The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.10 : Episode 10

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : November 22, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

The remaining six contestants - Antone, Becky, John, Ramon, Sunny and Vinny walk into the kitchen to find it filled with plates of very tempting Thanksgiving foods. It must be a temptation challenge. Alison points out that the holidays are very emotional, and many people use them as an excuse to relax their diets. The average American eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day, including over 200 grams of fat. There are three prizes involved with this challenge: $500 per pound lost, a $25,000 Cybex home gym and a three-pound advantage. The players face 100 dishes of food. After eating a plate, the contestants can turn over their plates and find a number. When it's all over, the person with the lowest number gets first pick at the prizes. If one of them has the three lowest numbers, they could win all three prizes. Alison gives them five minutes to eat what they want - and they all want the three-pound advantage.

Everyone immediately grabs a plate, leaving Sunny staring at the food. Finally she says, "Crud!" and picks up a plate. Ramon turns over his turkey plate. His number is 52, so he goes back for more. After pumpkin pie, Becky's number is high, so she goes back for cranberry. John finishes his first dish of pie, feeling the sugar and remembering how many donuts he ate back in Week 2. He turns around and goes back to his podium with nothing. After finishing off a plate of ham, Antone goes back for cranberry with one minute left. As Becky, Ramon and Antone shovel their second plates, they start feeling ill. Alison announces time's up, which means it's time to reveal their numbers. Becky's lowest number is 38; Sunny's number is 85 - and she feels like she shouldn't have given into peer pressure. Antone's lowest number is 46, and John has 90. But he feels like he won the temptation since he only ate one slice of pie. Ramon's lowest number is 52.

Vinny made the same decision as John, giving himself only one plate of food, and his number is 10! After one plate of ham, Vinny has won the challenge, so he picks the three-pound advantage. Becky's up next, and she chooses the home gym, which will also be a gift for her family. Antone will take $500 per pound lost, which will make for a great Christmas for his family. The contestants are already working out in the gym when the trainers arrive. They report back on the temptation challenge, and Bob's thrilled to learn that his Black Team took first, second and third prizes. But nothing can beat one-on-one training. Right now, John is Dolvett's last man standing. If John gets sent home, judging by last season, Dolvett will get sent home too. The Black Team is working hard; Antone is motivated by the money he'll earn, and Becky knows she's not only the oldest, but the smallest player left on the ranch.

Vinny's lost 91 pounds to date, and Bob's convinced that this is his 100-pound week. He should have lost 100 pounds weeks ago! Anna knows that everyone in the house now knows what to do. Which means staying in the game is about that little something extra. Ramon agrees - this is war! Bob and Antone discuss John's lack of celebration in achieving his goals. Antone points out that if you don't mark achievement, it's as if you haven't achieved anything at all. Bob agrees and predicts that if John doesn't change his ways, he's gaining all his weight back. Or is it all because John's goal is a question of long-term achievement? Dolvett knows John started on the ranch keeping to himself, and now that Bonnie's gone, he may be retreating once again. Dolvett's going to work to keep John's walls down and his expectations realistic. John thinks champions have high goals, and he has them. He feels like he did in his twenties. He's going to work harder than anyone else.

That night, Bob stops by the house to find Vinny tuning up his guitar. He immediately notices a photo of Vinny and his fiancee and asks about the prospect of becoming a new husband and father at the same time. Vinny admits that more than anything in the world, he wants to be a good dad, and he loves his girlfriend Laurie and her son Brandon. Bob wants to know exactly how Vinny's going to be the best dad and husband. Bob knows that the Vinny in the photo was facing death. Vinny credits Brandon with helping him realize he needed to change his life. Bob reminds Vinny that he has a responsibility to accept the unconditional love coming from Laurie and Brandon - that's what's going to keep him on track. Vinny wrote a song about this very situation, and he performs it for Bob.

Early the next morning, Anna's got Ramon and Sunny on the tennis court running drills and then playing tennis. They've learned to play the game, and it matches the intensity of their gym workouts. Meanwhile, Dolvett's working out John just like John would work out his own football team. He's gone from the kind of coach who's driving around in a golf cart and always looking for a place to sit, to a 41-year-old guy who can do all the drills. He can't wait to get back to work out with his team, especially the bigger kids. Since it's Thanksgiving, Anna, Bob and Dolvett have decided to cook a healthy holiday meal for the contestants. The meal is comprised of holiday favorites, cooked the Biggest Loser way. Everyone sits down to eat and share some reflection on what they're giving thanks for.

Ramon speaks first. He's met the love of his life, and they're going to have a lot of Thanksgivings together because of the ranch. And he's a new uncle! Vinny's thankful that he's going to have a chance to be a good father, and he cries, thanking everyone at the table for saving his life. Bob is thankful for The Biggest Loser and everything it's meant for his life. He thinks the reason he's become so attached to Sunny is that she reminds him of his sister, who has struggled with her weight her whole life. It's heartbreaking for him because of what he does for a living. When he visited Sunny's hometown in Texas, it was important because he saw his sister in Sunny, a woman sitting on the sidelines of life. He's tried everything, but at the end of the day, he can't want it for her. He hopes his sister will see Sunny and be inspired. Antone appreciates Bob's confession; it puts him on the same level as everyone else. You help the people you love as much as you can, and if they're not ready, you wait.

That night, Alison welcomes the contestants to the top of Inspiration Point. Tonight, they're going to race one mile on the Jacob's Ladder, which Sunny thinks is designed by Satan himself. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, there are three prizes, which will be both given and received. One prize is six months of The Biggest Loser Meal Plan for the winner, who'll also be able to gift six months to another contestant. A second prize is $2,500, with the same amount of money to give to another player on the ranch. And a third person will win a one-pound advantage - but they'll have to give a one-pound disadvantage to someone else. The first place finisher gets to choose their prize, the second place winner chooses from the remaining two, and the third gets what's left. Becky remarks that whoever takes the one-pound advantage will have a lot of control over the weigh-in.

