The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.03 : Episode 3

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : October 04, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

After last week's weigh-in, the Blue Team meets with coach Anna by the pool to lament the loss of Johnny. In the long run, they agree that they now have a tight, motivated unit, and they're going to rock the Week 3 weigh-in. Even if it is do or die. The next morning, the three teams assemble on a football field. Mike, a football coach for 40 years, and former players Ramon, Antone and Joe feel they're in their element. Alison takes the field to announce that it's NFL Week. The field is lined with life-sized cardboard cutouts of all the players, each with a hole in the belly. The players are going to run onto the field, grab a football, and try to sink a pass into the hole - then that player's out of the game. The winner will earn a whopping $5,000. But there's one more thing. If they want to be the best, the contestants are going to have to beat the best...

Suddenly, Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers crashes onto the field; next out is tight end Tony Gonzalez. New Orleans native Bonnie is thrilled when quarterback Drew Brees runs out on the field. Now the challenge gets more complicated. Throwing from the three-yard line, the contestants will play against the professionals. Clay will throw from the five-yard line, Tony from the 10, and Drew from the 15. Oh, and there's one more thing. At the end of the week, the player with the highest percentage of weight loss will win a VIP trip for two to the Super Bowl! Sadly, Jennifer won't be competing because of her injured knee. The players don their personalized football jerseys and get ready to rumble!

Drew is the first one to sink his football, and Johnny's the first one out. Mike's first throw is at Drew's cut-out, since Drew knocked Mike's beloved Colts out of the Super Bowl. Bam! Drew's out on Mike's first throw. Jessica is the next one to sink her football, taking Tony out; then Clay takes out Becky. After Clay goes after Jessica, she returns the favor and sinks her throw from the three-yard line, taking him out. As Patrick complains that the balls are too far, Courtney takes out Sunny. Then Patrick takes Antone out. Courtney takes out Mike and Bonnie, and Patrick sinks Joe. Now only the Red Team is still standing on the field. Courtney takes Ramon out, and Patrick eliminates Jessica with his signature underhand throw. Determined to get her $5,000, Courtney takes out Patrick, then Vinny in no time at all. She kicked their butts!

Back at the gym, Bob decides to have a sit-down with Antone, to make sure that NFL Week isn't throwing him for a loop. Antone admits he was a little embarrassed on the field with the NFL players - no one saw him as an NFL player. He's not in that elite category anymore. When Antone cries, Bob asks him to tell his story. The youngest of seven kids, Antone started to eat a lot when he finally started earning money at age 14. Some days he had to fight for food. It turns out there were days he had to collect bottles to earn money to buy food as a kid. As for right now, Antone knows he still has an athlete inside him, and he's going to fight to get him back.

It's early in the morning when Jennifer hobbles to the gym on crutches. She got an MRI, and she's on her way to see Dr. H; and she's scared. It turns out she's been walking around with a stress fracture, which is healable, but for the next three weeks, no weight-bearing exercise. And no walking on that leg with her full weight. Nevertheless, they're going to figure out how she's going to keep exercising. Even if it's half a step backwards, Jennifer feels stronger than ever. She's doing it! Later, the contestants enter the gym, only to find that the machines are moved, the locker room has been redecorated, and Alison's waiting for them. Not only is the gym the contestants' home away from home, this week, it's the site of their challenge as well.

This week's challenge will involve four 15-minute quarters, and the team with the highest average of calories burned after four quarters wins. And the winning team gets a spa day! Dolvett is immediately in drill sergeant mode. He knows his team's strengths, and everyone knows this man pushes - hard. Bob decides to focus on Jennifer. No one is expecting her to pull big cardio burns, but Bob's determined that she will do it. The contestants are thinking that compared to a two-hour Last-Chance Workout, 15 minutes is cake. As the clock counts down, the gym gets real noisy, with grunts and groans coming from all quarters. After the first quarter, the Black Team's in the lead. After the second round - halftime, Alison gives the players 10 minutes to walk around.

After two quarters, the Black Team is still in the lead, having burned an average of 570 calories. Bob tells them to let him handle everything else - they have to focus only on themselves. Anna tells her three-person team to treat the challenge just like a Last-Chance Workout. The Red Team is determined to bring the pain in the second half. Dolvett's convinced his team has the stamina to win. But the Black Team still holds the lead. At the end of the day, the Blue Team has burned an average of 764 calories; the Red Team did 952, and the Black Team burned an average of 1171! They've won a spa day... which Bob respectfully declines to take on behalf of his team. The Black Team isn't on the ranch to rest up.

Dolvett leaves the gym feeling inspired. The Red Team is going to have to prove themselves at the weigh-in. But for now, the Red Team is enjoying a little ice water and each other's company. They all get along so well that they can't imagine voting anyone off the ranch. Maybe they'll be the first team to make it all the way to the finals together... Meanwhile, Bob joins the Black Team for some Subway sandwiches and a surprise. Not only is it time for the Last-Chance Workout, but he's got a cool new friend he wants them to meet... it's Shawne Merriman, three-time pro ball linebacker, aka "Lights Out." The Black Team looks scared when Shawne promises the hardest workout they ever had. He is not kidding. At the end of the punishing workout, John asks Shawne for a little lights out dance, and he gladly complies.

