The Biggest Loser

Episode 13.02 : Episode 2

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : January 10, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

Alison pops into the kitchen, asking the contestants to gather around for a chat. She wants to share some news about the upcoming week. First of all, she advises them to take charge of their journeys. This week, the player with the highest percentage of weight loss on the winning team will be able to give immunity to someone on the losing team. Mark immediately wants to give immunity to his son Chism, and Megan's hoping to give it to her mother Kimmy. Now, Alison wants to take two volunteers from each team. Kim and Kimmy will represent Red, and Joe and Emily step up for the Black Team. Alison brings them to another room, which is set up for a game of poker. Right now, the four volunteers have a chance to win a five-pound advantage for their team. They will bid on what they think will be this week's weight-loss percentage for their team. Each poker chip is worth a tenth of a percent, and the team with the highest bid wins. Then, if that team hits the number at the weigh-in, they'll win a five-pound advantage. If they don't, they'll give the other team the five-pound advantage.

Last week, the Black Team lost and the Red Team lost Since the Red Team won the last weigh-in, they'll bid first. Neither Kim nor Kimmy are big gamblers. Joe's an experienced poker player, and he tells Emily they want to bid low. Week 2 has notoriously low numbers, and the lower they go, the better the chance they have of hitting their number. The Red Team stuns with their first bid of - which is 94 pounds, or 10.5 pounds per person. Joe puts his poker face on and makes the Red Team wait, and wait... until he folds. He's going to let the Red Team beat themselves. Kim laughs, convinced the Reds will beat the Blacks - for her, the game is about winning not folding. Nevertheless, Alison has some wisdom to share: in seasons' past, the average weight loss in Week 2 is The Red Team has their work cut out for them, and Joe's confident he did his team a big favor.

The Red Team isn't happy with the deal Kim and Kimmy have set up for them. Clearly, they've never watched the show, because how could they not know about low numbers in Week 2? Dolvett's not happy either, but he knows his team doesn't have a choice. Everyone's going to have to work twice as hard in the gym. For his part, Bob's unwilling to lose the second elimination. Both trainers push harder than ever in the gym. It's not long before Cassandra's crying on the floor, and Gail's standing motionless in a corner. Not only does Kim feel responsible for her team's plight, some of her team members blame her. Bob pushes Chism so hard he starts having something resembling an asthma attack. He did have asthma when he was younger, so Bob advises him to take a minute and just breathe. Bob tells Chism he's lucky; he has two dads now. Meanwhile, Dolvett finds a can of spray paint, and sprays "94 lbs" on the wall. Bob can't believe it - is Dolvett a child? As far as Bob's concerned, there's no way in the world the Red Team's losing 94 pounds this week.

Dr. H makes a trip to the ranch to talk to Joe and Mike, who have an incredible family dynamic. They live 3000 miles apart; they're within a couple pounds of each other, and their dad was just like them. Joe drives a truck 12 - 14 hours a day; he's tired all the time. Not only that, he's got a very advanced case of sleep apnea, waking up over 70 times per hour. He stops breathing for so long that his blood is turning blue; he's giving himself high blood pressure and prediabetes. This level of sleep apnea puts him at risk of sudden death. Mike started gaining weight when he was 12 when he went on the road with his father - and put on 50 pounds in a summer, while smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. He wanted to be just like his dad. He quit smoking two years ago, but now he chews tobacco, even though he has asthma. Dr. H points out the risk of oral cancer - and a lot of smokeless tobacco has a lot of sugar. Joe and Mike's dad died of colon cancer, an obesity related disease at the age of 51. Now it's time to change.

The next day, the contestants gather in the kitchen to cook breakfast. Everyone's eating when Rachel, the new Biggest Loser nutritionist walks in. Since this season is about no excuses, Rachel's going to teach the contestants how to eat healthy. They're going to the market together today - which is great news for Jeremy. Not only has he never been shopping before, but he thinks Rachel is hot! Kimmy however doesn't think that bringing 17 food addicts to the grocery store is the best plan of action. Even though the first thing they see when they enter the store is cookies, cakes and pies, Rachel leads everyone right to the produce section. From now on, for the rest of their lives, they are to think of their shopping cart as their stomachs, meant to be filled with good stuff. The produce section offers low-calorie, high-volume foods that are chock full of antioxidants.

