feigning concern. But almost immediately he makes a sexual advance, so Vicky asks him to leave. A cruise ship employee hears the commotion and appears in the hallway, asking Vicky if she needs assistance. When Greg puts up a fight, the mysterious man stabs Greg in the chest. Leila flees but the mystery attacker and another hotel employee subdue her and inject her with a syringe.

Sean awakens at St. Francis Hospital, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Nurse Timmons explains that a couple brought him in after finding him dehydrated and incoherent in the desert. Sean tells Nurse Timmons that Leila's been kidnapped, and begs her to call the police. Nurse Timmons suspects that Sean is suffering from heat stroke-induced delusions, but because he's growing more and more agitated, she agrees to make the call. Nurse Timmons reluctantly phones Deputy Hodes at Yuma PD and says she's reporting a kidnapping on behalf of her patient Sean Walker. Deputy Hodes tells Nurse Timmons that Sean Walker is no victim � in fact, he's wanted for murder. Deputy Hodes instructs Nurse Timmons to keep Sean at the hospital; cops are on the way.

In a military bunker, Sterling tells Martinez that Inostranka detainees must be behind the plane disappearance. Although the detainees couldn't do it, other "sleepers" might be hiding out in the general population. Angered by the possibility that Sophia lied, Martinez demands to speak to her. Sterling warns that she's lied for six decades; why would she start telling the truth now? It's 1944. A pilot flies over the Brooks Mountain Range in Alaska and spots some sort of crash scene. Seeing the plane overhead, Sophia urges Thomas to leave with the able-bodied while she stays behind with the wounded. Thomas objects, arguing that he'd like to stay and fight. Sophia warns that if he doesn't leave, there's no hope for any of them. They can't all risk getting caught. Reluctantly, Thomas leaves Sophia behind.

Martinez confronts Sophia about lying to him, especially after he fought to free her people. He demands to know the truth about her people and the plane's disappearance. Clearly torn, Sophia can only offer that her people mean humans no harm. But that's not enough for Martinez; he wants answers. Did her people divert the plane? Were they saving his life or Sophia's? How many more of "her people" are out there? And where is the plane and its passengers? Sophia won't talk, so Martinez says she and the other detainees are staying in Inostranka after all. A concerned Sophia warns that she and her people have been imprisoned for 66 years; they're starting to lose their patience. When Martinez asks if that's a threat, Sophia curtly responds, "You wanted the truth; I'm giving it to you."

Sensing Nurse Timmons' nervousness, Sean begins to realize the federal agents outside are coming for him. He sprints down the hospital hallway with the federal agents on his tail. It's five years earlier. We're in Boston where Sean is at swim practice. He notices Leila and is struck by two things: her beauty, and the fact that she can't swim. After making small talk � Sean says he's captain of the Computer Science Society � Sean gives Leila an impromptu swim lesson. It goes so well that they make plans for another one the next day. Back at the hospital, two federal agents ambush Sean and tell him he's under arrest for the murder of Greg Kervin.

At a military base, Sterling tells Simon that Sophia's been lying about an external population of sleepers hiding among them. He assigns Simon the task of finding these hidden beings and figuring out the extent of their capabilities. Langley, Virginia. It's 10 years earlier. At CIA Headquarters, a medic draws blood from Simon; it's a formality that applicants to the Clandestine Services sector must undergo. Right after his blood's drawn, Simon sneaks into a bathroom stall and pulls bloody plastic tubing from inside the incision! Back at the military base, Sterling tells Simon to do whatever he has to do to find the other sleepers.

In an office building, Simon meets with Thomas and tells him the bad news: now that the U.S. government knows there are other sleepers exist outside of Inostranka, the prisoner release is canceled. Additionally, a hunt is on to capture the sleepers hiding in the general population. Thomas says he regrets draining their resources in order to divert the plane. It was a bad idea to do something that would call attention to their existence. Why didn't they just let an F-16 blow the commercial jet to smithereens? Simon explains that neither he nor Sophia would let the almost 200 innocent passengers die. Simon demands to know where the plane is located. Thomas admits the plane's in Arizona, and since he already had the passengers, he decided to "use them." Not exactly sure what Thomas means, but determined to find out, Simon exits.

In an FBI car, Sean tells skeptical Agent Hobbes and Agent Collier about Leila's kidnapping, Vicky Roberts, and the plot to kill the President. They disregard his rant, but when Sean passionately mentions he was planning on marrying Leila, it clearly resonates with Agent Collier. Further down the highway, a cop intercepts them. Due to a car accident, they'll have to take an alternate route. Knowing they're very close to the site of the plane crash, Sean urges the agents to investigate. The agents ignore Sean's pleas and turn around. To them, his words sound like the rantings of a delusional sociopath.

Not even a mile away, hidden behind a hill, military Humvees dot the landscape. Simon Lee and his team arrive at the crash site and approach the empty plane. Simon sees Michael Buchanan's body just a few feet from the wreckage. It's obvious he's dead. Then, in a nearby clearing, Simon and his team make a horrifying discovery: all of the passengers of Avias Flight 514 lay lifelessly on the hot desert ground covered in dusty sand. Every last one of them is dead. Think you can unravel the government conspiracy behind Flight 514's disappearance? Visit the TruthSeeker Blog for additional clues and unseen footage from the crash.






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