The Biggest Loser Episode 9.07 The Biggest Loser 907
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The Biggest Loser Episode 9.07 The Biggest Loser 907

Episode Premiere
Mar 2, 2010
Production Company
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Mar 2, 2010
2004 - now
Production Co
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Alison Sweeney as Herself - Host
  • Bob Harper
  • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Trainer
  • Dolvett Quince
  • Kelly Fields
  • Mark Kruger
  • Roger Shultz
  • Hollie Self
  • Jay Kruger
  • J.D. Roth

The final challenge comes down to Cheryl and Darrell balancing a torch on their heads. Both Daris and Andrea watch helplessly, each one hoping their parent avoids elimination. After almost 10 minutes of the balancing act, Darrell drops the torch and is sent home.

The players all gather around Ali to hear about their next temptation challenge. Ali tells everybody that the winner of this temptation challenge will gain control of the entire game, because the winner will be deciding which players make up the Blue and Black teams. They also choose one person to have immunity. Now, Ali needs to hear which players are participating.

Andrea and Michael are the only players who raise their hands to participate in the temptation challenge. The two will be testing their memory with the game Concentration. The goal is to find the duplicate pair of cards that read "Choose Teams." If the two players are wrong on their matching, they have to eat a 100-calorie cookie. If a player matches the sweet food items, their opponent has to eat the treat, too.

After Michael consumes 2,310 calories and Andrea consumes 1,320 calories, Michael finds the matching golden tickets. Andrea feels sick that she had to eat so much. The rest of the players are nervous about how Michael will divide up the teams.

Ali calls all the players into the gym to hear about Michael's teams. Michael immediately splits up Sam and Koli. The other players realize Michael is serious about playing the game now that he has all the power. Sam and Koli both talk about how they'll continue to support each other, even on opposite teams.

It becomes more noticeable that the Black Team is the weakest. Michael surprises everybody by giving up immunity to O'Neal. O'Neal is happy at first, but he knows that it has to come with a price. Michael makes himself a Blue Team member, but whatever team loses the weigh-in, O'Neal will join in the end. Chances are, it will be on the opposite team of his daughter.

Jillian and Bob walk into the gym and immediately notice the unfair teams and Jillian is mad. She is even more furious when she's told that Michael had all the power to decide the teams to begin with. She calls Michael a manipulator and refuses to listen to his excuses as to why he picked the teams he did.

Back in the house, Michael definitely notices the tension around him. Even his good friend Miggy is curious about how the rest of the game will be played out. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Ashley are already talking strategy.

The Blue and Black Teams meet with Ali outside a tall building to hear about their latest challenge. The players have to go to the roof the building and work together as teams to pull ropes and raise colored banners from the bottom to the top of the building. The winning team receives letters from home.

After a close call in the challenge, the Blue Team pulls ahead and wins the letters from home. As the Blue Team celebrates, the Black Team begins to lose hope and grow frustrated that they were so close to winning the challenge.

Dr. H gives the players an update on how their seven weeks on the ranch has changed their lives so far. Dr. H's good news gives the players more drive to continue a healthy lifestyle. Each player is told they are adding years to their lives.

During the last-chance workout, both trainers show their teams no mercy. Bob worries that his team is getting too cocky and warns them their attitude can blow up in their faces. Meanwhile, Jillian's main goal is to watch her team succeed.

Later that night, the teams gather for their first weigh-in as Blue vs. Black. Players are no longer weighing in as individuals, but as teams. The team with the greatest percentage of weight loss will be safe from elimination this week. The player with the highest percentage of weight loss on the losing team will be awarded immunity at elimination.

Michael is the first one to weigh in on the Blue Team. If he loses more than eight pounds, he will break a Biggest Loser record for losing one hundred pounds faster than any other player. Michael is shocked and happy to learn he's lost 15 pounds and has become a new record holder on the show. The Blue Team loses a total of 48 pounds and have a 2.7% total of weight loss.

The Black Team weighs in next. It all comes down to Ashley, who has to lose more than eight pounds to win the weigh in. She loses 10 pounds and her teammates celebrate as Jillian beams. The Blue Team faces elimination and Michael has immunity for losing the most weight this week. The Blue Team eliminates Miggy and O'Neal fills her position on the team.