The Biggest Loser

Episode 13.08 : Episode 8

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : February 21, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

Everyone's gathered in the kitchen when Alison enters with a birthday cake for Buddy. She uses the situation to introduce this week's excuse: I lack self-control. Today, the contestants will have a choice. They can control themselves, or they can control the entire game, as the winner of another temptation challenge. Leaving the cake behind, Alison leads the contestants to a carousel table loaded with their favorite foods. Everyone's surprised to see venison steaks on the table. Kimmy admits it's her favorite - she uses it just like beef, and sadly, her car has killed more than 12 of them. In this challenge, the person who eats the most can change the teams however they want. Buddy immediately thinks of Season 9's Michael, who won a similar challenge, stacked the teams for his benefit and wound up becoming The Biggest Loser. Each player will have three minutes alone with the food.

Mark's up first and he decides to eat two venison steaks, for a total of 312 calories. Chris is up next, and she grazes on 1,039 calories worth of stuff. Chism, Megan and Conda don't eat, while Kim decides to have chocolate peanut butter cups. Cassandra picks up a slice of pizza and peanut butter cups and starts shaking, freaking out. Jeremy doesn't eat, but he suspects Daphne will - and does she ever! Daphne grabs nine plates of peanut butter cups and scarfs 1,890 calories, claiming she has a plan in place if she wins. Alison calls everyone back into the room to announce the results. Five people ate, and the winner, who shall remain anonymous, ate 1,890 calories. The decision to shake up the game: Jeremy and Conda are to switch places, and they're not too happy about it. No one can understand why this is the only change made to the teams. Buddy figures whoever made the move did the Red Team a favor.

That night, the teams sit around in the kitchen discussing who switched up the teams and why. Everyone talks about what they ate, but Daphne lies and says she didn't eat when Jeremy asks her directly. Regardless, pretty much everyone suspects Daphne made the switch and that it was personal. When Bob enters the kitchen, Conda immediately tells him what happened. He's surprised the move was so random and pulls Jeremy aside to talk. Neither of them likes it when things don't make sense. Jeremy says his money's on Daphne, and Bob admits he's going to hate this situation. At the first workout post-switch, Conda cries, feeling insecure without Dolvett, who's been important to her success. Now Bob has to earn Conda's trust; Dolvett has to earn Jeremy's trust, and brother and sister have to adapt to new trainers. Bob doesn't think Daphne realizes how much power Conda will now have with both teams... And Dolvett's thrilled to have Jeremy on his team - but Jeremy's having a rough day, which upsets Chism. Overall, the mood in the gym is tense.

During the workout, Dolvett gathers the Red Team to assure a crying Jeremy that he's going to be fine, and he's a great addition to the team. Daphne admits she didn't realize her flip-flop would be so obvious to everyone, so when Bob pulls her aside, she admits what she's done, and that it was totally personal. Bob advises her to come clean and tell everyone and encourages her to think more clearly in future - she should start making decisions like they're business decisions. That night, Buddy, Chism and Chris are discussing the switch when Daphne walks up - and lies to them again! She agrees that it wasn't the smartest switch for the Black Team, making challenges even harder.

That night, the players gather in a shipyard filled with shipping containers. Alison is perched high above them looking down on two giant puzzles. Each piece is 200 pounds. Only one teammate will look at the top of the puzzle and direct their teammates. The Black Team immediately feels at a disadvantage, since Chism is the only guy left on the team. The winning team will receive two weeks on The Biggest Loser Ranch, working out with the likes of Sione and Ramon and Jessica from Season 12. The Black Team will sit out two people. Daphne volunteers instantly, which goes against their normal strategy of discussion. Chris is also chosen to sit out. Mark mans the monitor for the Red Team, and they devise a strategy of numbering their pieces. In a surprise move, Chism takes the monitor for his team, pitting son against father. Buddy acts like the captain, keeping the rest of the Reds organized.

Chism does the best he can, but he has to admit, he's feeling confused. The Black Team's puzzle is all over the place, while the Reds easily win the challenge. For the first time since joining the Red Team, Jeremy's excited, but Chism knows his dad is going to dog him about losing for days. The next day, Bob visits Cassandra to check out her journal. She reads an entry from 2008, which is very sad; she talks about feeling as if she has damaged her soul. Bob asks her what she would say to the girl who wrote the entry, and Cassandra has a hard time putting together a message to herself. Finally, she acknowledges that she's a very loving person, and she needs to try to not let the self-doubt get her down. Bob tells her that verbalizing her feelings is a triumph, and she's finally getting to the positive. It's too easy to use the negative. Now she's got to fight for the new Cassandra, and she has to protect her. Cassandra realizes she was never ugly, but the place she was in was.

That night, Dolvett visits the house to talk to Kim, who's missing her daughter terribly. Tomorrow is her daughter's birthday, and Kim's going to miss it. Dolvett loves the fact that Kim is allowing herself to be vulnerable because he's only seen tough Kim so far. This is a good thing, and it's part of the process. Sometimes you have to be away to come back a better you. The next day is a rainy one on the ranch, and Bob decides to visit Daphne to find out where her head's at. Everyone knows what she did, and every time she doesn't admit to it, she comes across as a liar. She can rectify the situation by telling the truth. Daphne claims the challenge was supposed to be anonymous, and she doesn't want to look stupid, since she knows she weakened the team. Bob doesn't like the fact that Daphne's isolating himself and reminds her that, at the end of the day, the only people who matter are her kids. Finally, Daphne caves in.

