The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.02 : Episode 2

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : September 27, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

The contestants hang out in the kitchen, where Vinnie serenades them with a funny original song about their experience on "The Biggest Loser." Alison interrupts to introduce the latest challenge, reminding everyone that there are a lot of stereotypes associated with age. For instance, many people think young people like to sleep late, and old people have trouble staying up late. This week, the contestants will be put to the test. When Alison asks for volunteers from each team, Vinnie, Mike and Antone stand up. Before the guys join Alison in another room, they can smell what's right around the corner... a whole lotta donuts! Vinnie immediately knows it's time for the first Temptation Challenge Alison explains that the contestants have an enormous privilege on the ranch. They can work out any time of day with world-class trainers. But not this week...

This week, the gym will only be open three times a day: in the morning, from 5 a.m. through 7 a.m.; from noon until 2:00 p.m.; and then again at night, from 9 p.m. until 11 a.m. Each team will only be allowed to work out in one time slot, and it will be their time slot for the entire week. Just like the real world, they'll have to squeeze in their workouts when they can. In front of the first wave of volunteers are plates piled high with donuts, 35 calories each. One member from each team will participate in the challenge at a time. The team that eats the most donuts will get to pick which time slot they'll be training at for the week. Walls separate the players so they can't see what the others are doing. Going into the challenge, Antone knows he wants the morning time slot, and Vinnie knows he doesn't. Deciding that it's time for lunch anyway, Mike starts eating donuts. He doesn't want his team to work out late at night.

Next to take the Temptation Challenge are Becky, Joe, and Patrick. Joe's strategy is to make a lot of noise and drink a lot of water as if he's eating donuts, but Patrick sees right through him. Johnny also tries the same strategy, making suspicious grunting noises to make the others think he's eating, cracking up Joe, Jennifer and Alison. Since the Blue Team only has four members, Alison randomly picks Johnny to participate a second time. Deciding there's not a lot of things on the ranch he can control, John decides to eat donuts - a lot of them and fast - thinking here's something he can control. He's determined to get the most out of his time in the gym with Bob, despite the fact that he's a little disgusted by how fast he's eaten the donuts. At the end of the day, Mike has eaten 11 donuts totaling 385 calories - but it's not even a third of what the winning team ate...

The winning team ate 37 donuts for a total 1295 calories - all eaten by John, who's devastated, and feels like a fool. Still, he claims that he did it for his team. Antone's not buying it, knowing that while the Black Team has made a short-term gain; they may pay for John's impulsivity in the long run. Nevertheless, the Black Team gets to assign all the time slots. They take the 5 - 7 a.m. slot, and the Blue Team's happy to get the 12 - 2 slot. When John explains he gave the Blue Team this time slot because he respects them, members of the Red Team feel disrespected - but they're okay with their late-night workout slot.

It's 4:20 a.m., and Bob is giggling, making his way through the dorm with a bullhorn in his hand. The sky may still be dark, but's time to wake up and work out! Who knew Bob had so much energy at the crack of dawn?! The Black Team may have picked their time slot, but now they're not sure why they did. While driving his team hard, Bob explains why working out early is the way to go. Learning John chowed down on 37 donuts, Bob assesses him as a control freak, who has to learn to surrender some control - which will open the door to so many other possibilities. Bob designs a special workout for the man who ate the donuts: every 45 plate needs to be stacked clear across the gym, on the double. For his part, special ed teacher and football coach John knows he needs to fix himself; he's ready to feel athletic again.

By the end of their workout, the Black Team realizes that Bob's a little too sadistically happy in the morning. His happy singing and dancing soon gives way to yelling as he directs his focus on Antone, who gets so frustrated, he tries to destroy his spinning bike, and falls to the floor in angry tears. Bob doesn't let up. Antone should be angry; he doesn't want to become another statistic! Antone doesn't want to be dead, and that's why he's on Bob's watch. That's why he's going to get up off the floor and get on the rower, and do it for his family. Bob intends to continue pushing Antone in the gym - that's where he'll release his demons. Antone admits he feels like he's in the back of the pack when he should be leading the way. Bob reminds him that he's doing everything right, and he's proud of what Antone's already achieved.

Jennifer's knee has been bothering her, but she's pushing through the workout. Sunny's not happy with John. She tells Bob that John told Antone she's as dumb as a box of rocks, and that he, Antone, Ramone, Vinny would last until the end as the four horsemen. Bob advises her that the best way to handle the issue is to address it, so immediately after the workout, Sunny calls a team meeting to confront John. The Black Team isn't happy with John's behavior, and Bob advises them to work it out and fast. The other teams are looking for the Black Team to crack, and they're cracked right now. John apologizes. He doesn't know what was going through his head when he said those things, and reminds everyone that he ate the donuts for the team.

At noon, Anna assembles her Blue Team in the gym. Since Bonnie's knee won't allow her to use her legs very much, Anna focuses on getting her heart rate up using her arms, while pushing Johnny not to give up on the treadmill. When Johnny gets off the treadmill 6 seconds too early, Anna insists he finish up. She winds up spending so much time urging Johnny not to waste his workout that his other teammates feel a little deprived of Anna's attention. Dolvett meets with the Red Team an hour before their workout to check out their daily food journals. Based on their caloric count, they can figure out how many calories they have to burn to make their day. Courtney decides she has enough calories left to grab a Yoplait Light before her workout.

