The Biggest Loser Episode 9.08 The Biggest Loser 908
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The Biggest Loser Episode 9.08 The Biggest Loser 908

Episode Premiere
Mar 9, 2010
Production Company
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Mar 9, 2010
2004 - now
Production Co
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Alison Sweeney as Herself - Host
  • Bob Harper
  • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Trainer
  • Dolvett Quince
  • Kelly Fields
  • Mark Kruger
  • Roger Shultz
  • Hollie Self
  • Jay Kruger
  • J.D. Roth

O'Neal is happy to find that he'll be a member of the Blue Team. He waits patiently back at the ranch to see which player he'll be replacing. He grows nervous at the possibility it could be his daughter, Sunshine. As soon as he sees Sunshine's face, he begins to cry. He then gives his new Blue Team a pep talk.

The players all meet at Ali Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch to hear about their latest challenge. Ali shocks the players by telling them they are about to work a full-time job. They will have eight-hour work shifts, along with a commute by bus. The players will be working with Feed America.

Ali explains the challenge. Each team will be pulling a semi truck down a runway. There are three separate stations along the runway, with puzzle pieces. The players will collect the pieces and will put the puzzle together when they arrive at the finish line. The winning team receives free groceries for one year. In the end, the Blue Team celebrates their win.

The trainers find out about the players' new jobs in downtown Los Angeles. The players also only have access to the gym until 7:00 p.m. each night, meaning they have to find their own time to work out. Bob and Jillian make the players get in one more extended workout before their work week starts.

Sam feels it is time to give his team a pep talk to get their spirits up. He reminds the players that they are athletes and they have to look at each week as if it is a game they must win. Sam is determined to send another Blue Team player home.

The next morning, the players wake up at 5:00 a.m. to get to the gym before they start their first day of work. Stephanie looks at the workout as a great way to start the day; meanwhile, other players are in the kitchen preparing their lunches and realizing how spoiled they were when they didn't have to leave the ranch. The players all get ready to take the bus to work.

The players arrive at the food bank and each pick up their duties for the day. Cheryl and Sherry are in charge of inventory in the warehouse and they love the job because it brings them closer as friends. Cheryl describes Sherry's friendship as the sister she never had.

The players get a real sense of the help they are providing when they start supplying groceries to those who rely on Feed America to survive. Sam says there is no greater feeling than helping those who are in need. Each player gets a wake-up call about how lucky they are in life.

The players take the bus ride home from a long and exhausting workday and each one has the gym on their mind. They all know they have to muster the energy to get in one more workout at the gym. Some of the players are excited to wind down the day with a good workout; others are not looking forward to it.

Cheryl and Sherry have a long talk later on that night about the upcoming weigh-in. Cheryl confides in Sherry that she believes she'll be the one sent home if the Black Team loses. Sherry tears up at the thought of losing her closest friend on the ranch. She hopes that both women can win the weigh-in and not have to worry about being eliminated.

The teams have a last-chance workout before the gym closes. Jillian pushes the Black Team hard, knowing they have to fight through their exhaustion. Meanwhile, Bob is noticing his team falling behind in the gym; he has to push them harder.

Sunshine and her father O'Neal find some time to bond after their last-chance workout. O'Neal recalls his military days and how in shape he was years ago. He also acknowledges that he raised his sons differently than Sunshine. He focused a lot on his sons being athletes and admits he neglected Sunshine's health growing up. Now, he realizes he can pay Sunshine back by being just as driven as she is in the competition.

The Blue Team is the first to weigh in and celebrate their high weight-loss numbers. Lance is especially happy to see he broke the 300-pound wall and now weighs 290 pounds. The Blue Team loses a total of 50 pounds, or 2.71%.

The Black Team starts off strong by pulling big numbers on the scale. When Sam weighs in, he's disappointed to see he has lost only four pounds. Jillian points out that Sam's body is now building muscle and he's going to notice smaller numbers as the weeks go by. In the end, the Black Team loses 32 pounds, or 2.27%.

The Black Team now has to decide which player to eliminate. Sherry has the highest percentage of weight loss so she has gained immunity for the week, but that doesn't mean this elimination is any easier for her. In the end, Sherry's friend and Daris' mom, Cheryl, is eliminated.