The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.05 : Episode 5

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : October 18, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

It's a bright and sunny day on the ranch. Alison and the three trainers stand waiting for the contestants on the tennis court, along with a giant board. Alison explains that all the players took a chance to come to the ranch, leaving family and friends behind in hopes of changing their lives. After one month, surely they must be dying to go home... and now one player will go home for the entire week! But they won't go alone; their trainer will go with them. And, they'll receive immunity. However, their weight will be the only number to count for their entire team. Each player places a square with his or her name on the board, and a chip will be released from the top of the board. Whomever it lands on will be going home!

Sunny really wants to go home, so when the chip falls on her name, she's thrilled! Bob's not happy to leave his team, and he doesn't think Sunny has thought through the ramifications of her trip home. It's going to be work, not fun, not a vacation. Later, Bob lectures his team. Sunny, who has the lowest percentage of weight loss of anyone on the Black Team is responsible for their fate. Jennifer tearfully asks Sunny to bust her ass. John cries too, telling her he's happy for her. Bob thinks the real reason John's crying is that he has no control - his fate is in Sunny's hands. Sunny promises to give it all she's got.

Anna immediately takes her team to the gym. This week Becky and Bonnie are going to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Bonnie's experiencing a lot of pain on the stair stepper and decides that it's too much. Anna pushes her to keep going, then backs off, agreeing to find another form of exercise that causes less pain. Meanwhile, the Black Team struggles without Bob and Sunny. Jennifer's feeling left out and like she has to do stuff on her own. Dolvett tells his team that he's tired of excuses, and he's focused on winning. Ramon thinks it's finally the Red Team's week to win the weigh-in. Dolvett pulls Vinny aside to talk about his numbers. He's one of the biggest guys on the ranch, but he's not pulling the big numbers. Dolvett outlines the nature of challenge and commitment, encouraging Vinny to embrace success.

Sunny returns home to Texas to find her husband Blake and the rest of her family waiting for her. She immediately tells them about her predicament, then introduces Bob. Everybody screams. Bob's relieved to learn that Sunny has an amazing support system. Now Bob believes that this challenge is going to change Sunny's life forever. Later, Bob sits down with Sunny and her family to find out what her life was like before The Biggest Loser. Sunny realizes that before the show, she took the easy road and settled for less than her best. Now, it's time for her to go for what she wants. Bob promises he's going to challenge the heck out of Sunny, who apologizes to her family for her past behavior.

While taking a hike on the ranch, Antone and Joe wonder what Sunny and Bob are up to in Texas - and what Jennifer and John are up to. They've been keeping to themselves. Joe thinks the Black Team is three and two; wherever Jennifer goes, she creates conflict in the house. Back in Frisco, Bob takes Sunny to the gym and starts pouring on the pressure. For the first time in her life, Sunny is running at a 10 on the treadmill - and she's running herself right into the ground! Even though she feels like she's going to throw up, Sunny gets back on the treadmill and keeps going. Sunny recalls an embarrassing incident that happened at the same gym a year ago. Kids laughed at her when she was in an exercise class. Bob reminds her to stay in the now - no one's laughing at Sunny now - and gives her a big hug. Sunny claims something's clicked; something's changed: she's going to be the best!

While driving with her son Luke, Sunny points out the donut shop where they used to stop on their way to school. That's gotta change, so Sunny and Luke pass the donut shop and head to Subway for a veggie-filled egg white sandwich. Sunny's thrilled to start acting like a different kind of role model for her son. Later that night, the three teams gather in a field to meet Alison and learn about this week's challenge. Lots of Americans are overwhelmed by the challenge to stay healthy, which is just the situation the teams are facing tonight. Each player will have two glasses containing soda. They will race across an obstacle course to pour any remaining liquid in their team's cylinder. Since the Blue Team only has two players, they only have to fill half of their cylinder. The winning team gets to send one person to The Biggest Loser Resort for two weeks. Courtney would love to send her sister.

The soda being used in the challenge is orange, and the combined volume of the two glasses the contestants will carry is 20 ounces - containing 17 teaspoons of sugar. Sweetened drinks are the number one source of added sugar in the American diet, and the average American drinks nearly 50 gallons per year. Joe admits that he used to drink 8 to 10 sodas a day. It's clear that the challenge is going to last a really long time. Poor Bonnie is having a heck of a time getting through the bungee cord part of the obstacle course. As usual, it's a tight race between Red and Black, but for the first time, the Red Team seems to be pulling ahead. Suddenly, Bonnie gets tripped up in the bungee cords and takes a serious spill. Everyone freezes, and Bonnie panics. But when she realizes that she's fine, she gets up, determined to finish the challenge.

A half hour into the challenge, the Red Team is on the verge of their first challenge win - and they do it! The Black Team wears their disappointment on their faces. Alison asks the winners if they know whom they're going to send to the resort. Ramon wants to send his sister, who just had a baby, and Courtney tears up, talking about her sister. Meanwhile, back in Texas, Sunny invites Bob to dinner with her family... at a barbecue place. Of course, Bob's vegan - there's nothing he can eat at this restaurant. Bob decides he's going to order for everyone, to show them the healthy way to eat barbecue. Something tells him this sort of restaurant shouldn't really be in Sunny's future. After dinner, Sunny tells Bob she has a surprise for him. Bob doesn't love surprises, and he's not sure he wants to ride a mechanical bull.

