The Biggest Loser

Episode 13.06 : Episode 6

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : February 07, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

The mood is somber in the house as members of both teams gather round the kitchen table to break the bad news to Cassandra - grandma Nancy has been eliminated. It's not long before Adrian tries to make Cassandra feel better, telling her he didn't vote for Nancy. Furthermore, Cassandra should watch whom she talks to because it's easy to get hurt in the house; it happens to Adrian every day. Mark tries to pull Adrian aside for a conversation, but Adrian will only agree to talk with everyone from both teams. Finally, Chism puts his foot down - it's time to give Cassandra her moment! Mark continues to pursue a conversation, asking Buddy step in as mediator. Daphne joins as well. Mark explains his "playing the game" comment: perhaps Adrian only lost two pounds in his first week when he had immunity because he's angling to be Biggest Loser this week. In the end, everyone understands each other, but neither thinks the other is making sense.

Adrian and Daphne wake up early the next morning for a walk. Now Adrian knows he has to be his team's Biggest Loser this week. Big sis Daphne advises Adrian to never mind the haters and get on with what he came to the ranch to do. Meanwhile, Conda, Kim and Mark gather to talk about Adrian. Mark suggests giving Adrian the benefit of the doubt, but Conda is totally unwilling. That night, Alison gathers the contestants at the pool - which isn't heated. Everyone's surprised to see Bob and Dolvett in attendance - the whole setup makes them nervous. Alison explains it's all about teamwork this week. They're going to put another excuse to the test: I can't lose weight on my own. The team that loses this challenge will lose their trainer for the entire week, not even emails or texts. The only bright spot is that both trainers will be on hand for the Last-Chance Workout.

This week's challenge is modeled after a good old-fashioned dunk tank. The trainers will be suspended over the pool, and each team member will hold a rope. The team's ropes are attached to two 241-1/2 pound weights, the average amount of weight lost by the two teams thus far. If a player takes both hands off the rope, they're out, and their remaining teammates will have to pick up the slack. When the entire team lets go, their trainer will fall 12-1/2 feet into the freezing cold water below. Neither trainer is happy to participate in this challenge. Daphne wonders how the Blacks can compete with the Reds, since they have so many more guys on their team. After 10 minutes, the Red Team's weight has dropped about a foot, while Cassandra repeats Bob's mantra: no chaos, no confusion. When Mark seems to be at the end of his rope, he gives his team fair warning, and Dolvett yells to them to help him out. But it's Kim who's first to lose her grip at roughly 40 minutes. Mark's next, prompting Dolvett to remark, "Oh, crap." Suddenly, most of the Reds lose their grip, and only Adrian and Roy are left holding on...

When Adrian lets go, it's all over, and Dolvett drops into the water. The Black Team starts cheering, letting go of their ropes, and for a minute, Bob thinks he's getting wet, too. Dolvett swims right over to his team, and rather than kill them, he quickly assigns duties and regimens. Bright and early the next morning, Bob sits down with Megan. He saw a real competitive streak to her during the challenge, and wants to know what it's all about. Megan explains that training horses is her life, but now she's too heavy to work from the saddle. She does love her life, though her weight restricts her from doing what she wants to do. Bob can't understand how Megan says she loves her life, when she refers to herself as fat and ugly - which Megan admits is what she sees when she looks in the mirror. In Bob's mind, the real culprit is the disdain she has for herself. They decide to work on self-acceptance.

The Red Team meets in the kitchen to figure out what they're going to do without Dolvett. Being a former athlete, Kim decides to step up and take charge. What they don't know is that Dolvett will be monitoring their progress in the gym all week, watching hidden camera feeds at his remote location. Kim's got a challenging workout planned, which Dolvett admires - it's a tough one! He can't help but talk to the TV, encouraging his team. Honestly, watching the workout is driving him crazy. Kim realizes Santa is slowing down, and Dolvett can't bear hearing Conda do nothing but complain. Meanwhile, Bob takes his team to Griffith Park for a hike - but it's going to be more than just a hike. He's got medicine balls, and he intends to use anything they run across, gullies, ravines, ditches, whatever. Bob reminds them of their terrible numbers on the scale last week. This week he's going to beat "I can't" out of them.