The Blue Team enters the gym to learn that they'll be working out with NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson, who's 50 years old himself. Anna has added some new circuit exercises designed to shock her team's bodies because they can't afford to lose another weigh-in. For his part, Eric tries to inspire the Blues with the promise of Super Bowl tickets. Mike has to admit, it's probably his most demanding workout ever. Dolvett leads his team to the gym for their surprise - a Last-Chance Workout with Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. There is no doubt, energy is running high in the gym. Not only is Vinny gunning to drop below 400 pounds, he wants those Super Bowl tickets.

Afterwards, Tim tells the Red Team his favorite saying since the age of six: hard work beats talent, talent doesn't work as hard. He's always known there will be people faster, bigger and stronger, but no one will work as hard as him. He hasn't reached his potential yet, and neither has anyone on the Red Team. After the workout, Dolvett pulls Vinny off to the side, trying to find the missing piece in Vinny's story. It turns out that when Vinny was younger, he lived in an abusive home. At first, he didn't know that didn't happen to every kid. He started gaining weight when the abuse started, at the age of nine. By age 11, he weighed 230 pounds, and by eighth grade, 300. Vinny thought he faced down his demons, but now he knows he needs to find a way to forgive his mother.

The three Blue Team members walk into the gym first for the weigh-in, convinced (just like the Red Team) that there's no way they can lose. Courtney's first to hit the scale, and she wishes she lost more than seven pounds at At 10 pounds down, Vinny is thrilled to break the 400-pound barrier at Ramon is disappointed when he loses seven pounds for and Patrick nails 11 at to hit 350, moving him into the lead. But Jessica's up next and she's lost 11 pounds at for a total of 46 pounds for the Red Team at The Black Team will need to lose more than 49 pounds. Antone wants all of the NFL see him have a great weigh-in - and he loses 16 pounds at He finally feels like he's coming back!

Sunny's next on the scale, and she loses 10 pounds at Bob tells Joe that he better blow the scale up, and he does - 17 pounds down at This puts him in the lead for the Super Bowl tickets. Jennifer's next to weigh in, and she's nervous because of her knee injury. But she's lost an astounding 16 pounds at despite her crutches, and the Black Team is officially safe. The Red Team is devastated, and Jennifer and Joe are tied for the top spot. Well, actually, they're 1/1000th of a percent different, and Joe's still in the lead. Despite the fact that his team is in the lead, John's still worked up as he climbs the scale to learn he lost 18 pounds at - what!? He's lost 70 pounds in three weeks! The Black Team has lost 77 pounds at in yet another unbelievable week.

The Blue Team needs to lose more than 22 pounds as a team to stay in the game, which makes the Red Team very nervous. Bonnie goes first. It's hard for her to climb the steps to the scale. Thinking it'll be hard for her to pull a double digit, she feels like her team's weakest link. But she and Anna both cry tears of joy at the seven-pound weight loss at She just wants to tell America that it may be coming slow, but she can do it - and so can anyone else! Becky's next, and she's thrilled with her nine-pound loss at The last person to weigh in is Mike, who's the only guy standing in the way of Joe winning tickets to the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, going to this particular Super Bowl is on Mike's bucket list. And he's going to need to lose more than six pounds to keep his team safe.

Everyone's on tenterhooks as the digits flutter on the scale... and it's an upset - Mike's lost a massive 17 pounds! For the second time tonight, Anna's in tears. She thanks Mike for being the perfect student. Mike's total percentage is 5.86 - which puts him on top - he's going to the Super Bowl! For his part, Antone's decided that he wants to play football for Coach Mike. The Blue Team's total weight loss is 33 pounds at and for the first time this season, they're safe - it's a touchdown. With the highest percentage of weight loss on her team, Jessica is safe, but the rest of the Red Team is in tears because they don't want to send anyone home. They really, really don't want to send anyone home, and none of them feels ready. It sucks. Vinny reveals that it's his 28th birthday. If he wants to see 38, he's got to stay.

Jessica knows that it's going to come down to Courtney and Patrick, knowing how everyone feels about Ramon and Vinny's health problems. Concerned for Courtney, Patrick asks everyone to eliminate him; he'll take this one for the team. The Reds opt for an emotional group hug rather than talk about it anymore... and no one's sure how they're going to vote. Later in the elimination room, Alison reminds them that tonight is not the end - whoever's eliminated will return for the marathon, and have a shot at the finals. Courtney reveals her vote first, and she votes for Patrick, per his request. Interestingly enough, Patrick votes for Courtney. Jessica follows Patrick's wishes and votes for him. Courtney starts crying when she learns that Vinny has voted for her, and Ramon starts crying when it's time to reveal his vote... for Patrick.






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