Episode 1.03 : What Was Done to You

  • Crisis
    • Episode Premiere : March 30, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The news is full of reports on the MIA American soldiers found in the Pakistani Embassy - why did the kidnapper want them found? Dunn wants to go to the White House, where a vigil is underway, to talk to the most powerful parent of them all, President Devore. What no one knows is that Gibson has called Frank Beckwith, Devore's Chief of Staff, whose son Shane was on the bus. Gibson orders Beckwith to call his old friend General Mark Osborne to schedule an offsite meeting; what's to follow will be about "truth and pain."

Finley apologizes to POTUS and FLOTUS for not saving Kyle, but the President won't hear of it; Finley took a bullet only 36 hours ago and he's back on the job. Moreover, Dunn and Finley should know that if it comes down to it, POTUS will sacrifice Kyle if the kidnappers ask him to betray his oath to protect America. Dunn and Finley move on to a meeting with Beckwith, who claims it will only be a few days until political foes demand the President step down. Just then, Gibson calls to order Beckwith to tell the agents his wife is on the phone. When Dunn insists on talking to Beckwith's wife, Gibson hands the phone to one of his female operatives, who asks Dunn if Beckwith can join her at the vigil out front. One of Gibson's men is already at the vigil, planting a baggie containing both Gibson's severed finger and a photo of Kyle and spreading flash/bang powder among the many candles. In the mayhem that ensues when the candles go off, the operative gives Beckwith a locked bag and orders him to get moving. Dunn and Finley give chase, but they're too late to prevent Beckwith from jumping on the back of a motorcycle. Even if Beckwith is a weapon, Finley's still unwilling to shoot a parent...

Gibson addresses the kids over the mansion's PA system: Aziz was returned to his parents because they did as he asked. Calm and stony, Gibson makes himself an egg-in-a-hole while explaining himself to his men: he doesn't hate the parents, they're merely tools. He has to make sure the kids are rescued, but ultimately, he wants to break the people at the CIA the same way they broke him. That's when an alarm goes off - one of the hostages is trying to escape. Finding Kyle trying to unlock a window, Gibson's men cut off his air supply as Gibson whispers warnings over a walkie-talkie into Kyle's ear. Afterwards, Kyle tells Luke and Shane Beckwith that the kidnappers almost killed him. Nevertheless, he intends to be an active hostage, learning whatever he can about them. The kids need to stick together and rest assured their parents are going to do whatever they must to rescue them.

The motorcycle driver, Clark Froy, is another parent of a kidnapped student. He swaps the motorcycle for a sedan, telling Beckwith he intends to do everything the kidnappers told him to do. Dunn and Finley return to Beckwith's office to trace his last call, but Gibson has the call routed to the real Mrs. Beckwith, who insists she didn't call her husband. Dunn wants to talk to POTUS, but he's in the bunker and, as Finley explains, once he's down there, he's down there. Back at the FBI, Olsen investigates the two kidnappers Dunn and Finley killed, all traces of whom have been scrubbed from the system. Dunn decides to show photos of the kidnappers to Morgan Roth, who refers them to his son Anton, who has a photographic memory. In fact, Anton knows the two men stopped by the Roth home last week, posing as workers from the Department of Water & Power. Dunn has a tech pick up surveillance footage of their utility truck to trace its path. It turns out the truck stopped at the homes of Frank Beckwith and Clark Froy, who owns a car and motorcycle dealership, and whose daughter Jessica was kidnapped as well.

Dunn decides it's time to return to Beckwith's office to review surveillance footage of Beckwith's call to General Osborne. Since the general has a military-secure Blackberry, they can track it, but Gibson is a step ahead. He clones the general's number and projects hundreds of copies throughout D.C. Nevertheless, Finley locks on the Kingsley Grand hotel, which has a secure presidential suite. With traffic in a snarl, they run for it. Gibson calls the presidential suite where Beckwith and Froy await his instructions. When the general enters, they duct tape him to a chair and insert an ear bud, a direct line to Gibson. An Army vet who endured torture, Froy is to use battery cables to inflict torture on General Osborne while he and Beckwith wear noise-cancelling headphones so they don't hear anything the general says. Gibson wants Osborne to give him proof of Operation Lenox. The general holds out as long as he can, but he finally breaks and reveals that the video Gibson seeks is in Vault 48 of CIA headquarters. When it's all done, Osborne asks Beckwith to untie him, claiming Gibson is going to order Froy to kill them both. Once free, the general grabs Froy's gun and shoots him, just as Dunn and Finley break in, urging him to put the gun down. Through the ear bud, Gibson tells Osborne to let the FBI help him, so he can undergo the court martial that awaits and endure total humiliation, never mind the CIA bullet that's sure to prevent him from testifying. Convinced, the general turns the gun on himself and ends it.

Dunn and Finley realize the kidnapper talked Osborne into killing himself - it was personal - but neither Froy nor Beckwith can tell them anything else the general said to Gibson. The next morning, Shane and Jessica wake up in a makeshift tent in a D.C. homeless camp, and Beckwith is soon reunited with his son. Back at the mansion, Gibson crosses Osborne's name off his list and prepares to make his next call, intent on penetrating the CIA building in Langley.






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