Rachel gathers the Red Team men together to ask what they think about sushi. Mike admits that whenever he visits the grocery store he picks up two containers of sushi and eats them in the car on the way home. Surprise! Rachel informs that the amount of carbs in two sushi rolls is equivalent to five or six slices of white bread. A better choice might be a hand roll without the rice or a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, which is about 280 calories. Rachel brings the Black Team's women to a freezer case to discuss frozen pizza, which they all love - and counts for 2,000 calories, more than they should be eating in an entire day! Rachel has an alternative. Start with a sprouted, whole-grain tortilla, top it with marinara and a little bit of cheese - that's 280 calories. Next stop is the pasta section. Jeremy loves pasta with alfredo sauce, which is about 3,000 calories. Rachel uses the "flip method" to manage foods. Now pasta is the side, and vegetables are the base of the meal.

When Buddy finds two bottles of booze in his cart, he tells Mike to put them back, but he doesn't want to. Mike admits his addictions range to tobacco and alcohol. But being on the ranch is like being at the Betty Ford Clinic, so he agrees to put the booze back. The women of the Black Team gather round Rachel in the salad dressing aisle, which she says is where you can really go wrong. The average person uses four tablespoons of dressing - this amount of creamy dressing could add 350 calories to your salad! Cassandra admits she uses ranch dressing as a condiment. The best bet is an olive oil-based dressing that clocks in at 40 - 80 calories per two tablespoons.

Alison meets the contestants on a seaside pier for the first challenge where the Red and Black Teams will compete against each other. Every winning team member will receive six months of The Biggest Loser Meal Plan. Each team will work together to turn an anchor wheel to reel in 24 puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces are reeled in, the teams need to solve the puzzle then hoist it in the air. The Red Team chooses Nancy to sit out so the competition is even. The Black Team takes an early lead, but the competition is neck-and-neck. Even though it doesn't seem worthwhile to work on the puzzle when there are only a few pieces, Gail leaves the anchor wheel to work the puzzle. Even though Gail says she's good at puzzles, Jeremy points out that on the way to the pier, she said she was dyslexic and horrible at puzzles. It's not long before the Black Team calls Gail back, and sends Chism, who was first to beat the puzzle in the first challenge, to fix Gail's work.

The Black Team is first to finish their puzzle and hoist it in the air, winning the challenge by one single second. Meanwhile, Rachel has traveled to Chicago to check on the Aqua Team. She's going to teach them to shop, cook and eat right, just as she taught the Red and Black Teams. Adrian and Daphne are thrilled to have a lesson in preparing a turkey breakfast burrito. Back in California, it's time for the Last-Chance Workout. Dolvett's determined to kick major butt, and Mark's gunning to be his team's Biggest Loser. Bob reminds his team that a five-pound advantage doesn't mean anything. Little does he know that Megan spray-painted "Good Luck" over Dolvett's inspiring spray paint in the gym. Seeing Dolvett in the gym with his team, Bob gets testy, accusing Dolvett of stealing his workouts. Dolvett's pretty sure Bob doesn't have a trademark on specific exercises...

Suffice it to say, Bob isn't in a very good mood, and that means a real tough day for the Black Team. When Gail lags, Bob threatens to take it out on Mike. Tired of the toxic atmosphere in the gym, Bob heads to the prison yard to finish the workout. As soon as he arrives, he focuses on Gail, who's the only person sitting down. Bob remembers an old contestant who used to sit during workouts, whom he consequently banned from sitting. Gail quickly learns a lesson about sitting, promising she'll never do it again. The Red Team has its share of shirkers too, as everyone begins to notice how many breaks Mike's taking. Thinking Mike seems distracted, Dolvett meets up with him for a talk. Mike claims the Red Team's house is divided, and his brother is hanging with the Black Team 24/7. It turns out Joe and Mike are half-brothers; they didn't meet until Mike was 12, so he started his journey thinking he'd be spending every day with Joe.

