The Biggest Loser

Episode 14.09 : Face Your Fears

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : February 25, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 14
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

After Francy leaves the gym, the contestants are informed that another contestant will be leaving the ranch tonight. They head outside to compete in a challenge to determine who will be exiled from the ranch for one week. At the end of the challenge, Jackson sacrifices himself to keep Gina on the ranch, telling the other contestants that he can handle the challenge of being off the ranch for a week.

Jeff volunteers to join Jackson for a week off the ranch, excited to face the challenge head-on. The next morning, they arrive at the off-site apartment. Later, the trainers meet with their kids to discuss fears, and they encourage the kids to choose something they're afraid of and face it directly. Bob conspires with Biingo's mom to get Biingo to eat vegetables, something he's deathly afraid of.

Jackson and Jeff head to the grocery store by themselves, and they must exercise extreme restraint to avoid buying their favorite treats. Back at their temporary home, they cook a meal and do some one-on-one bonding. So far, it's going well. At the next morning's workout, Jillian meets with Gina to see how she's doing. Gina tells Jillian that she feels alone on the ranch, and Jillian encourages her to keep working hard.

Jeff and Jackson take a hike to keep moving, and so far they're enjoying their time off the ranch. Meanwhile, Biingo's mother blends vegetables and sneaks them into dinner to show Biingo that eating vegetables isn't so bad. After the meal, she tells Biingo that he just ate a meal full of vegetables. Biingo is surprised but happy that his mom figured out a way to get nutritious vegetables into the meals he loves.

Meanwhile, Jillian challenges Gina's fear, claustrophobia, by locking her in a coffin. While she's inside, Jillian convinces Gina that the lessons she learns on the ranch might be the only things that keep her from destroying herself with an unhealthy lifestyle. Gina seems to get the point.

Lindsay faces her fear by meeting with her school guidance counselor, who suffers from diabetes. Lindsay talks about her pre-diabetes diagnosis, and her counselor assures her that she doesn't have diabetes yet and that she still has a chance to change her fate. Lindsay leaves motivated and reassured. Meanwhile, Sunny talks to her mom about her biggest fear: losing her mother to obesity.

Next, the contestants head to this week's challenge, which takes place high above a parking garage. The contestants must stand on a platform on the edge of the building and hold of their body weight for as long as they can, with the winner receiving full immunity for the week. One by one, the contestants drop their weights and fall off the building. In the end, Gina holds on the longest and wins immunity for the week.

The trainers have arranged for each contestant to face his or her fear. Jillian takes Danni to a lounge for a public singing performance, something she hasn't done in years. Bob takes Joe out to the ocean to face his fear of sharks by swimming through the open ocean. They each conquer their fears and feel inspired and hopeful as a result of their success.

Back at the ranch, Gina begins the process of making amends with her housemates. Meanwhile, Jackson and Jeff strategize their off-ranch routine for the remainder of the week. They focus on cardio, pushing trashcans outside and impersonating the trainers on the treadmill. Back in the gym, the trainers work the contestants hard during their Last-Chance Workout.

The contestants arrive for the weigh-in, feeling confident and unstoppable. Jillian is upset with Jackson and Jeff for volunteering to spend the week off the ranch, but Jackson and Jeff are confident that they made the right decision. Gina takes the scale first, with full immunity, and drops seven pounds. Jackson sheds 11 pounds, Jeff loses 13 pounds, Joe relinquishes 12 pounds, Alex loses eight pounds and Danni drops 10 pounds. That means either Alex or Jackson will be heading home tonight.

The contestants must choose to send either Jackson or Alex home. It only takes two votes to determine that Alex will be leaving the ranch. Alex is sad to go, but she knows that she'll be able to continue her journey on her own. Alison announces that the contestants have made it to Makeover Week. As an added bonus, the contestants will get to reveal their new selves to their friends and family at home.






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