The Biggest Loser

Episode 9.13 : The Biggest Loser 913

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : April 13, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 9
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

It's a rainy day on the ranch. Ali calls all the players to the gym to hear about their pop challenge. Each player will balance a tray and place quarters on the tray. As time goes by, they will have to balance more quarters. The player who balances their quarters the longest will win the jar of quarters. Each of the winner's quarters will be traded out for a ten-dollar bill.

One by one, the players lose their balance and drop the tray of quarters. The pop challenge comes down to Michael and Sunshine. After almost ten minutes, a tearful Sunshine gives in and drops the tray. Meanwhile, Michael balances 100 quarters on his tray, making him $2,000 richer. Sunshine has earned second place earnings of $650.

The players gather in the living room to find financial guru Suze Orman waiting for them. Suze's come to teach the players how wealth and health are connected. Suze also tells the players that she was successful at predicting Danny as the winner last season because of his high FICA score.

Suze calls last season's winner Danny into the living room. Danny is happy to share what he learned from Suze. Danny says that once you can control your finances, you can learn to control everything else around you, including your weight.

Suze predicts the winner for this season, based on credit and FICA scores. Her first choice is Koli, but then Suze finds out that Koli has been terrible at counting calories. Her second choice is Sunshine.

Suze leaves the ranch, but Danny stays behind with the players. He follows them to the gym to work out. Bob and Jillian are surprised to see Danny. Both of them can't believe how successful Danny has been at keeping the weight off, but now it's time to work out with the rest of the players.

Danny has fun working out with Daris. Bob takes Daris aside and tells him to keep stress out of his mind and focus on the bigger picture. Bob reminds Daris that when he builds stress, he doesn't lose weight.

While working out, Jillian has a hard time getting through to Victoria. Jillian points out that Victoria's not as up to speed on life at the ranch as the other players, and she needs to catch up fast. Jillian tells Victoria she's not a quitter and needs to challenge her brain to believe in herself.

The players head outside on a rainy day to find out about their next challenge. Ali tells the players that at the end of the challenge, two of them will be driving off in brand new Mazda 3s. On top of the hill, each player has a giant colored balloon with 20 keys attached. The players have to choose one key out of 140 to test out on the car.

The players continue to get muddy, challenged by the wind and rain while trying to find a key to fit the car's ignition. Andrea is the first player to find a key that starts the car. The other players frantically search for the next winning key. O'Neal starts up the second car and celebrates, shouting for Sunshine to come and get her car; he's giving it to her.

Jillian points out that there's always something holding Victoria back in the gym. Victoria admits she's never felt worthy enough. She doesn't even feel like a good enough daughter; her parents deserve more. Jillian tells Victoria she's as deserving, special and beautiful as anybody else on the planet.

Bob has fun taking the players outside to work out in the mud. As Jillian and Sunshine take a jog around the boxing ring, the guys tackle them. Then they take on Bob in the mud. Ready for payback, Bob orders the players to tackle Jillian and drag her into the mud.

Jillian tries to fight off the players as they carry her away to the mud pits. She warns there will be a vengeful last chance workout on the horizon and she can't wait, declaring, "Payback is a bitch."

Sam and Andrea both fall below the yellow line and have to tell the other players why they should stay on the ranch. Sam refuses to play dirty and says that both he and Andrea deserve to be on the ranch. Still, he tries to convince them all that he really has the desire to stay.

The players have to face a difficult decision -- who to eliminate. Each player points out that this is an extremely hard decision because both Andrea and Sam are big assets to the ranch. But in the end, Andrea is eliminated. She vows to take the lessons she learned on the ranch and use them at home. She arrived on the ranch as a girl, but now she's leaving as a woman.






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