While the other teams are hitting the hay, Dolvett reminds his people that the nighttime is when young people go out to party! Once again, nice guy Dolvett turns into a drill sergeant, focusing his attention on Patrick. Dolvett notices something's up with Jessica; she's not working out with her regular intensity. Jessica admits she was in a six-year relationship that she ended last year. Her ex-boyfriend's jealous impulses seemed to push her toward food. Dolvett encourages her to continue taking the right steps to change her lifestyle. No more threatening, jealous people in her life. Now, Jessica has to commit to always take care of herself. Now she knows there are no more excuses.

This season, Dr. H has asked the trainers to visit him along with their team members, so they can see firsthand exactly what they're dealing with, and consult on how to best fix health issues. Jennifer explains that she's been working with her bum leg. Despite her relative happiness and success in life, she's got 155 pounds too much fat on her body, and within the next five years, she has a chance of becoming diabetic. Disease is coming, and she's too young for that. Crying, Jennifer admits to coming to the ranch not knowing how deep her problems go. Nevertheless, she's determined to fix herself.

Next to visit Dr. H are Bonnie and Anna. Bonnie had her stomach stapled in 1991, making her stomach smaller. After the surgery she went down to 200 pounds, then right back up to 310. Apparently, she didn't lose fat, but muscle, so after the surgery she was worse off than when she started. It also looks like Bonnie needs another artificial knee, which won't work unless she keeps the weight off. Dr. H tells her to remember everyone that's pulling for her, and hands her a phone. When Bonnie's daughter Kimmie says hello Bonnie immediately breaks into sobs. With her daughter reminding her to focus on herself, Bonnie swears she won't give up.

Ramon's up next, and his medical evaluation form is pretty much blank. He hasn't been to the doctor in a long time; not only did he not want to know if he had any health issues, he figured he was too young to have any. In fact, Ramon's got a ton of issues, including high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes. Ramon cries, devastated by the actual state of his health. He knows he needs a kick in the butt, and he's ready for it. Dolvett advises that it's time to take responsibility for his actions. Even though Ramon's biological age is 27, his age on the inside is 50 - he's the sickest person on the ranch! Ironically, Ramon's number used to be 50 when he was playing football. Sick of feeling like he's killing himself, Ramon now feels a new fire in his belly.

Alison welcomes the players to the pool for tonight's challenge. Each team will use their weight to steer a ball through a maze floating on a raft to the finish. The team that finishes fastest will receive a two-pound advantage at the weigh-in, and the team that comes in second will receive a one-pound advantage. To even things up, one player from both the Black and Red Teams will sit out, Jennifer and Vinny. The Red Team's up first, and they're sick of losing to the Black Team. They know the second week on the ranch is always rough, and winning this challenge could mean everything. They complete the maze in 7:45. The Blue Team tries to strategize keeping Bonnie in one place because of her bum knee, but in the end, she's got to move along with everyone else. Once they pass 7:45, the Red Team knows they already have a one-pound advantage.

In the end, the Blue Team finishes in 14:45. The Black Team starts out cautiously, and teacher Sunny takes the lead in directing her team around the raft. The Red Team starts cheering when the Black Team hits a tricky dead end in the maze, but the Black Team beats it in short order. In the end, it comes right down to the wire. The Black Team wins the challenge with only three seconds to spare. After their Last Chance Workouts, the teams head back to the gym for the weigh-in, with both the Red and Blue Teams determined to beat the Black Team.

With a one-pound advantage on the scale, the Red Team weighs in first, starting with Vinny, who's hoping to break the 400 barrier. Everyone's disappointed when Vinny only loses five pounds. Jessica and Courtney lose seven pounds apiece. Patrick feels a lot less nervous than last week, but he's only lost six pounds. Still he remains positive. The bad news about his health has put Ramon into a funk. He tried to use his negative energy in the gym and it paid off - he's the Red Team's Biggest Loser at nine pounds! The Red Team's total weight loss is 35 pounds at The Black Team weighs in next, starting with their two-pound advantage won at the challenge. Everyone's shocked when Joe, the first team member to weigh in, only loses two pounds.

Jennifer's bum knee has prevented her from working out normally, but her modified workout has yielded a six-pound weight loss, and Sunny also loses six pounds. Now Antone and John are going to have to save the day - they'll need to lose at least 10 pounds each to beat the Reds. Antone tows the line with a 10-pound loss. All John can think about is his 37 stinkin' donuts, but he amazes everyone with a 15-pound weight loss, and the Black Team is once again safe at the top of the heap, with 41 pounds lost at Not only that, John is out of the 400s, and the biggest loser so far. Now the Blue Team will need to lose more than 23 pounds. First up, Becky's thrilled to lose five pounds. Boosted by the celebration of his 38th anniversary, Mike loses seven. Sadly, Bonnie pulls another low number - three. Johnny's last to weigh in; in order to keep his team safe, he needs to lose more than eight pounds.

The pressure's so intense that Anna can't watch the weigh-in. Johnny lost 17 pounds during Week 1, putting fear in the hearts of the Red Team, but his team knows he was having trouble doing everything he was supposed to this week. Everyone's stunned to discover that Johnny gained two pounds! Johnny can't understand how he let everyone down, but Anna reminds him he's been making excuses, not doing his homework. With a total of 13 pounds lost at the Blue Team must eliminate another of their teammates. Mike is safe, since he lost the most. Becky and Bonnie vote for Johnny, which is enough to eliminate him from the competition. Nevertheless, Johnny will return to run the marathon, and he still has a shot at the title.






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