At a certain point, Daphne realizes she's running behind the rest of her team. As a single mom, she's determined to get healthy for her three children - she's all they have. So she stops to ask Bob how she can develop her endurance. Bob tells her to just keep doing what she's doing. She's only in her second week, and she's not giving up. Daphne's afraid her team will perceive her lack of endurance as a weakness. Bob pulls his team aside and tells them to pull together and help each other. He stresses that a strong team will go the distance. After their workout, Bob announces there's a special lunch waiting for them at the bottom of the hill. They proceed to a restaurant named Home in Silver Lake, where Rachel's waiting for them. This is the first time they're off the ranch, eating at a restaurant, and she's eager to see them put their newfound knowledge to work in the real world. They all sit down and look at a menu. Daphne's immediately tempted by the pies and cakes, situated right behind her.

Rachel calls on Jeremy - what would he have ordered before coming to the ranch? Jeremy rattles off a meal, which includes pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken tenders, jalapeno poppers and a beer. He thinks it's over 1,000 calories for sure, but he doesn't realize that it's more like 4,000. Daphne would have ordered a steak with cheese fries, some pancakes and a chocolate cupcake. Her calorie intake would be similar. Emily admits she knows how to be good, but when she's with friends and family, she's not. Rachel asks everyone to look for good stuff, giving everyone a good rule to follow: always order dressing on the side from here on out. Also, ordering "dry" is a good idea too, asking for food to be prepared without butter or oil. Finally, it's time to order. Rachel's nervous, but is pleased that everyone gets it right - she even tells Jeremy that he can consider this meal to be their first date...

It's time for the Last-Chance Workout, and the Red Team couldn't be happier to see Dolvett, especially Kim, who's been feeling responsible for her team. The team tells Dolvett she did a great job, and they've dubbed her "Dolvett, Jr." Dolvett has a surprise of his own; he reveals that he's been watching them in the gym all week. Kim receives Dolvett's congratulations for stepping up in a leadership role. For everyone else, he's concerned about the separation of the team; he thinks they're relying on distraction, which keeps them from focusing on themselves. For instance, he's got a list of 13 of Conda's complaints, which he calls "The Conda List." Conda decides not to get upset. She's just going to accept the fact that everyone knows she's a complainer and get busy in the gym. Afterwards, Dolvett advises Adrian how to gain the respect of his team: just do the work. Just like his team, Dolvett has concluded that Adrian doesn't listen - but he hopes he'll start now.

Dolvett talks to Kim alone during the Last-Chance Workout, once again, saluting her for stepping up in his absence. Kim admits she was really feeling the pressure - maybe Dolvett wants to give her some of his paycheck this week? Going into the weigh-in, Dolvett has never been more nervous. Alison starts the weigh-in with the Red Team, and Conda's up first, losing eight pounds. Kim's not exactly happy with her six-pound loss, but she knows she didn't get to focus on herself this week. Roy and Mark lose seven; Kimmy takes off five; and Buddy is nine pounds lighter. Last on the scale is Adrian, and the pressure is really on. He dances on the scale when he learns he lost nine pounds. Nevertheless, Mark expected more, since Adrian weighs 100 pounds more than he does and only lost two pounds more. The Red Team has lost a total of 51 pounds for the week at Black Team is nervous; in order to avoid elimination, they'll have to lose more than 48 pounds, which means an average of seven pounds each. Daphne's up first, and her eight-pound loss shows she's getting in the swing of things. Cassandra starts off at 200, and she's thrilled to lose five pounds - she's done with the 200s forever! Chris loses five; Megan loses six; and Emily loses seven. Now Chism and Jeremy will have to lose nine pounds each to beat the Red Team. Jeremy pulls a whopping 12 pounds, and Chism is thrilled to lose 13. The Black Team has lost a total of 56 pounds at winning for the second week in a row. Daphne can't help but think about Adrian, who may be going home, since Conda has the highest percentage of weight loss, making her immune. No one knows how it's going to pan out.

The Red Team gathers in the elimination room, and Roy votes first. Kim's next. She explains that the person she voted for had an unfortunate disadvantage and just didn't engage well with the team. Of course, she voted for Adrian, as did Conda, who claims Adrian can't hear what she has to say. Adrian argues with her, but doesn't get anywhere, so he reveals his vote for Mark. Thinking Adrian hasn't given his all, Mark votes for him. Adrian tries to engage Conda and Mark, claiming their votes are unfair, but he gets nowhere. Buddy's up next. This is the season of no excuses, and since all he hears are excuses, he's voted for Adrian. Adrian claims he was expecting this; no one on the team embraced him except for Roy, nor did anyone help him to become part of the team.

Adrian leaves the elimination room without saying goodbye to anyone. Mark runs after him, but Adrian insists he has nothing to say. Then Adrian circles back for a final word: he prefers that no one save Roy embrace his sister Daphne when they return to the house. And with that - he's gone.






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