The City

Episode 1.14 : Sleeping With The Frenemy

  • The City
    • Episode Premiere : September 29, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2010
    • Production Company: MTV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Whitney's long-time friend Roxy Olin stops at the People's Revolution office in Soho to interview for a job with Kelly Cutrone. The two shake hands and make small talk about the weather and differences between New York and Los Angeles, where Roxy has recently moved from. When Kelly asks Roxy why she moved, Roxy sites the lack of organization and hectic atmosphere of her previous job in L.A.

The conversation turns to Whitney. Roxy tells Kelly it's shocking that Whitney is in New York and working in fashion since she was always a 'plain Jane' in high school who didn't look like she cared about fashion at all. Kelly asks Roxy if they are friends and get along. After a pause, Roxy says yes, they have always gotten along well, but if Whitney is constantly smiling it might get to her. Roxy admits that some people might think she's kind of a bitch, but she sees herself as a straight shooter.

Meanwhile, Olivia visits the Elle Magazine offices in midtown. Joe Zee, creative director at Elle magazine tells Olivia that they have an opening in the accessories department. He says she would add a lot to the magazine with her flair for fashion. Olivia accepts the position and Joe introduces her to Erin Kaplan, the head of Elle's publicity department and someone Olivia will be working closely with. Erin asks Olivia what she did when she worked for Diane Von Furstenberg and if she has ever worked at a magazine before and Erin is unimpressed with her answers. Olivia thanks them and leaves.

Joe asks Erin what she thought of Olivia. Erin says she thinks Elle is a huge leap from Olivia's previous experience and Olivia may think she is more qualified than she actually is. Erin is worried that Olivia will have an attitude. Joe says he thinks Olivia has a good eye for fashion, he has had a lot of contact with her, and Erin needs to watch her work. Erin and Joe say they will need to break her in.

Roxy meets Whitney at Sanctuary T to catch up and talk about Roxy's interview at People's Revolution. Roxy promises to work hard if she gets the job. They talk about how fun it is to be single around so many tall, hot men in New York as opposed to the guys they normally see in Los Angeles. Roxy tells Whitney she isn't sure where she is going to stay and asks to crash on her couch. Whitney says she can stay with her since she knows what it's like to move far away and not know many people.

Back at Elle Magazine, Olivia starts her first day at work as Accessories Editor. Her desk is next to Erin's. Erin tells her about a 'Today Show' segment that they will need to work together on to present. Erin explains that Elle Magazine does a bi-annual feature where they pair a very high priced item with very inexpensive one. They will bring this feature to television with the segment. Olivia is to find beach and office outfits with a limited budget. Olivia and Elle Magazine's intern, Bryn, leave to shop.

Meanwhile, Whitney shows Roxy around her West Village apartment where they'll stay together. While up on the roof, Roxy suggests that they should have a party. Whitney says she would love to, but her neighbors have complained about noise in the past and she is worried about getting in trouble. They decide to have a smaller affair.

Over at Elle, Olivia and Bryn have returned from their shopping trip with the budget-minded office and beach looks. Erin comes in to see what they've come up with. Olivia says they made the "impossible" budgets, but Erin questions if the outfits would be fashionable for women of all ages and sizes.

Olivia says yes, if they pair the outfits with other items not shown. Erin explains that asking the viewers to buy more contradicts the point of the segment. Olivia replies that they searched for a while and there wasn't much of a selection for the limited budget, and if Erin has a problem with what they selected, she should go back and do it herself. Olivia says that her job is to pull accessories, not work on a morning show, but Erin says it is her job if she's asked to pull accessories. Olivia storms out of the office with Erin at her heels.

At People's Revolution Soho, Kelly and Whitney talk about work and Roxy. Whitney tells Kelly that Roxy and her are living together and having little cocktail party that night. Kelly says she likes that Roxy is direct, but asks how much Whitney trusts her. Whitney says she has known Roxy since seventh grade and she is a good girl. Kelly says Roxy has confidence and they should offer her the job and see what happens. As Kelly leaves the office, says she hopes Whitney's friends treat her as nice as she treats them.

Back at Whitney's apartment, Roxy is hosting much larger party Whitney planned. Roxy sends a mass text to invite more partygoers. When Whitney arrives, she finds Roxy and tells her the neighbors are complaining about the noise. Roxy says she did not invite many people. Whitney tells Roxy that she got the job at People's Revolution right before the Police arrive and break the party up.

In the morning at NBC studios in midtown, Erin and Olivia get the Elle models ready for their 'Today Show' spot. Anne Slowey, Elle's fashion news director, goes on air to talk about the outfits for their 'Summer Looks for Less' segment. After the show, Anne and Erin talk about how they're happy with how the segment turned out, but hoped to have better looks that every woman could wear rather than the outfits Olivia pulled.






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