The Biggest Loser

Episode 13.05 : Episode 5

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : January 31, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

For his part, Adrian has no idea what the problem is. He just got to the ranch - he's not trying to offend anyone. It's not long before it's a he-said-she-said. Daphne and members of the Black Team walk into the kitchen, just as Kim starts backing Conda up. When Adrian first arrived, he set a tone, telling them he works out 14 hours a day and implying that they don't work hard enough. Nancy explains that when she's new to a situation, she listens more than talks; Adrian feels as if she's telling him not to talk. Mark tries to get things back on track. The tension isn't gone, and it's the sort of thing that could fracture the team. Later, Dolvett seeks out Adrian to ask how he's adapting. Adrian doesn't reveal what's been happening in the house, explaining that any such conversations should happen with the entire group, so they don't think he's out to divide and conquer. Realizing something's up, Dolvett assembles his team for a talk.

Dolvett's thrilled to see rookie Adrian in the gym, warning that today will be like his rookie audition. Everyone recalls their first workout - a massacre. Dolvett challenges everyone to move across some high monkey bars. Almost everyone falls off - except Adrian. After the workout, Dolvett pulls Adrian aside to find out more about him. Adrian tells the story of when his baby daughter was born three months premature and didn't make it. He used to turn to food, but after a hospital scare, he started walking 10 miles a day, trying to process the death of his daughter. Now the memory of his daughter and the promise of a new baby on the way have Adrian feeling stronger than ever.

Immediately after last week's elimination, Alison tells the Black Team to gather the Red Team and meet her back at the gym. No one knows what to expect, and they fear the worst. Tonight, Alison is talking about second chances - and introducing the Aqua Team, who has returned to the ranch to weigh in. The contestants are split in their reaction; some people are happy to see the Aqua Team, but many are not. If Adrian and Daphne have lost a combined total of 50 pounds over the last month, they will return to the show. Not only that, they'll earn immunity for their first week on the ranch. Daphne steps up first. Her starting weight was 271 pounds, and she now weighs 245. She's lost 26 pounds! If Adrian loses 24 pounds, the Aqua Team is back. He started at 370 - and he's lost 34! Now comes the bad news - they will be separated. They both want Bob as their trainer, so Alison gives them two minutes to choose. After a game of Rochambeau, Adrian puts on a red shirt.

The Black Team gathers in the gym to do Bob's homework - which is frequently up to five hours a day. Ironically, Daphne leaves - and Adrian joins the Black Team's homework workout. Afterwards, brother and sister review the day. Daphne says life on the ranch is meeting her expectations. Adrian thinks some of his teammates might be looking at him as a threat; if so, he'll have a strategy ready. Daphne reminds that, at the end of the day, it's about the two of them. Neither of them will vote to eliminate the other, and the goal is for one of them to be The Biggest Loser and the other to be the runner-up.

The teams return to the house to get to know their new roommates. Mark and Kim immediately turn serious, explaining how hard they work and how many challenges they've won. Adrian claims there's no need to worry; he works out 14 hours a day, doing a 9.0 on the treadmill at a 6.0 incline. Since this treadmill rate is like sprinting, Kim thinks Adrian's feeding them a line. Later, Buddy, Mike, Kim, Nancy and Conda gather to compare notes. Mike points out that Adrian is a big guy with a lot of weight to lose, but Conda thinks Adrian has to earn his spot. Nancy has no problem with Adrian's presence on the team, but Kim is warier. Buddy decides to trust Adrian until there's a reason not to.

Both Roy and Chism aren't medically cleared to participate in the challenge. Since Red has an extra player, they choose Nancy to sit out. The Black Team takes an early lead, as the contestants quickly discover this challenge is a lot more difficult than it looks - running in sand is hard. Falling behind, the Red Team feels dejected, until the Black Team somehow stops catching balls. In the end, the Red Team wins the challenge. Afterwards, the Red Team sits down for a meal together, and Conda starts quibbling about where Adrian should sit. Mark decides it's time to clear the air; otherwise the tension will affect them as a team. All you can hear is crickets until grandma Nancy speaks up. They're not in eighth grade; there's no need for idle gossip. Conda pipes up - did Adrian offend Nancy? Nancy reiterates her sage advice: if Conda has a problem with Adrian, she should bring it to him directly.

The Black Team has an awkward morning. Bob arrives at the house, thrilled to see Daphne, then asks about the elimination - clearly, Gail's missing and Chris is concerned for her future since she received so many votes. Bob asks his team to dispense with any attitude, reminding them that Chris has been fully committed to her team. Chris admits she typically keeps people at arm's length, and she's working to change. Daphne feels the tension in the house right away and realizes she's going to have to pull her weight. Bob takes his team to the gym and turns his laser focus on Daphne. The rest of the team watches - it's kind of like an audition. Bob gets the rest of the team started on his W.O.D., aka workout of the day. This one is called Fran: squat thrusts, pull-ups in rounds of 21, 15 and 9. It's all about how fast they can get through the circuit - and Bob wants them all to do it under 10 minutes. It's a bone-crusher. Bob's impressed with Daphne's form and determination - she's a badass!

After their devastating challenge loss, the Black Team is working hard, determined to win the weigh-in. Dolvett focuses on Adrian and gets upset when Adrian talks back to him during a heart-busting session on the treadmills. Bob uses the treadmills too, but doesn't turn them on, for a series of what he calls "grocery-cart pushes," which almost have Jeremy throwing up. At the weigh-in, Alison remarks that she can feel the tension, then asks Adrian how he did this week. Adrian deflects the question, claiming the Red Team has come to overtake the weigh-in. The Red Team decides that Megan's weight won't count for the Black Team this week, which Bob was expecting. They would have been dumb to pick anyone else, after Megan lost two pounds last week.

