Episode 1.03 : Origin

  • Believe
    • Episode Premiere : March 23, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: Bad Robot Prod., Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Skouras and Winter meet in secret to call a truce, but Winter adamantly refuses to give up Bo. Skouras tries to play on Winter's emotions by recalling memories of Nina, Bo's mother. Skouras found Nina when she was a simple psychic reader. He brought her to his institution and, under Winter's guidance, Nina became a gifted telekinetic and psychic.

She was pregnant at the time, and Bo's birth cost Nina her life. Before she passed away, Nina made Winter promise to protect Bo. This is Winter's motivation. He is keeping his promise to Nina by protecting Bo from Skouras, who wants to market Bo's abilities as a weapon to the military.

Meanwhile, Tate and Bo arrive in New York City and set out to the safe house Winter has provided for them. Skouras' henchmen are hot on the trail, though, so there's no time to waste. On the way to the safe house, Bo is almost hit by a car on a busy New York street corner. While being confronted by the passenger, Tate manages to lift her wallet. He'll need some cash if he's going to continue the journey. Bo does not approve of his methods, though, and she demands that they return the wallet.

Tate finally yields to Bo's wishes, and they arrive at the home of the wallet owner, Leona, to return the stolen item. Upon brushing hands with Leona, Bo senses that she lost her husband and family a long time ago. Leona confirms her suspicions: she and her husband and son were refugees from their homeland. Leona made it out, but her family did not.

After the visit, Bo learns that Tate stole a necklace from Leona's apartment while she was distracted. Tate tries to find a place to sell the stolen jewelry, and Bo is drawn to a specific pawnshop. Meanwhile, Skouras' team is hot on their trail, and Winter's team is temporarily cut off from Bo and Tate. They're on their own for at least an hour, until Winter can arrange for an extraction.

Tate and Bo finally arrive at Bo's chosen pawnshop. While Tate bickers with the owner over payment for the necklace, Bo is drawn to the shop's assistant, Karim. She quickly realizes why she was pulled to this particular shop: the assistant is Leona's long-lost son! He doesn't believe it at first, but when Bo shows him the necklace, Karim knows that Bo has found his mother.

Bo and Tate escort Karim back to his mother's house, where the two are finally reunited. Outside the apartment building, Tate and Bo are spotted by police officers and Tate is arrested. When the patrol officers run Tate's ID through their computer system, Skouras' team is alerted. They rush to the scene, but not before Bo manages to break Tate out of his handcuffs and telekinetically dismantle the patrol officer's handgun in the blink of an eye.

Tate and Bo escape from the officers, but Skouras' agents are right on their tail. Luckily, Winter finds them just in time. The trio darts into the subway, and Bo electrifies the subway gate to ditch their pursuers. They're safe for now, but not for long.

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