Bachelor Pad Episode 1.02 Episode 102
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Bachelor Pad Episode 1.02 Episode 102

Episode Premiere
Aug 16, 2010
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon
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Episode Premiere
Aug 16, 2010
2010 - 2013
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon
Official Site
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War of the Roses

After the first rose ceremony, all remaining contestants have learned how important it is to keep the opposite sex happy on this show. Hey, that's a good idea, in general! Anyway, Jesse K tells Elizabeth that he wants to do "damage control." But has too much damage already been done? We'll see.

Cutie Pies

This week's immunity challenge involves a pie-eating contest. Yum! The ladies request some trashcans for the contest. Please see the pie-eating scene in Stand By Me for the reason why. Say, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that one of the bins being used is a recycling container?! Anyway, Gia gets some coaching from Wes and manages to hold off Tenley to take the top pie prize.

Humble Pie Guys

A pie-eating David has no idea how the girls were able to finish the dish. Craig tries to dip his hair into the pastry in order to soak up some of the filling. Disgusting, but not illegal. The surprising dark horse is Jonathan. Despite being counted out by many of the girls, Jonathan takes the cake when it comes to pies. The weatherman's the winner!

"Reveal your true selves, no brushes allowed."

When Jonathan's date card arrives, he chooses Gwen (her second straight date!), Peyton, and Ashley. Jesse K thinks that was a strategic move as he chose three ladies who haven't hooked up with anyone in the house...yet! Jonathan and the girls are greeted at an art studio by Melissa who informs them that they'll be doing some body painting. Things get a bit messy, but in a good way. There weren't any Picassos in the group, but everyone sure had fun.

Do it for, Johnny!

Back at the house, Krisily, Nikki, and Gia are feeling a little left out but are strategizing to get back at the "cool kids." Jonathan, meanwhile, plots to take down the cool kid alliance. He dubs his new group, 'the outliers', which sounds a little like The Outsiders. Stay gold, Ponyboy. Let's do it for Johnny! (Or, in this case, Jonathan.) The weatherman even manages to convince Ashley to break up the cool kids.

Jonathan's final one-on-one is with Gwen. It's obvious he likes her and gives her the rose. But we're heartbroken to hear that Gwen sees no future with him.

"Love is intense"

Gia's date card comes and the first two people she selects are Wes and Craig. She pretends the last spot is up to fate by randomly picking a name out of a bowl. However, but she really wrote only Jesse Beck's name on every slip of paper. Smooth, Gia. Smooth.

First, Gia assures Craig that he'll be getting the rose and will need his help in taking out the cool kids. Next up is Jesse. She gives him the 411 to and tells him he needs to join the outsiders. Gia is concerned that he'll tell Natalie about the plan, but Jesse promise to stay mum. He's here for money, not love.

The Shower Power of Love

Elizabeth wants to make things up to Jesse K for turning the girls against him. So, they shower together. That's one way to wash away the past!

Wes already knows Craig's getting the rose, so he wants Gia to cut the chase. He's aware of the strategy and tells her he's crazy about her. The situation sucks, but he still really likes her. Gia blushes and gets a bit choked. Could there be love in the air?

SHOCKER ALERT! Gia gives Wes the rose! Craig is stunned because he had Gia's word that he'd be gettin' all rosy tonight. Wonder if this move will lead to some future just desserts for Gia.

Callouts and Fallouts

Jessie works both sides of the pad by hooking up with David in the hot tub and continuing to communicate with the outsiders. Krisily sees it all and let's Kiptyn know her thoughts on Jessie.

Jesse Beck tells Natalie that he's heard she's made "the rounds" with some of the other guys. Meanwhile, Gia knows she made a mistake by giving Wes a rose but feels if she can get everyone in her alliance to pull together then they'll be able to send Kiptyn home.

The Rose Ceremony

When Chris Harrison arrives, everyone is paranoid. Wonder why?! Elizabeth begins to talk about how many of them trust their partners, but Tenley interrupts to let everyone know that her relationship is not "physical." Then the gloves come off. Seems like a good time to have a vote!

Jessie is shocked to learn that she may be on the chopping block, but Jesse K, David and Kiptyn vote for Krisily because they think Jessie could be an ally later. They're also aware that Kiptyn is on the chopping block and know they have to swing one of the outsider's votes. Kiptyn thinks he can pull Nikki's vote and get Craig sent home. Due to their pre-existing relationship, Nikki actually takes back her word that she gave to the outsiders and votes for Craig. Is anyone else's head spinning right about now?!

The outsiders are in shock as Craig and Jessie are voted. Gia feels horrible that she didn't give Craig a rose to keep him safe. The outsiders know that it was one of their own who let them down. Nikki knows she double-crossed the group and is deeply afraid of the consequences.