The Biggest Loser

Episode 14.02 : Get Moving

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : January 07, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 14
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

Things are heating up at the Biggest Loser Ranch. The White Team laments the loss of TC. They must band together now, as their team is rapidly dwindling. The next morning, all of the contestants meet in the living room with Alison, who tells them that this week's weigh-in will feature another red line elimination.

This season, each trainer has built their own custom-made gym, featuring a medley of exercise equipment to cater to the specific methods of each trainer. The Blue Team meets in Bob's gym. Bob has invited a collection of his fellow trainers to assist with the week's routines. The contestants are intimidated, but excited to get going.

Dolvett introduces the Red Team to his custom-built outdoor gym, "Dolvett's Dungeon." Because of Jackson's recent medical issues, he's not allowed to work out heavily, so he'll be walking today. Dolvett will use this unique environment to run his Red Team mercilessly, but it's for the greater good.

Jillian has chosen to keep her custom-build gym on the minimal side. She explains to the remaining members of the White Team that she'll be teaching them to use their own body weight to exercise properly. The White Team's morale is at rock bottom, so they'll need all the motivation they can get.

All the teams are working hard, and Jillian is continuing her "tough love" training method. So far, it doesn't seem to be working. Pam and Danni are struggling on the White Team. Right now, their fear of Jillian's wrath is the only motivation that keeps them going. Meanwhile, Jillian's frustration is beginning to boil over.

After the workout, the contestants meet with Dr. Huizenga, the show's resident medical expert. Dr. Huizenga points out some terrifying health facts to each contestant, based on his medical examinations. The news is terrifying, and that's the point. It's an eye-opening experience for the contestants.

Jillian realizes that her harsh tactics aren't working. Rather than being motivated, her team is quitting on her. It's time to change her training strategy. She has a heart-to-heart with her team. Pam and Danni tell Jillian her intimidation tactics are unproductive and that positive motivation will help them more than fear. Jillian agrees to adjust her strategies to better engage her team.

For this week's challenge, the contestants head to a local high school football field to participate in some training drills with the kids - Biingo, Sunny and Lindsay. They're also joined by NFL football player Antonio Gates, who informs them that they'll be competing to win a $5,000 grant that will go to Biingo, Lindsay or Sunny's school.

Today's challenge involves a series of football obstacle courses that will test speed, strength and agility. The White Team, with only three members, is at a significant disadvantage in the competition. Nonetheless, they win the first two phases of the challenge, thanks to Danni.

At the end of the competition, the White Team pulls off a stunning victory. Sunny's school will receive a $5,000 grant, and the team has a renewed sense of confidence. With all the struggles the White Team has faced so far, this motivation is crucial.

Back at the ranch, all three teams approach their workouts with a renewed sense of confidence and determination. Every contestant seems unstoppable right now, but Dolvett reminds everyone to stay cautious of the "second week jinx." Throughout the previous Biggest Loser seasons, it's common to lose a significant amount of weight in the first week then level off in the second. The contestants will have to work extra hard to avoid the same fate.

Back in the gym, Jillian finds that her new optimistic training style is paying off. Her team is more responsive and more motivated. Jillian takes the time to motivate Nate by telling him that he's progressing very well. Pam and Danni are also working harder and responding better. It seems like Jillian's adjustment is working.

Later, all three trainers meet with the kids for a physical fitness test. They plan to run the kids through a series of timed tests, then have them run the same tests at the end of the season and compare their times. Unfortunately, Biingo fractured his foot playing basketball, so his ability will be limited. Bob talks to Biingo about staying active even though he's healing, and Biingo is up for the task.

The next day, the teams are hard at work trying to burn the most fat before the weigh-in. The trainers are working them hard, but all of the contestants have shown dramatic improvements in the short time they've been on the ranch. A sense of optimism and determination begins to fill the air.

It's time for the weigh-in, and the Blue Team hits the scale first. David lost nine pounds, Gina lost seven pounds, Alex lost six pounds and Mike lost 14 pounds. Jeff is the last member of the Blue Team to hit the scales. Jeff lost 29 pounds last week, but he didn't lose any weight this week. If the Blue Team finishes in last place, Jeff will be automatically eliminated.

The Red Team is up next. Cate shed five pounds, Francy lost six pounds, Jackson lost four pounds, Joe lost 12 pound, and Lisa lost five pounds. The Red Team is safe for this week, which means the Blue Team is still on the chopping block. It's time for the White Team to weigh in.

Pam takes the scale first and discovers that she shed eight pounds this week. Danni lost five pounds. Nate shed five pounds, which is just one pound shy of what the White Team needed to stave off elimination. Unfortunately, that means that Nate is eliminated. It's a tough end to an even tougher week, and the White Team has dwindled to just two members.






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