Episode 1.03 : The Mutineers

  • Crusoe
    • Episode Premiere : October 31, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Moonlighting Films, Muse Ent., Power Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Michael Robison
  • Screenwriter Andy Rattenbury
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Lorcan O'Toole,
    • Sean Michael,
    • James Lauren,
    • Terence Harvey,
    • Mark Dexter,
    • Jake Curran,
    • Jeremy Crutchley,
    • Emma Barnett

The Story

Crusoe and Friday are playing a game and hear voices. They hide and see a band of sailors leading four shackled crewmen and their captain. Realizing the sailors are mutineers, they keep cover. The captain suggests going inland to find clean water. Jacob, a mutineer, strikes him with his pistol. Taylor says he'll see him hanged for this. Jacob puts his pistol to his skull and says, "Not with a bullet in your head you won't." Atkins tells Jacob that Taylor could be valuable. Things seem to calm until Jacob shoots Taylor in his thigh. Friday has to hold Crusoe back.

Crusoe and Friday watch the activity on the beach from a high point. They see more shackled crew, and the captain's wife and daughter being led to a tent where the captain is being treated by Crowley, the ship's surgeon. He tries to give brandy to the captain for the pain, but Jacob snatches it and drinks it. With Jacob pressuring and taunting him, Crowley's hands shake. He hands the tongs to his assistant Oliver, a Brazilian boy. With steady hands, Oliver extracts the bullet from the wound.

Crusoe sees Oliver secretly give Taylor some brandy and notes the act of kindness. As Jacob yells that they'll feast and drink Captain Taylor's brandy tonight, Crusoe sneaks up to Taylor's holding place and tells him he's a castaway. He says he'll help him regain command of his ship if he promises to take him and Friday home. Taylor agrees and tells him that Jacob is as desperate a blackguard that ever lived. He says a few of the men follow him through allegiance, but most through fear. Crusoe says they have a plan, and to do nothing until he returns.

Friday and Crusoe, camouflaged in leaves and mud, watch Jacob, his brother Nolan and Atkins hunt a boar. Friday lures Jacob into a net with boar calls. Looking like a walking plant with a machete, he approaches the hanging Jacob. But Jacob's almost cut himself loose, so Friday retreats. Once free, Jacob spots Friday and pulls his gun. Crusoe distracts Jacob, allowing Friday's escape. Spooked, Jacob almost shoots Atkins and Nolan. He says a spirit tried to catch him in a net. But, Friday's hidden the net. Jacob tells the spirit he'll be ready next time, as Atkins and Nolan wonder if he's going mad.

Crusoe fashions a master key that he plans to ask Oliver to deliver to Taylor. Friday says if they kill Jacob, he'll only be replaced. Crusoe thinks eliminating him will free them to join Taylor. Friday asks why they would join him if they risk being hanged for mutiny. Crusoe says they might not be hanged if they prove they feared for their lives. Friday says England must have wise men for judges. Crusoe remembers a trial in England. A fanatical judge asks a trembling defendant, on trial for being Presbyterian, if he believes in God. He calls him a dog and a villain.

At the beach, Jacob regales in telling his crew the story of the demon. Oliver gets fruit and goes in to check on Taylor. His wife tells Oliver that he's been muttering all night about a man coming to set them free. Oliver says it's the fever talking. He checks the wound and tells them it's healing. Then, he hands the wife an orange. She thanks him, in earnest.

At the pond, Oliver disrobes, including "his" fake beard and wig. Turns out Oliver is really Olivia, masquerading as a boy. After her swim, Crusoe surprises her, and vice versa. Frightened, she shoots at him. Crusoe convinces her he just wants her help. However, her being a woman changes things. Olivia says if he needs medical help, her sex is no issue, then realizes he's planning something. She says she only serves Jacob out of fear, but that it takes more courage than any man to live like she does. Crusoe still doesn't want to involve her. They agree to keep each other a secret.

In the jungle, before she's completely dressed, Nolan also sees Olivia's secret and confronts her about it back at the beach. He makes a move on her, threatening to expose her as a woman. She tells him if he tells, the whole ship will have her. But if he keeps her secret, she'll be exclusively his. A deal is made. Jacob calls after Nolan, spoiling his moment and sparing her for the time being.

