The City

Episode 1.22 : If You Want Something Done Right...

  • The City
    • Episode Premiere : November 24, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2010
    • Production Company: MTV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

At People's Revolution, Whitney gives Kelly the first look at her design samples. Kelly evaluates the rack of clothes and tells Whitney her next step is to make a look book for her pieces. Kelly tells Whitney she'll need to cast models and figure out what she wants the girls to look like. Whitney says she'll have Roxy work on casting, but Kelly advises her not to leave such an important task to someone inexperienced. When Whitney insists Roxy can do it, Kelly stresses that her look book will make or break her.

Later, Whitney, Roxy and Kelly hold the model casting call for Whitney's line. Roxy sends over several models and Kelly rejects them all. Exasperated, Kelly handpicks the models she thinks should stay and sends the rest away. Kelly tells Roxy the models she chose are more gothic nightmare than fairytale tea party like Whitney's line. She goes on to say that Roxy will need to make some magic happen to redeem herself, since the casting call was a disaster. Kelly tells her to get on the phone and find some models that work.

Over at ELLE Magazine, Erin tells Joe she booked another Today Show segment, this time for Joe's A To Zee column. Excited, Joe suggests the segment would be the perfect task for Olivia. Erin is surprised by the choice. Joe says he'll have to go on live TV and put his reputation on the line, but he is confident that Olivia can do the job.

Back at People's Revolution, Roxy brings in another set of models for Whitney and Kelly to choose from. The ladies comment on how much more they resemble Whitney's inspiration while Roxy takes photos. After the models leave, Whitney and Kelly decide to book one of Roxy's models for the look book. Kelly comments that they have one model but they need to find many more.

At ELLE, Erin explains the Today Show assignment to Olivia. She warns Olivia, the segment will have to be perfect this time as it will be from Joe's column -- a he-said she-said about what girls think guys want to see them in, and what guys actually want girls to wear. Olivia takes notes on the models' sizes and the pieces needed for the 'Evening Out' and 'Meet the Parents' looks she needs to pull. Olivia tells Erin she looks a little stressed, and Erin says Olivia should be more stressed. Olivia assures Erin she'll be fine. Erin replies "I think that's what you said last time."

At Whitney's look-book photo shoot, Roxy advises Whitney on what the models should do on the "Alice In Wonderland"-like set. Roxy continues making suggestions to the models while they work with the photographer. But after Roxy recommends the models stage a food fight with cupcakes, Kelly pulls her aside and tells her to stop making suggestions. The rest of the shoot goes without incident until they go for one last shot of the model with Champagne. In a moment of inspiration, Roxy shakes the Champagne bottle causing it to explode all over the model, staining one of Whitney's dresses. The shoot wraps, and Whitney and Roxy stay behind to clean up. Roxy tells Whitney she knows she is mad at her, but Whitney says she isn't upset. Roxy isn't convinced, so she starts a food fight with Whitney using the leftover desserts from the shoot until the friends are laughing and hugging again.

Meanwhile, Olivia and an ELLE intern, Bryn, go to Mango to pull looks for the Today Show segment. While the girls choose outfits and accessories, they talk about how upset Erin was last time because they didn't have enough options. Bryn says she doesn't want to anger Erin again, so they should pull some more dresses. Olivia disagrees and says she's happy with what they've selected.

When they get back to ELLE, Olivia and Bryn show Erin their clothing selections. Erin tells them they pulled the wrong sizes, so most of the clothes and accessories do not fit the models. Olivia disagrees with Erin about the fit of one particular dress, but Erin says she does not care what Olivia thinks. She tells Olivia that she knows what the producers want for the segment and they will have to pull everything again. Olivia, upset by Erin's tone, tells her that she should speak to her colleagues with the same level of respect as she shows Joe. After asking Bryn to step outside, Erin tells Olivia that she shouldn't argue if something is incorrect. Olivia tells Erin she needs to have a more open mind. Fed up with the exchange, Erin puts her foot down and tells Olivia it's her segment so she chooses what goes on the air.

At People's Revolution, Kelly tells Whitney the look book proofs arrived from the photographer. Roxy asks if she can come see them too, but Kelly tells her she wants to view them alone with Whitney first. Kelly and Whitney browse through the photos and are happy with them. When they reach the image of the dress Roxy spilled Champagne on, Kelly tells Whitney that Roxy got carried away. Whitney defends Roxy's mistakes by saying she is slowly learning, but Kelly tells her protégée that she needs to decide if Roxy is worth keeping around.

While Whitney weighs the professional cost of her friendship with Roxy, Erin rants to Bryn at ELLE. Erin tells Bryn that the model fitting was a disaster. Bryn offers to go back and help fix things, but Erin assures her she's doing a great job and this is Olivia's task to fix. Erin says Olivia shouldn't have come back to do a model fitting without the right looks and she doesn't deserve to be at ELLE.






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