The next day Bob and Sunny call the Black Team to check in. Joe reports that the Red Team thinks they're going to take the weigh-in this week. They think Sunny's a pushover. When Bob asks how the team is getting along, Jennifer tears up, saying she feels a little like an outsider. Bob can tell Jennifer has alienated herself in the house, so he tells her that he doesn't want to hear about a crack in the Black Team. Later, Antone confides to the camera: Jennifer could probably use an entire team of doctors to help sort out her issues. Bob reminds his team that they have to function as a unit.

Dolvett stops by to visit the Red Team, and they are excited to report that they finally won a challenge! Dolvett's about to tell them about their Last-Chance Workout, when Vinny lifts up his shirt and manipulates his belly as if it's a talking mouth. This is Cecil, and he's the belly standing between Vinny and good health. Dolvett immediately quiets down, upset. Vinny's health is no laughing matter, and maybe the Red Team needs to start taking things a little more seriously. Claiming that more stuff gets done when nobody talks, Dolvett takes his team to the gym. When Vinny cracks a joke, Dolvett lays into both him and Ramone, asking, "What the hell's so funny? Why don't you take it more serious?" Vinny gets mad, insisting that he's doing his best every day. Dolvett reminds him that this is life or death serious; Vinny's been making fun of himself for too long. No more jokes.

Anna takes her Blue Team to the pool for their Last-Chance Workout. Bonnie's having trouble getting along with Anna. She thinks Anna shows favoritism and treats her impatiently. Anna thinks Bonnie's resisting her and refusing to talk through her anger. She tries to encourage Bonnie to get mad and scream, work through her anger. Bonnie's not buying it; she thinks the root of the problem is between her and Anna. It's over 110 degrees in Texas, and Bob promises Sunny she's going to get the craziest Last-Chance Workout The Biggest Loser has ever seen. Having grown up on a farm, Bob's going to bring the experience of his childhood - which was rough. Bonnie has to push a pickup truck with Bob in it, move feed bags up stairs, roll bales of hay, and sledgehammer.

Finally, everyone comes back together on the ranch for the weigh-in. After Bob and Sunny are welcomed back, Alison turns her attention to the simmering conflict between Anna and Bonnie. Bonnie acknowledges that Anna is bringing out her anger in a way she's never experienced. Anna thinks that when she pushes Bonnie to her limit, that's when she's most vulnerable and the emotions come out. Although he doesn't know their relationship, Bob agrees with Anna. Besides, the trainers aren't on the show to make friends, but to help change lives in trouble.

The Red Team starts the weigh-in, and Vinnie is first up on the scale. Finally, he pulls a big number: 10. He admits that this week Dolvett taught him it was time to stop hiding behind the jokes and the laughter. Jessica's up next; she's taken off six pounds. Ramon's happy with a seven-pound loss, and Courtney loses six. Since this has been her best week on the ranch so far, she's disappointed, and she's trying to stop feeling ashamed. The Red Team has lost a total of 29 pounds at Now Becky and Bonnie will have to lose more than 11 pounds to stay in the game. Bonnie loses four pounds, which puts a lot of pressure on Becky to lose more than seven - and she surprises everyone with eight! The Blue Team has lost a total of 12 pounds at starts the Black Team's weigh-in with John, who may be on the verge of a Biggest Loser record. John's thrilled to lose 12 pounds. Jennifer loses eight pounds, and Joe loses seven, taking him below 300 pounds. Antone's not happy to learn that he's only lost four pounds; he must not have focused on himself this week. The Red Team realizes that the Black Team isn't pulling the numbers they ordinarily do. Nevertheless, it all comes down to Sunny. To keep the Black Team safe, she needs to lose more than six pounds... and she blows everyone away with 14 pounds lost! Bob runs up to the stage to give Sunny an enormous hug. Sunny's so excited she starts crying, and thanks Bob for giving her life back. She can't believe that she saved her team! The Red Team looks like they want to weep when they learn that the Black Team's weight loss percentage is has the highest percentage of weight loss on the Red Team, so she's the only one immune from elimination. Dolvett gives his team some encouraging words, reminding them that the show is about changing lifestyles. There are lots of tears as the team talks over the elimination. Later, Alison addresses the Red Team in the elimination room. Every week they remain on the ranch, it gets harder and harder to face elimination. Up first, Jessica reminds everyone that from the beginning, they agreed there would be no hard feelings on account of what happens in the elimination room. She's decided to stick with medical facts; even though Courtney is her best friend on the ranch, Jessica's voting for Courtney. Claiming that she's voting for the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss this week, Courtney votes for Vinny.

Citing Ramon's medical problems, Vinny votes for Courtney; he thinks she can make it work at home. Having already torn out his heart voting Patrick off the ranch, Ramon wasn't able to vote for his other best friend Vinny - so Courtney's going home tonight. Courtney's not happy to be going home, but she's grateful to have made it to Week 5. She knows she's finding her inner confidence and is starting to find her happiness.






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