It's time for the weigh-in, where Alison points out that after only two weeks on campus, the game has turned into a real family feud. Kim's first to weigh in, since she was first to raise her hand to represent her team this week. Everyone's shocked when she's only lost three pounds. She feels like she might be going home tonight. Kimmy's next, and she's lost four. Roy wants to be his team's Biggest Loser, mostly because he wants to save his wife from elimination. But he only lost five pounds. Now Bob's feeling pretty confident that the five-pound advantage is going to his team. Lauren loses four pounds; Nancy loses five; Conda and Mike lose seven; Mark loses eight; and Buddy takes off nine. The Red Team has lost a total of 52 pounds at which means that yes, indeed, the Black Team is starting their weigh-in five pounds ahead. To beat the Red Team, they'll have to lose a total of 48 pounds, which means about six pounds apiece.

Gail's the first Black Team member on the scale, and she's happy with five pounds. Bob comments that pulling back is part of Gail's DNA, and he's had to fight it every step of the way. Megan steps on the scale and cries to lose four pounds. It's not enough; she'll have to try harder. Cassandra takes off five, and Emily loses four. Both Bob and Dolvett know it's not over yet - anything can happen in Week 2! Chris is the first Black Team member to hit the goal of six pounds, and she's thrilled. She hasn't seen the 220s in a long time. Joe's happy to lose eight, and Jeremy's disappointed to lose seven, since he's now the heaviest guy on his team. Chism is last to weigh in, and he needs to lose five pounds to keep his team safe. And he loses eight pounds and puts the Black Team over the top. Bob remarks that Chism is going to grow into a real good man in The Biggest Loser house. The Black Team squeaks to the win with 52 pounds lost at Red Team knows they're headed for the elimination room. Alison reminds them that there are two people on the team they won't be able to vote for: the team's Biggest Loser Mark... and the Black Team's Biggest Loser - Chris - gets to give immunity to a person on the Black Team. Chris is thrilled to give immunity to her husband Roy. The Reds return to the house, knowing they have an hour to make their decision. Gail speaks first. She's not ready to go home, and neither is Kim. Mike asks if there's anyone on the team that hasn't been doing a good job. Conda smiles ironically, then points out that Mike didn't break a sweat during their Last-Chance Workout. Mike's quick to explain that he doesn't sweat like other people, but Conda's got the facts. He was working at a resistance of three on the elliptical while grandma Nancy was pulling a six.

In the elimination room, Alison asks Kim to start off the vote. Kim votes for Mike, claiming that he was slacking this week, returning to old habits. Kim's emotional; she can't deny that Mike fought really hard during the first week, but he started talking about a snack during the Last-Chance Workout. Mike claims Rachel told them to have a snack halfway through a workout, but Conda interjects. Rachel said a snack during a long workout is okay, but this workout was in the morning, right after breakfast. No one else was asking for a break or a snack. Mike insists that he's been doing his best, but he knows he's done. Maybe it's his personality; maybe he's abrasive. Mike recalls something that he said when Jeremy got on the scale for the first weigh-in, which he meant in a playful way. It was then that Conda decided she didn't like him.

Roy votes next. He feels that he liked Mike at the start, but when Mike didn't put his best foot forward, he changed his mind. Roy had no idea of the strain between Conda and Mike, who have fallen into squabbling full-force. To his credit, Mike tries to stop the bickering, and Alison backs him up, asking for his vote. Mike has voted for Conda, which Conda immediately counters by displaying her vote for Mike. Alison turns to Nancy, who tears up while explaining she agrees with Roy. Mike doesn't love himself, and she's sad about it but she voted for him. Now Mike needs only one more vote to be eliminated. Kimmy explains that she voted for Mike based on his performance, and she hopes the elimination will light a fire for him. Mike explains that he cares about everyone on his team, even Conda. And they don't have to be upset about sending him home. Mike explains that he's been missing his brother, who buddied up with the guys on the Black Team, and he has abandonment issues. Conda apologizes, getting teary. She had no idea, and now she understands what Mike's been growing through.

Buddy asks Mike man to man to give up nicotine. It's about Mike living his best life, and Buddy wants Mike to commit to making only good decisions in his heart and mind for himself once he leaves the ranch. Alison encourages Mike to quit. He finally promises that not only will he look like Alec Baldwin at the finale, but he'll be nicotine-free as well. Alison asks him to shake everyone's hand on the way out with this promise. Mike has hugs for everyone, including Conda, who hopes he'll prove her wrong.






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