The Biggest Loser Episode 14.01 We're Back...And So Is Jillian
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The Biggest Loser Episode 14.01 We're Back...And So Is Jillian

Episode Premiere
Jan 6, 2013
Production Company
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jan 6, 2013
2004 - now
Production Co
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Alison Sweeney as Herself - Host
  • Bob Harper
  • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Trainer
  • Dolvett Quince
  • Kelly Fields
  • Mark Kruger
  • Roger Shultz
  • Hollie Self
  • Jay Kruger
  • J.D. Roth

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Season 14 premiere! Alison Sweeney kicks off the show by introducing the live audience to The Biggest Loser's new mission: to fight childhood obesity and challenge America with the help of this season's kids, Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay! The kids share their goals and expectations for The Biggest Loser.

After a brief introductory video of Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay, Alison explains how this season will work for the kids. They won't participate in the normal challenges like the other contestants, but the trainers will check in with them regularly to track their progress. As an added bonus, the kids can't be eliminated from the competition.

Next, Alison introduces this season's trainers, Bob Harper, Dolvett Quince and Jillian Michaels, who returns to The Biggest Loser after a two-season absence. The trainers are excited to tackle America's obesity epidemic, especially with this season's kids. Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay will be an inspiration for kids across the country who are struggling with health issues.

Now it's time to introduce the contestants of Season 14. One by one, Alison calls 15 audience members to the stage. Although they come from different towns and backgrounds, the contestants share a certain trait: all of them realize that their health problems affect the people who love them the most. It's time for a change, and they're up for the challenge!

Upon their arrival at the training center, the contestants are divided into three teams, and each team is assigned a trainer. They are excited to get started, but that excitement will quickly turn to agony. Nonetheless, they're ready to go.

Without further delay, the contestants get started on their first workout. Dolvett heads outside to work with the kids. As Dolvett explains, training kids is different than training adults. Kids' training needs to be activity-based, so that kids will be excited about physical activity.

Back in the gym, Bob and Jillian break in the new contestants. After only five minutes on the treadmill, contestants are fainting, vomiting and collapsing in pain. Hopelessness and exhaustion fill the air. In the midst of the chaos, one thing becomes clear: the trainers will have their work cut out for them this season.

Jillian takes a different tough, aggressive approach with her team. Her ruthless, in-your-face training style is tough to swallow, but the contestants know that they'll have to keep up with her in order to stay on the ranch. It's a "tough love" tactic, and they have no choice but to go with it or leave.

At the end of the first workout, the contestants are exhausted and sore. Their bodies haven't seen exercise like this in a long time, and some of them were too weak to finish. Nonetheless, the time for tough trainer encouragement is over, and the trainers now take on the role of nurturing supporters, which is a little easier for the contestants to swallow.

Jillian meets with three of her team members who were not able to complete the first workout. She's clearly not happy with them, and she gives the contestants an ultimatum: if they don't improve by the end of the week, she will kick them off the ranch.

The next day, the contestants participate alongside the kids in their first competition. While hanging over a ball pit from bungee cords, the kids must direct their team members to letters buried in the balls in order to spell out "The Biggest Loser." It's a fun activity, and a victory for the White Team means a five-pound advantage in the final weigh in at the end of the week.

Later, the contestants return the gym. Today, the focus is on burning calories. Nobody wants to be the first contestant eliminated, which means that each team's members will have to work together to burn of as much weight as they can. The contestants have already learned to rely on each other for strength and support.

Earlier in the week, Jackson passed out shortly into the first workout. Today, he's back for more. Just 10 minutes into this morning's workout, Jackson begins to vomit. Dolvett encourages Jackson to translate this physical response into a form of motivation. It seems to be working on Jackson, who promptly gets back to the workout. He's definitely finding his inner-strength.

Meanwhile, TC has found a different way to draw motivation from his trainer, Jillian. Her tough, aggressive training tactics have had an effect, and TC wants to perform well in today's workout just to avoid Jillian's wrath. Any motivation is good motivation, though.

Bob continues to get good results from his Blue Team. In a private conversation, Gina tells Bob that she feels like the weakest link on her team due to her age. Bob takes the opportunity to motivate Gina by pointing out the successes that she's had so far.

On the other side of the gym, Jillian has focused today's efforts on T.C. and Nate, two White Team members who struggled with yesterday's workout. Today, the guys have made a complete turn-around. Their incredible performance in today's workout has surpassed Jillian's expectations. It's the motivation that Nate and TC needed.

Jillian's other weak link is Nikki, who can't seem to find the motivation to work hard. After a failed one-on-one workout, Jillian tells Nikki that she has a simple choice to make: she can exercise or she can leave. Nikki chooses to leave, as the emotional toll is simply too much for her.

Bob expresses shock at Nikki's departure, telling Jillian that "she'll be back." Jillian doesn't think so, and she's right. Nikki knows that she can't do what's required of her in the ranch environment. Instead, she'll try her best to get healthy at home. Now the White Team is down one member.

Back at the house, the White Team breaks the bad news to the rest of the contestants. Everyone is shocked and saddened by Nikki's departure. They'll have to be tough to avoid the same fate. On a personal level, they find themselves with one less friend, teammate and supporter. It's a tough day for everyone.

The contestants assemble in the weigh-in room to await their fate. One of them will be eliminated tonight, and it won't be up to the contestants to decide. Instead, the contestant on the losing team with the lowest weight loss percentage will automatically be headed home. As if this week wasn't stressful enough already...

The White Team weighs in first. TC lost 15 pounds, Pam lost 10 pounds, Nate lost 20 pounds and Danni lost 19 pounds. Together, the White Team lost a total of 69 pounds. Next, the Red Team steps up to the scale.

The Red Team takes to the scales, hoping to lose 80 pounds to stay in the game. Lisa lost 16 pounds, Jackson lost 22 pounds, Francy lost 19 pounds, Cate lost 12 pounds and Joe lost 26 pounds! With a total weight loss of 95 pounds, the Red Team is safe from eliminations for this week. Now it's time for the Blue Team to weigh in.

The Blue Team hits the scales for their weekly weigh in. If the Blue Team loses more than 91 pounds, the White Team will be on the elimination block. Jeff lost 29 pounds, Michael lost 21 pounds, David lost 20 pounds, Alex lost 9 pounds, and Gina lost 15 pounds. 95 pounds of weight loss means that the Blue Team is safe for this week. Unfortunately, that means the White Team is about to lose another team member.

Because of tonight's red line rule, the White Team member with the lowest weight loss percentage gets eliminated. Tonight, that team member is TC. The team is devastated by the loss of one of their most motivated members, and TC is crushed. He was just beginning to experience a major breakthrough in his mentality, and now he has to leave. Nonetheless, he's optimistic about his future and grateful for the experience.