Finally, Nancy puts a stop to the bickering. Adrian is taking away a moment that the entire team needed, and now it's got to end. Nancy is thrilled with her time on the ranch; now she's starting to feel like her old self again. She actually thinks it will be easy for her to keep her journey going at home.

Dolvett gathers his team in the living room to give them an opportunity to explain what's happening. Crickets. Dolvett looks to Kim, who explains how difficult it's been to take on a new team member. Adrian expresses that after his devastating first day on the ranch, when he was sent home, everyone was very supportive. So it's hard to believe that the team is holding him at arm's length. Dolvett explains that everything takes time. Everyone has to open up, and Adrian has to realize that it will take time for the Red Team to embrace him. Dolvett wants everyone to bring their best selves to the team - because he doesn't like this crap. It's time to stop talking and start the Last-Chance Workout. For his part, Adrian's glad it's all out in the open. All is forgiven, but not forgotten.

The next morning, Chris approaches Chism and Jeremy. They voted to eliminate her, and she wants to bridge the distance between them. It's awkward for the guys - Chism whistles as Chris explains how much she appreciates them. In Chism's case, she regards him almost like her son. Neither of the guys are particularly impressed. If Chris wanted to get to know them, why didn't she reach out before they voted to eliminate her? The contestants travel to the beach for a challenge, and Conda wastes no time badmouthing Adrian. Of course, he's not deaf, so he can hear what she's saying; he thinks Conda's a hater. Alison explains the challenge. Each team has a giant pile of medicine balls, which they'll try to bounce over a wall using a trampoline. If teammates on the other side of the wall catch the ball with a net, they put it in the team's bin; if not, the ball is out of play. Purple balls are worth one point; yellow are worth two, and blue, four. The first team to earn 100 points wins. The team who wins the challenge will get to choose one player from each team whose weight will not count at the weigh-in.

Nancy's weight won't count for the Red Team, which she thinks is a smart decision. Nancy is first on the scale, and she's really looking forward to never seeing her present weight of 200 pounds again. She's thrilled with her four-pound loss. Alison calls Megan to the scale next. She's overjoyed to have her first big week with a nine-pound loss. Next on the scale is Daphne, and she's feeling confident because she worked so hard. She can't believe she only lost one pound, and her team feels that she's been cutting corners. Bob says it all: "One pound is a joke." But then, Chism loses only two pounds, which makes no sense to anyone. Emily loses five, and Chris loses four. Cassandra is thrilled to lose six - now she's at 200. Jeremy loses nine pounds, making the Black Team's total 27 pounds at - real low. Bob frowns - these numbers are terrible!

The Red Team will need to lose more than 32 pounds, which means an average of four to five pounds each. Adrian's up first, and his team is hoping to see a big number. Adrian started off the week at 336, and everyone on his team is shocked to see he only lost two pounds. Just like Daphne, Adrian cites a change in diet as the culprit. Kim is pleased with her five-pound loss; Kimmy loses four, as do Roy and Mark. Dolvett thinks his team's numbers are low - what's going on?! With two people left to weigh in, Buddy climbs on the scale. He's ecstatic with his eight-pound loss, which makes him feel like he's keeping his team in the game. Conda's last to weigh in, and she needs to lose more than five pounds to keep her team safe. Dolvett turns his back; he's so nervous, he can't watch. Conda hates weighing in last because you're either a hero or... not. Her two-pound loss isn't enough to keep the Red Team out of the elimination room. Afterwards, Conda blames the week's distractions, and Dolvett remarks that Nancy had one of the highest percentages on her team. Too bad she sat out of the weigh-in.

In the elimination room, Alison asks Kimmy to vote first. Kimmy hates eliminations, and she cries, holding Nancy's hand as she votes for her with love. Nancy has voted for Mark because she thinks he's so strong and healthy - he'll be okay. Mark votes for Nancy, and Adrian votes for Mark, also because he's the healthiest. Both Buddy and Kim cast their vote for Nancy. Nancy has four votes. Knowing the fifth vote will eliminate Nancy, Conda immediately starts crying. Her vote for Nancy is based solely on numbers. A teary-eyed Roy reminds Nancy that she inspires a lot of people. He'll never forget her, and she is not to give up. When Adrian comments on how surprised he is that Nancy's going home and how voting for her is playing the game, Conda can't hold her tongue. Why can't they end things on a positive note for Nancy? Kim points out that there's a right and wrong time to do and say things. The team has told Adrian over and over again to listen and not talk. When Adrian claims he would never ask anyone not to talk, Kim welcomes him to continue digging his own grave.

This week, Adrian has immunity, and Kim is her team's Biggest Loser. The Red Team retires to the house to discuss the elimination. No one's ready to leave the ranch. After everyone speaks, Adrian addresses the group. He stayed moving the entire week, and he's not sure how he only lost two pounds. He apologizes and claims he's open to any suggestions they might have for him. Mark's quick to answer. Despite the fact that he thought Adrian was being genuine all week, the Aqua Team's three-pound total loss changed his mind. Now he thinks Adrian's playing the game. Adrian denies it. He just got to the ranch; he doesn't even know how to play the game! He wants to talk about it, but Conda steers away from confrontation, reminding everyone that now's the time to deliberate.






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