The Biggest Loser Episode 11.12 The Biggest Loser 1112
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The Biggest Loser Episode 11.12 The Biggest Loser 1112

Episode Premiere
Mar 22, 2011
Production Company
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Mar 22, 2011
2004 - now
Production Co
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Alison Sweeney as Herself - Host
  • Bob Harper
  • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Trainer
  • Dolvett Quince
  • Kelly Fields
  • Mark Kruger
  • Roger Shultz
  • Hollie Self
  • Jay Kruger
  • J.D. Roth

It's instantly apparent that something's about to happen... because Alison's in the gym, and she's never in the gym. A wall slides back to reveal four colored dots on the floor - the players are about to be split into four teams of three, one team per trainer. No one's happy about this development, but Bob reassures them that no matter what, it's all going to be okay. In order based on the highest percentage of weight loss, the players select hand weights that are marked to indicate which team they'll be on. The new teams are as follows: Brett's Red Team consists of Justin, Jenn and Courtney; Bob's Blue Team is Moses, Irene, and Olivia; Cara's Green Team includes Austin, Ken and Kaylee. So that means Jillian's Black Team only has two members, Rulon and Olivia... but not for long, because one of the previously eliminated players is coming back to even everything up.

The choice is up to Hannah and Rulon - they have to choose which of the eliminated players will return to join their team. The other three teams leave the room while Hannah and Rulon talk through their gigantic decision with Jillian. Who will they choose? We'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Bob takes his Blue Team to Crunch, where he started working in 1997. He wants to show the contestants a roomful of people who are incorporating into their lives. Moses struggles - it hurts - but he makes it! The room gives him a round of applause for everything he's accomplished. Moses realizes he was meant to be on Bob's Blue Team - now he'll get his cardio on the right track.

Jillian invites Rulon and Hannah to her beach house in Malibu. She tells them they're going to relax for a bit, but of course, she has a challenging workout in mind. At least they can see the ocean while they sweat! Rulon comments that at one point during the workout, Jillian rides him "like an animal." Afterwards, Jillian gets to know Rulon. He tells her about his wife. Despite everything, somehow he still doesn't feel worthy of her love. Rulon decides today is the day to put his foot down and make a change; a change for the rest of his life.

Brett takes the Red Team off the ranch for a hike/run in nature. Justin can't help breaking down in tears - he's finally becoming who he wants to be, a better person. Admitting you're special is cool! The rest of the team feels what he's talking about, and it's hugs all around. Later, Jillian finds her team making lunch, sandwiches and Progresso Lite soup, all of which are under 100 calories per serving. Meanwhile, Cara takes her Green Team to Trinity Boxing. Boxing is allowing Kaylee to realize she's a fighter. Austin's been training with Cara since the beginning. Now Cara puts him in the ring for his first sparring match. The other guy's got a long reach, but Austin holds his own.

It's night when Alison calls the players to their next challenge - which is also time to reveal Hannah and Rulon's choice of which eliminated player will join their team. Jenn is thrilled to learn it's her father Jay! When Jay first came to the ranch, he weighed 400 pounds; he left frustrated in Week 7, feeling that the only reason he went home was because of game play. But now he's ready to get back in the game. It's a miracle, and he wants to do whatever he can to pay back the opportunity. Since he was weighed in today, Jay will have immunity for the week, and his weight loss won't count towards the Black Team's total.

And now, on to this week's challenge. Each team has a pulley attached to a block representing all the weight they've lost, suspended over a tank of water. The teams have to support the weight as long as they can, because when they let go, the weight will smash the tank of water and extinguish the flame that represents their team - which kicks them out of the challenge. What's the prize? The winning team will each have a chance for a video chat with their family. Moses wants to win very badly - nothing would make him happier than to talk to his wife and younger daughter. Although the challenge doesn't seem that tough, the players start cramping up 10 minutes in. The Green Team is first to throw in the towel at around 30 minutes.

Rulon's shoulder starts hurting, due to an old wrestling injury. Jay and Hannah are hanging in there, but after Rulon asks to let go for the third time, they give in. In the final moments, it's a fierce battle between Blue and Red. Super competitive, the teams know they're going to be there all night, so Alison switches it up. At 45 minutes, the players will each have to pick one hand - the only hand they can use to hold the rope for the duration of the challenge. Justin loses his concentration and loses hold of the rope, so he decides to coach Jenn and Courtney - to the win! Later the Red Team approaches the Blue Team with a big surprise. Since Courtney's mom Marci just left the ranch, and Jenn has her dad Jay back - they're giving their video chats to the Blue Team! Overwhelmed, the Blue Team is near tears with gratitude.

