Bachelor Pad Episode 3.01 Episode 301
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Bachelor Pad Episode 3.01 Episode 301

Episode Premiere
Jul 23, 2012
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon
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Episode Premiere
Jul 23, 2012
2010 - 2013
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon
Official Site
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Back to the Pad!

The third season at the pad features an assorted crew of lovely ladies and hunky guys. Check out the bios to get the scoop on the 15 Bachelor/Bachelorette alums along with the six super-fans who are moving into the mansion. They are all looking for love, but will settle for $250,000. Now, let's get back to the pad!

The Intros

There are many familiar faces and a few fresh ones in the pad this season including a pair of super fan twins, Brittany and Erica, who will be acting as one player. Kalon makes a "par for the course" entrance when he drives up in a sports car and asks Chris Harrison to look after it for him.

Speaking of the host with the most, he tries to explain the rules to this raucous crew. Ed is fairly lit, so he has no interest in what's being said. He dives into the pool in his underwear. Jaclyn ends up partnering with the most intoxicated pad pal of the night because, well, he was the only one left. More than a few of the ladies have their eye on Chris. He ultimately decides to team with the always-intense Blakely, who promises to donkey-punch him in the throat if he lets her down. So sweet.

Falling for Love

After all the mansion-mates partner up, they head outside for their first challenge. It's called "Falling for Love." Each couple gets inside a giant heart the will be raised above the ground and tilted forward. The team that can hang inside the heart longest wins.

Two by two, the couples fall out of love until on a pair of teams remain. Brittany and David battle it out with Paige and Reid. The two super fans end up winning the day. David gets to go on a date with Brittany and Erica at the Santa Monica Pier. They also pull a Ben-and-Courtney move by skinny dipping in the ocean. Told ya they were super fans!

More Than Pad Pals

Back at the pad, Jamie pulls Chris into a back bedroom for a little make-out session. This does not sit well with Blakeley. She busts into the room to interrupt the moment. This leads to a big brouhaha that has Blakeley feeling very betrayed.

Speaking of betrayal, Erica is very upset when David says that he plans to vote her off the competition. It's all part of his strategy. Erica assures him that his plan won't work. She also assures him that she'll make his life a living hell from here on out. Think David was ever a super fan of Erica's?

Trolling for Support

Nick and Erica fell out of love first during the competition. They already have one vote against them. SWAT man/super fan Chris feels like he's on the chopping block since David said this is a "fans versus veterans" competition. He pleads his case to a few of the ladies. SWAT Chris doesn't believe any of their answers are sincere. He truly believes he's on the way out. Paige is worried, too. She wants to hang around longer to explore things with Reid, who campaigns to keep this sweet super fan in the house. Kalon seems to be the swing vote. Of course, he just tells everyone exactly what they want to hear.

The Rose Ceremony

The folks who get roses after the first day at the pad are:


Brittany and Erica (safe from the challenge)


David (safe from the challenge)















That means SWAT Chris and sweet Paige are headed out the door. Two super fans are down. Does that mean the remaining ones have a target on their backs? We'll find out next time at the pad.