Daphne and Bob proceed to the kitchen, where Daphne tells her team that she won the temptation challenge. She apologizes for hurting the team, but she's not going to talk about it anymore. It was an "erratical, emotional decision." When no one says anything, Bob tells his team they have to move forward, and he doesn't want anything holding them back. As the team heads out into the rain to the gym, Daphne explains that she's made her bed, and she's going to lie in it. For the workout, Bob's objective is unifying the team. It's time to think about control. Chris remarks that for Daphne, it's too little too late. She doesn't think anyone's going to let this one slide.

The theme of Dolvett's workout is control too, which he defines as the responsibility of ownership. He spends some time with Kimmy, whom he knows spends too much time taking care of everyone but herself. She admits that's her identity; she's a nurse, and it's way easier to take care of anyone but herself. Bright and early the next morning, Dolvett surprises his team. They're going to hike (several miles) to Subway to have breakfast. When they finally reach a Subway, Dolvett tells them to grab some apples; they're hiking to another Subway for the main meal. Later, Dolvett checks in with Kim, who's writing a letter to her daughter for her birthday. Is there more to her story? Kim admits there is. Growing up, birthdays were hard for her because she was adopted. She always thought about her real mother, and this is why she makes birthdays so important for her kids. She wants them to know how important they are to her.

Dolvett explains that he and Kim have something in common; he was also adopted. He always wondered about his parents too. It's tough being adopted because people like them spend a lot of time filling a void. Dolvett gives Kim his phone and tells her to call her daughter. Kim's in heaven, and it feels great to know she has a great support system on the ranch. Meanwhile, Daphne knows her team is alienating her, while Conda is making inroads. Is the Black Team purposely trying to sabotage the weigh-in? She feels like her team is trying to lose the weigh-in so they can send her home, so she's exercising in every spare moment.

Everyone's feeling tense heading into the weigh-in. Alison knows the night is all about one person, who allowed themselves to lose control to gain control - Daphne. Jeremy starts the weigh-in for the Red Team. His 11-pound loss proves his dedication. Kim only needs to lose one pound to go below 200, and she loses seven. Mark loses eight; Kimmy takes off five, and Buddy nails 12 pounds - his highest loss since Week 1. The Red Team's total is 43 pounds at The Black Team will need to lose more than 54 pounds to win their fourth weigh-in in a row. Chris started off the week at 201, and her five-pound loss takes her under 200. Megan is surprised by her two-pound loss - she's not sure what she's doing wrong. Once again, Daphne's convinced the Blacks are throwing the weigh-in.

When Chism only loses five pounds, Bob knows something isn't right. Then Cassandra shocks everyone with a one-pound loss. She admits she's been feeling overwhelmed with everything that's been going on in the house. It's been crazy! Daphne speaks up. The reason she did what she did was to keep Bob as a trainer. Frustrated, Bob demands to know what she learned, and she admits she learned nothing. Daphne cuts off Jeremy, and pretty soon a bunch of the players are yelling, so Dolvett snaps into military mode; how did they forget about the theme of the week - control? This is childish! Bob promises it will be okay, but now's the time to hash it out. Emily thought she had a good week going into the weigh-in, but when she only loses two pounds, she admits in her interview (not to the room) that she allowed Conda to influence her. Conda climbs onto the scale prepared for a low number - but she didn't expect to gain a pound!

Daphne's the last person left to weigh in for her team, and she knows the only thing that will save her is to be her team's Biggest Loser. And she gains two pounds! She addresses her team, thanking them for keeping their comments respectful. She's sure that she'll be the person eliminated this week, and she's looking forward to leaving the drama behind and finishing her weight-loss journey at home, surrounded by the people who love her. Bob admits it's tough on the ranch, and Daphne started out with a disadvantage by coming in late. He's hoping that she's taking something away: when making a decision, it's best to steer away from the emotional, personal side of it. He wants to make sure she doesn't feel alone because he's going to continue to help her as much as he can. Since starting on the show, she's lost 45 pounds, which everyone applauds.

Since the Black Team only lost a total of 12 pounds this week, they're facing elimination, and once again, Chris is the team's Biggest Loser. Chris casts the first vote of the elimination. She explains that she made a promise that she wouldn't vote for Daphne. Now with everything that's happened, she's conflicted, but she doesn't want to go back on her word to Daphne; so she votes for Chism. Cassandra, Emily and Megan vote for Daphne. Daphne votes for Conda, and Conda returns the favor. Daphne's not surprised and claims she doesn't regret anything she did this week. When Alison asks about the difference between defending and revenge, Daphne admits she got both. Pretty soon, Daphne and Conda start quibbling. Finally, Alison puts a stop to it. They're not going to heal the situation, and with four votes, Daphne's going home.






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