Episode 1.04 : From Darkness to Light

  • Dracula
    • Episode Premiere : November 15, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Flame Vantures, Callender's Playground Ent.
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/dracula/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Crime Watch In keeping with a wave of bizarre and mysterious murders that have gripped London as of late, two horrifically dismembered bodies were discovered on the underground train last night. These victims of an apparent train car brawl met their demise thanks to a series of ruthless lacerations about the head and neck. Has the Ripper returned to wreak havoc on the citizens of London again? Only time will tell!

The Engagement Party of the Decade The Inquisitor is pleased to announce the formal engagement of Mr. Jonathan Harker, a former Inquisitor reporter, to his lovely bride-to-be, Miss Mina Murray. An engagement gala is to be held at the prestigious Carfax Manor, the residence now occupied by the mysterious Mr. Alexander Grayson, who has generously offered up his luxurious domicile for the evening's festivities, despite reports of a minor explosion during a recent test of Grayson's experimental energy inductor.

Love Is in the Air Speaking of Mr. Grayson, the mysterious American businessman has frequently been spotted out and about with the equally enigmatic Lady Jayne Wetherby as of late. Rumors of the couple's parting began to circulate shortly after Lady Jayne was spotted dining alone at the luxurious Savoy Restaurant, but the rumors were squashed when, only a few evenings later, Grayson and Lady Jayne were spotted attending a rather unsavory (and definitely unsanctioned) women's' wrestling match in a rather seedy London neighborhood.

The following evening, an unknown assailant attacked Lady Jayne in her home. Fortunately, Mr. Grayson arrived in time to frighten away the intruder. What does the future hold for Grayson and Lady Jayne? Steady as she goes, devoted readers, for the Inquisitor is on the case!

The Van Helsing-Grayson Connection Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the prestigious doctor and professor of medicine, has frequently been seen going to and from Carfax Manor at all hours of the day and night. An unnamed source confirms our suspicions: Dr. Van Helsing is indeed involved in some sort of experimentation with Grayson, but the details remain clouded in mystery.

What can a doctor of anatomy provide for Grayson's industrial energy business? Has Grayson fallen victim to a medical condition that demands the attention (and discretion) of London's finest medical expert? Fear not, curious readers, our reporters are here for you, and we shall report back promptly as the story continues to develop.

Grayson's Mystery Guest A mystery guest has recently taken up residence in Carfax Manor, and since numerous attempts to glean the identity of the visitor have yet to unearth any substantial information, we at The Inquisitor are wont to speculate: has Mr. Grayson invited a former business associate to advise in his industrial affairs? Can Grayson's guest provide any insight into his mysterious past?

And what of the recent disappearance of Mr. Grayson's right-hand man, Renfield, who was last seen being dragged, unconscious, into a carriage by a band of ruffians outside of the Metallurgy Building yesterday? Mystery abounds at Carfax Manor!

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