The Biggest Loser Episode 9.01 The Biggest Loser 901
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The Biggest Loser Episode 9.01 The Biggest Loser 901

Episode Premiere
Jan 5, 2010
Production Company
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jan 5, 2010
2004 - now
Production Co
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Alison Sweeney as Herself - Host
  • Bob Harper
  • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Trainer
  • Dolvett Quince
  • Kelly Fields
  • Mark Kruger
  • Roger Shultz
  • Hollie Self
  • Jay Kruger
  • J.D. Roth

Bob and Jillian take turns making phone calls to the latest couples that will be arriving at the ranch. Each trainer is met with loud cheers and crying on the other end of the phone. The couples also find out their initial weigh-ins will take place in front their entire community.

The players all prepare to be weighed in front of their family and friends. They begin to grow more and more nervous at the thought of everybody knowing how much they have let themselves go. Each audience gasps as the numbers are read out loud.

White Team member Michael gets up on the scale in front of his favorite pizza restaurant. He's shocked when the scale reads "526 pounds." Michael now has to face the fact that he's the heaviest contestant ever to arrive on the ranch. Michael's ready to change his life around.

All of the teams finally arrive at the ranch are so excited to see Ali waiting for them. Ali tells them they are on their way to a better life. The players walk into an empty gym and find their colored mats. Ali tells them it's time for their first challenge, to ride a stationary bike for the same distance as a marathon, 26.2 miles. The two last-place teams will automatically be eliminated.

Each team gets on their bikes and begins peddling. The players cheer as each one makes the 26.2-mile mark. The Green Team is the first to finish, giving them immunity in the first weigh-in. After the Blue Team's Cherita experiences excruciating pain during her peddling, Dr. H is forced to tell her to get off the bike. She breaks down crying. Her daughter Vicky continues her peddling while fighting her own tears.

After the results come in, Ali has the sad task of telling the Blue Team and Yellow Team that they are going to have to leave the ranch. The rest of the players get emotional watching the two teams walk out of the gym. The Blue and Yellow teams drive off, but the limo stops in its tracks.

The limo has stopped for Bob and Jillian in the middle of the road. Both teams are so happy to see the trainers with big smiles on their faces. The trainers let them know that they are returning home for 30 days and the team that has the highest percentage of weight loss will be coming back to the ranch. Bob and Jillian are willing to help any way they can.

The rest of the teams are relaxing in their rooms when they get a rude awakening. Bob and Jillian pull the fire alarm and run. When the players head outside and spot the trainers, they instantly greet them with hugs. Bob and Jillian are shocked with how big this season's cast is. Jillian is beginning to feel overwhelmed, especially because the trainers are working together.

Jillian zeroes in on the sweet mother, Cheryl from the Orange Team. Jillian knows Cheryl's story before even talking to her. Cheryl is the sweet mother and wife who always put everybody else before her and now Jillian is ready to challenge Cheryl to start putting herself first. She starts with Cheryl working her aggression out.

After the grueling workout, the players all meet back in the living room and share their stories. This is the time for the players to bond and talk about their backgrounds. A lot of the stories were similar, which makes the players grow closer.

The players experience their very first last-chance workout and it's a grueling one. Each player faces the wrath of Bob and Jillian in their face, telling them to go faster. At the same time, the players are ready to test their strength.

The players all head to their first weigh-in and are very nervous. They point out that the weight that allowed them to get on the show to begin with, could be the weight that helps get them eliminated this week.

The Green Team of Miggy and Migdalia are the first players to weigh in. The scale shows they've lost a total percentage of 5.74%. For Miggy, this number starts to reveal a big change. The players all take notice of how far they've come in just a week. The Green Team already had immunity from winning the challenge earlier.

The last team to weigh in is the White Team. Michael knows he's the heaviest player ever and has to lose a big number. He surprises everybody by losing 34 pounds! Meanwhile, because of his success, the Brown Team find themselves below the yellow line.

Before the players can decide who to send home, they listen to John and James' reasons for going home and staying on the ranch. The players all grant James his wish of going home and he vows to win the at-home prize at the season finale.