Episode 1.02 : A Whiff of Sulphur

  • Dracula
    • Episode Premiere : November 01, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Flame Vantures, Callender's Playground Ent.
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/dracula/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Extra! Extra! Archaeologists Unravel Mysteries Behind Ancient Crypt! In previous editions, we've reported about a mysterious crypt unearthed in Romania. News continues to flow in from the East, shedding new light on the mysterious find. The crypt appears to have contained the remains of Vlad Tepes, a cruel and ruthless 15th century warrior king who was betrayed by his own order.

Witnesses who lived around the site some 20 years ago claim to remember a doctor by the name of Abraham Van Helsing, who seemed adamantly interested in locating the crypt. Our reporters caught up with the good doctor, who is currently teaching at the local university. According to Van Helsing, he sought the tomb in his younger days because, like the crypt's former occupant, his family also suffered a cruel fate at the hands of an organization for which he worked.

Grayson Capitalizes on Sir Clive Tragedy American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson has become a stakeholder of the British Imperial Coolant Company, thanks to his purchasing of company stakes formerly held by the widow of the recently deceased Sir Clive, who was found brutally butchered outside of his home a mere fortnight ago.

Grayson arrived in London only recently, but he's wasted no time thrusting himself into London's business affairs with unmatched bravado. Employing the services of many of the kingdom's greatest scientific minds (including Abraham Van Helsing, whose forays into the world of chemistry and the occult have been deemed questionable at best), Grayson is quickly conquering the worlds of English technology and science. At this rate, Grayson will secure his position as a Captain of Industry in no time!

Miss Mina Murray, the daughter of the respected Dr. Murray of London, has devoted the past few years of her life to the pursuit of a medical degree, an uncommon aspiration for a woman of these modern times. Nonetheless, Miss Murray has approached her studies with unbridled gusto and, after acing her latest examination, is shaping up to be one of the top students of her class. Unfortunately, Miss Murray's fiancé, Jonathan Harker, is not a fan of his damsel's aspirations. Sources close to the couple claim that their relationship is suffering in light of Mina's success as a medical student, so much so that she may be considering cancelling her engagement to Harker altogether.

The Mysterious World of Lady Jayne Wetherby The beautiful and prestigious Lady Jayne continues to raise eyebrows with her defiantly unladylike behavior around town. Just yesterday, Lady Jayne was seen entering a well-known opium establishment in London's seedier district. Patrons of the den claim that the back room is currently being inhabited by a duo of psychic mystics who supposedly possess the power to see blood-sucking vampires roaming the streets of London.

The Inquisitor dismisses these rumors as pure hogwash, but the question still remains: what was Lady Jayne doing in the establishment, and what of the rumors that she prowls the streets by night battling evildoers? And what of her ongoing (and reportedly steamy) relationship with Mr. Grayson? More to come as this titillating story unfolds.

Inquisitor Reporter Jonathan Harker Resigns On a more personal note, we at The Inquisitor would like to bid a fond farewell to our own resident reporter, Jonathan Harker, who has recently taken an offer from none other than debonair American entrepreneur Mr. Alexander Grayson. While the details of Harker's employment remain clouded in mystery, some have reported that Harker will act as an envoy to the upper crust of London high society, in order to inform Grayson's business strategy.

Whatever the role entails, one thing is for sure: Harker is stepping up in society, taking up residence in the former domicile of the now deceased Sir Clive and garnering a significant pay increase to boot. Tally ho, Mr. Harker! The Inquisitor thanks you for years of quality servitude and wishes you the best on your journey ahead!

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