In his phone call home, Moses admits he's been struggling; he really wants to go home and start up his real life again. As much as his wife misses him, she's not sure it's time for Moses to come home yet. His family needs him to be the best person he can be. Moses realizes he needs to tough it out for as long as he can, for the sake of his family.

Before long, it's time for the last-chance workout. Brett takes some time to get to know Courtney, in between pushing the Red Team to the limit. Both Jillian and Bob challenge Rulon to a tug o' war - and Rulon prevails!

Kaylee tells Cara she's found her voice. She's so close to her goal weight, and she's found what she was looking for emotionally; now it's time to go home. Still, Cara makes Kaylee promise to fight until the very end, and then whatever happens, happens.

At the weigh-in, Alison explains that the teams may have changed, but the game has not. The team with the lowest total weight loss will face elimination - but they won't decide whom to eliminate. The other three teams will vote. Only Jay and the week's Biggest Loser will have immunity tonight. Nevertheless, Jay weighs in.

At the beginning of the week Jay was at 289 - he's already lost seven pounds! Next up, Hannah, who's lost a respectable four pounds, and .78%, another victory for her team. Rulon's blown away that he only lost five pounds this week - he thought it would be more like eight. So the Black Team's total loss is nine pounds, and the percentage to beat is 1.76%. The Blue Team's up next - they'll have to lose more than 11 pounds. Moses is up first, and he's excited at the prospect of breaking into the 200s. Strangely he's only lost three pounds - he didn't even get to 299. Luckily, Irene loses five pounds. If Olivia loses more than three, the Blue Team is safe. Despite all her doubts, Olivia has lost five pounds too! She's moving past her wall - finally!

The Blue Team loses a total of 13 pounds at 1.95%, so they're safe from elimination. Up next, Jenn from the Red Team, who loses four pounds. Once again, Courtney's shooting for her milestone, getting to 200 pounds lost since she began her journey. Losing three pounds, Courtney dedicates those goal-busting three to her mom Marci. The last member of the Red Team to weigh in, Justin's going to have to bring it home to stay alive - but he's only lost two. Brett claims he doesn't care about the numbers on the scale; Justin's inner transformation is what's important. For his part, Justin feels no shame, and knows the pounds will be shed another week. In order to beat the Red Team, the Green Team will have to lose more than nine pounds and 1.33 %. Now the Black Team's safe.

When the scales show zero weight lost, Kaylee knows it's her sign to go home. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks; it's not about weight loss anymore, and she's gained everything she needs at the ranch. Austin starts the Green Team off with three pounds lost. Now Ken will have to lose more than six to keep the Green Team safe. Ironically, Kaylee's devastated when Ken loses a whopping seven pounds! Alison reminds everyone that the game is not a prison. If Kaylee wants to go home, she can leave at any time, it's entirely up to her. Nevertheless, the teams will vote on who will be eliminated from the Red Team. Moses steps in to talk to Kaylee, reminding her to think of what her mom would say. When Alison asks Kaylee for a decision, she says she'll stay, though she doesn't seem at all happy about it.

Alison reminds everyone that it's time to celebrate Ken's weight loss. Even though Ken hasn't been below 270 since 1984, and his wife has never seen him weigh this little, his victory is bittersweet. Ken leaves the stage, apologizing to Justin. Now the Red Team faces elimination. Since Jenn is the team's Biggest Loser, everyone one else will have to decide whether it's Justin or Courtney who'll be going home tonight. This is a choice no one wants to make - could it be the worst weigh-in of the season? - and they only have an hour to do it. Justin immediately tells the rest of the players that it's time for him to go. Courtney doesn't want to take Justin's leadership away from the rest of the players, and he believes she's got to stay. Justin rallies the other players, telling them they're going to do what they need to do.

Justin keeps his arm around Courtney during the elimination, which begins emotionally, since Kaylee is the first person to cast a vote - for Justin. Rulon votes Courtney, and Olivia votes for Justin. Moses explains that he once told Justin that he would only vote for him if he were told to do so, and Justin did just that. Both Austin and Ken vote for Justin, making it five votes; Justin knows that per his request, he's going home, and allowing Courtney to stay. Regardless of anything else, the show saved Justin's life.