The Biggest Loser

Episode 8.06 : The Biggest Loser 806

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : October 20, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

The blue team walks in to the living room fresh from eliminating Mo. The black team is shocked to see Tracey still on the blue team, thinking she would be the one to eliminate. Rudy explains that Mo was in a lot of pain and wanted to go home. Tracey breaks down because she knows the black team wanted her to go home.

The teams are surprised when Ali tells them they are kicking off the week with a challenge. The players have to dig through piles of sand and find four keys. The keys will unlock a box with four locks on it. The box contains a prize, but the players have no idea what they prize is.

The blue team dig up all four keys first and unlock their box. Inside the box are tickets for trips home to see family. Ali gives the blue team an option to give up their prize, since that means being away from the ranch for one whole week. The blue team ultimately decides to give away their prize to the black team.

The black team pack up their bags and head to their hometowns to see their families. While the thought of being off the ranch is a lot to take in, being reunited with all their loved ones proves to be a giant reward, as well.

The black team now have to learn how to get accustomed to life without their trainers for a whole week. That means turning down tempting food and making sure they get enough exercise in their day. Meanwhile, the blue team is busy being worked out to their limits on the ranch.

The black team quickly realizes how difficult it is to work out without Jillian there to push them. Amanda becomes frustrated with the machines and in the nick of time, Jillian calls her to give words of encouragement. Meanwhile, Shay is feeling very uncomfortable being the overweight person in a normal gym and she needs to learn this is everyday life.

The black team not only have to learn how to work out on their own, but also go out to eat on their own. Which is especially hard because the menus that they are looking at don't include calorie counts. Amanda talks about how hard it is to bypass the old foods that made her become overweight to begin with. Meanwhile, Shay is frustrated with her husband ordering the same unhealthy foods she used to eat.

With the black team away, Bob takes his team to the local food bank to donate their time packing up backpacks for local schools. While there, the players find out startling facts about hunger, but feel good knowing they are making their difference to help.

The blue team is enjoying having the ranch all to themselves, but are also missing the other players. When the black team finally returns, they admit they are scared about what the scale will reveal as a result of their week-long stay back home.

The black team is eager to get back to their routine in the gym. They aren't there alone for long because Jillian joins them and is ready to bring the pain. The players feel thankful to have Jillian there pushing them.

While at home, Danny's wife brought out photos to remind him of how he used to look. That image clicked with Danny and now, working with Jillian, he's going faster, stronger and longer in his workouts.

Jillian is growing more and more frustrated with Daniel and she wants answers. He breaks down and starts crying. He admits that his whole life he tried to lose weight to make his family proud, and finally the pressure is getting to him.

Bob is hoping that his team will be able to pull in big numbers. He will not be able to face it if his team has to go to elimination two weeks in a row. Especially since the black team was home all week long. The blue team is feeling the pressure from Bob.

Rudy is the last of the blue team to weigh in. He's just as happy as his team to see he lost 14 pounds. Ali tells him that he's only 13 pounds away from losing 100 pounds and if he makes that goal next week, he'll be the fastest player in the history of the show to break the 100-pound mark.

The black team is impressed with their weight-loss numbers, but their celebration is short-lived when Daniel gains a pound. The black team heads to elimination and decide to send Dina home.






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