Crusoe tells Friday that "the lad's a lady" and that he'll never knowingly put a woman's life in danger. Crusoe says they need another plan, but Friday's already on it. Friday has dug up some bones from a sacred gravesite, which he plans to use to scare the mutineers. He says if they think there are ghosts and demons here, we'll give them some. Crusoe asks him about the spirits of the disturbed bodies. Friday says he already discussed it with them and plans to return the bones. He rigs a puppet made out of the bones and Crusoe has a long flexible tube that, when twirled, makes wailing sobbing sounds.

Nolan and Nash take Taylor's wife and daughter to the pond to bathe. As Crusoe works the sound effects, Friday's dead man, dressed in a sailor's suit, rises from the jungle and points a bony finger at Nolan. The four flee in terror back to the beach and tell Jacob what they saw. Nolan says they are all cursed. He says they should find another island for provisions and Jacob agrees. He orders everyone to start packing up. Nolan says they should have never taken the ship, and Jacob tells him to shut up, as he's giving everyone the jitters.

Olivia sees an opportunity and tells Jacob that Nolan must have sunstroke. Jacob, eager to get Nolan away from the rest of the men, tells her to treat him. She gives Nolan some leaves to calm him. Minutes later, Nolan can't breathe. Olivia feigns not knowing what's wrong, even performs a tracheotomy. Nolan dies, taking her secret with him. Nash says the ghost pointed at Nolan, now he's dead. Shaken, Jacob says there will be no talking of spirits in his crew. Jacob goes to bury his brother at sea and puts Atkins in charge while he's gone.

In the treehouse, as Crusoe creates bombs with gunpowder in hollowed out coconuts, Friday makes more skeleton puppets. They go to the beach, where Atkins is trying to keep everyone awake. Nash sneaks up on Crusoe and Friday, but they convince him to hand over his one-shot weapon. Crusoe knocks him out and they rig up their scarefest. First, they throw the coconut bombs. As they explode, Crusoe, under the cover of chaos, unlocks Taylor and gives him the key. The prisoners escape and fight back, but Atkins grabs Taylor's daughter and holds her at gun point. Taylor calls off the counter attack.

From a hiding place, Crusoe and Friday see Jacob punch Atkins for almost letting the prisoners escape. Nash tries to mention Crusoe and Friday. Jacob tells him to shut up. He tells Olivia to help Atkins load the prisoners since he needs all the help he can get. Olivia asks about the women. Jacob says they stay on shore to give Taylor something to think about in case he tries to plan another escape. Nash asks what he's going to do about the two men. Glaring at Atkins, Jacob says he'll do what he always does to people who try to cross him.

Crusoe tells Friday they need to get the women to safety. They get into the stockade and unshackle the women. Friday points out the ship setting sail. Crusoe, desperate to stop it from leaving, instructs the women to follow Friday to the treehouse. They're frightened, saying Friday's a savage. Crusoe says he's not a savage, but their salvation, then sneaks over to the supply boat and hides under the tarp. Jacob sees Friday leaving with the women and goes after them, having a score to settle with him. When they get to the pond, Friday realizes they're being pursued and hides the women under some leaves.

On the ship, Atkins orders the crew to stow the prisoners below and set sail. Olivia asks if he's abandoning Jacob, and he says, "As he would me." Worried, Olivia looks toward shore, looking for Crusoe. Crusoe jumps aboard and takes out two crewmen. He points his sword at Atkins, who reciprocates. They duel, and Atkins slices Crusoe's arm. Olivia lends Crusoe an advantage by sharply turning the wheel. The ship lurches and the tables turn. Crusoe gets Atkins on his back and has him at sword point. However, the ship hits rocks, sending everyone sprawling. Olivia tells Crusoe to jump, and he dives into the ocean.

Meanwhile, when Jacob gets to the lake, Friday meets him for the duel, armed with a stick. Jacob makes fun of it. Friday says he has an advantage, and Jacob scoffs at him. He draws his sword and they duel, stick against sword, but Friday's handy with his weapon and tires Jacob out. Friday says his advantage is the outdoor life, with fresh air, exercise and proper nutrition, while he's been cooped up eating broth and dried biscuits. Jacob says, "Aye, but I still have the beating of a savage in me." He attacks Friday, who knocks his sword aside and kills him with his dagger.

Friday looks for the women in their hiding place and sees they are gone. Crusoe swims ashore as Friday sees that the mutineers have again taken the women prisoner. He spots Crusoe and helps him to the beach. Crusoe jokes that at least they'll be here awhile, fixing "our ship." And, Atkins most likely won't venture into the jungle. Friday tells Crusoe, "Today the battle may be lost, but the war is far from over. Have faith my friend. We will get you home."






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