Three minutes in, Ramon's in the lead, John's in second and Sunny's in third. But John is determined to win the one-pound advantage and soon pulls into first. At 40 minutes in, Sunny passes Ramon, and starts closing in on John. At 85 minutes, John is still holding onto the lead and 200 feet away from the win, but Sunny's right behind him. John kicks into high gear to finish in 01:29:44. Sunny's bummed, but she takes second place in 01:38:00. Ramon finishes soon afterwards. He remarks that it's one of the best and worst feelings he's had in his life. John takes the one-pound advantage, and Alison tells him he'll reveal who he's giving the one-pound disadvantage to at the weigh-in. Since Sunny hates to cook, she takes The Biggest Loser Meal Plan and gives six months of the meal plan to Bonnie. Ramon's thrilled to win the $2,500, and he gives his gift of $2,500 to Vinnie.

The next morning, John's up early working out on the stationary cycle in his room, thinking over his choice. Over breakfast, Vinny tells the other players that he's already asked John to give him the one-pound disadvantage, since he already has a three-pound advantage. It will hurt him the least. Everyone's nervous. Once again, it's time for the Last-Chance Workout. Anna's pulling out all the stops, making her team do everything they've always done - but more of it, and with resistance bands. Bob promises his team they're going to feel his heat, and gets up in Vinny's face - which flips a switch in Vinny's mind, bringing him back to his childhood. Bob explains he's doing it for Vinny's family, so he'll go home healthy. Somehow it works, and Vinny pushes harder than he ever has before.

Dolvett thinks John didn't bring enough energy to the gym for his Last-Chance Workout. John's tired, and Dolvett knows it; but they're both determined to win regardless. Everyone goes into the weigh-in confident that they've done their best. Vinny has his three-pound advantage, and John has his one-pound advantage. John clearly gave the one-pound disadvantage choice a lot of thought and explains that, ultimately, he felt he had to choose Sunny. He apologizes, but Sunny's devastated; she thinks it shows a lot about who John is. John hears the silence when he walks up to the scale to weigh in first. He's shocked to learn he's only lost five pounds. John apologizes to Dolvett, claims he's okay with it and assumes he's leaving the ranch already. Dolvett knows five pounds wasn't the goal of the maneuver, but John has changed. He's recognized his accomplishment. Bob's not convinced. John tears up, thinking he's sending both Dolvett and himself home. With his one-pound advantage, John's lost of his body weight.

Antone's next to weigh in, and he loses eight pounds at - and gains $4,000. His family is going to have a great Christmas this year! With a three-pound advantage, Vinny's not worried about elimination, but he does want to hit his 100-pound weight loss milestone. And he nails it with an 11-pound loss - it's his best week yet! He's so excited he's speechless and gives hugs all around. At he's on the top of the heap. Becky's up next, and she'll have to lose more than four pounds at to keep herself safe. Luckily, she's lost five pounds - now she's at her pre-marriage weight! John's touching the yellow line, and he's freaked out as Ramon walks up to the scale. Ramon needs to lose more than six, but he's only lost five at so he's definitely below the yellow line. Antone's safe, but either John or Sunny will wind up below the yellow line.

Sunny's last to weigh in, and she's nervous because it's her pattern to weigh in one week high and one week low. This should be a low week, and she's got a one-pound disadvantage; so she'll need to lose more than five pounds - which is more than John had to lose this week! Sunny just hits her five-pound mark. She's nearly in tears and remarks that during Thanksgiving week, taking away something she's earned just doesn't seem right. Alison sadly informs Sunny that she's lost by one one-hundredth of a percent, and at she's below the yellow line with Ramon. John's heart jumps - it turns out that he chose the right person, the only player whose loss meant his gain. Alison reminds Sunny that she's lost 75 pounds since she started on the show. Anna's devastated and welcomes Bonnie back from the scale with a big hug. Alison promises to meet the players in the elimination room to hear their final decision.

Back at the house, Ramon knows he can't say that he deserves to be on the ranch any more than Sunny, and they both want to stay. John tells Sunny he hopes she knows that giving her the disadvantage in no way reflects on anything she's accomplished. He feels terrible because he assumed he was out, and now he gets to stay another week. Antone knows John has a chance to put his money where his mouth is by not voting for Sunny in the elimination room. Everyone knows that in the event of a tie, Ramon will be eliminated since he has the lowest percentage of weight loss. Vinny votes first, and everyone knows he can't vote against his best friend. Sunny is Becky's roommate, so even though Ramon's like a son to her, she votes for him. Ramon needs only one more vote for elimination when Alison calls on John, who votes for Sunny, claiming that he wants to compete against Ramon.

Antone's stunned by John's vote, saying, "Oh, wow," then talks about his close relationship with Sunny. He's voted for Ramon. Alison circles back, asking Antone what he wanted to say but didn't. Antone remarks on the difference between what's being done and said. If they were playing a gentleman's game, the one-pound advantage would have been given to Vinny, who asked for it. Becky agrees. John's trying to break Sunny's back. John explains that what he did wasn't easy, but he did what was best for him. Antone points out that if John was truly sorry for what he did, he wouldn't have voted for Sunny; and he voted for Sunny twice today. Nevertheless, it's Ramon who's been eliminated, and he's doing fine and holding his head up high. Everyone knows Ramon's going to be a major competitor at the marathon. With Jessica on his side, he intends to win the at-home prize and the Biggest Loser title because one of them is going to win that spot back! He promises America that the next time they see him, he'll have the surprise of a lifetime for Jess...






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