Episode 1.12 : Two Birds

  • Awake
    • Episode Premiere : May 17, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

After pulling out all the evidence on the accident he has, a depressed-looking Britten shares his realization that a cop tried to kill him with both of his therapists. Dr. Lee asks if it's possible he's inventing this scenario to avoid dealing with the guilt of Rex's death. Dr. Evans believes he's misremembering key elements of the accident, such as Hawkins face behind the steering wheel of the car that ran him off the road. Both believe Britten is suffering from a paranoid delusion, as there is no evidence to support his claim. Britten defies both of their conclusions - this isn't about what he believes; it's about what he saw. Hawkins ran him off the road, and he's the reason Britten will never be together with his entire family again. Britten leaves Dr. Evans office saying he should never have called her. He's got work to do.

Rather than tell Rex what's up, Britten claims he's chasing a dangerous criminal and thus wants Rex to stay with an out-of-town aunt for a few days. Rex reluctantly agrees to go, though he isn't concerned about himself. He's worried about his dad, who's been holed up in the garage for the last two days. Later, Bird drops by the house after Britten refuses to answer his calls. Bird finds no sign of Britten; however he does spy a wall in the garage covered with evidence from the accident. Ed Hawkins photo is prominently displayed.

Bird visits Dr. Evans at her office. He's worried about Britten and wants to know if he has any reason to be. Evans refers to patient confidentiality, but Bird knows that Evans is compelled to say something if she feels her patient is a danger to himself or to others. Realizing Bird doesn't know the full extent of Britten's dual worlds, Evans reminds him that if she were to share any such information with Captain Harper, it would end Britten's career. When Evans asks him to be more specific, Bird mentions the wall of evidence; he knows what obsession looks like. Is there something Bird should be worried about? Evans points out the mere fact Bird is in her office answers his question. If Bird is considering some sort of intervention, he might want to do it sooner rather than later.

Britten enters Hawkins' house and holds him at gunpoint. Hawkins murdered Britten's family and now he's going explain why. Hawkins denies knowing anything, so Britten shoots him in the leg. When Britten threatens to destroy Hawkins' kneecaps, Hawkins starts talking. The narcotics division had been taking heroin from evidence and selling it themselves. They were keeping the supply at Westfield until Britten started to investigate. Fearing he was getting too close, they put a hit on him. Britten demands to know who "they" are, but Hawkins doesn't want to talk until IA is involved. He tells Britten to check his laptop for a file, just as Bird pulls up. When Britten is distracted by the sounds of the car, Hawkins attacks Britten, but winds up dead in the ensuing struggle.

Bird hears the shots outside Hawkins' house just as he arrives. Busting into the house, Bird finds himself at the end of Britten's gun. Britten swears he can explain everything, though first he's going to need Bird's gun. Driving away from the crime scene, Bird is handcuffed in the passenger seat begging Britten to turn himself in so they can figure everything out. Britten knows he can't go in without evidence, so he needs to find someone to unlock the protected file on Hawkins' laptop. Bird mentions an old contact, Francis, who might be able to help. As Britten reaches for Bird's phone in his pocket, Bird knocks him out.

fter waking up in Hannah's world, Britten jumps out of bed, breathing heavily, and jumps into his clothes. Hannah asks where he's going in such a hurry since he's suspended. Claiming there's something he needs to do, Britten becomes flustered when he can't find the gun he keeps at the house. Hannah admits she's been scared by his actions the last couple days and moved it. Britten requests Hannah leave the house for the day and call him before she comes back. None of this is making Hannah feel more secure. Britten calls Bird to request a meeting right now, asking him not to tell Hawkins. When Bird makes an excuse and heads out to meet Britten, Hawkins grows suspicious.

Bird and Britten rendezvous at a nearby park. Britten explains the heroin scheme to Bird and mentions Hawkins is involved. Bird doesn't believe it. Britten claims the evidence is on Hawkins' computer. If Bird could simply send him a file from Hawkins' laptop, Britten would be able to prove his story. Bird refuses to steal from his partner. Britten pleads with Bird, for his sake, for Rex's sake, for all their years watching each other's backs. As Britten hands Bird the name of the file on a piece of paper, someone is taking their picture from a parked car... Hawkins.

Hawkins meets with Captain Harper and Carl in a parking lot to show them the photos of Britten handing something to Bird. Harper tries to avoid escalation, but Carl says it's time for both Britten and Bird to go. Harper objects to the killing of two highly decorated police officers. Carl corrects her: there's only one highly decorated officer; the other one is suspended and mentally unstable. "We can make this work for us," he claims. When Harper says nothing, Carl dispatches Hawkins to do the dirty deed, leaving Harper behind in the parking garage to lament her plight.

Bird downloads the file from Hawkins computer onto a memory stick and hands it off to Britten. Taking the file to Francis (the guy Bird offered to contact in Rex's world), Britten discovers the file is a signed lease agreement for a storage facility dated the same day as Britten's accident. Britten deduces this must be where they moved the heroin after Westfield. Bird recognizes the signature of the man who signed the lease - Carl Kessel, Captain of the Western Division! Bird and Britten agree to meet at Bird's house after work to check out the storage facility. Britten stops by Rex's gravesite along the way to lament that he should've been the one to die, not Rex or Hannah. He pledges to find whoever's responsible and make them pay.

Bird's not home when Britten arrives, so he uses the spare key to enter. Finding Bird's dead body on the floor, Britten doesn't have time to grieve before Hawkins has him at gunpoint. Hawkins explains the story he's cooked up to frame Britten: crazy Britten barged in and killed Bird, so Hawkins killed Britten in self-defense. Britten stalls Hawkins, claiming IA knows about the lease and Kessel's involvement. Hawkins thinks he's bluffing until Britten mentions his computer password: tulip. Catching him off-guard, Britten escapes by jumping through a glass door, but is shot in the gut as he flees the scene. While hiding from Hawkins in an alley, Britten passes out from the blood loss.

Harper tells her department that Bird's been killed by one of their own: Detective Michael Britten. Claiming Britten's slipped into a psychosis and should be considered extremely dangerous, Vega is stunned as the captain basically gives permission to use deadly force first instead of trying to apprehend Britten. Calling Vega into her office, Harper asks Vega whether Britten has told him any crazy theories or conspiracy stories. Vega says no, adding that while he's seen Britten do a lot of weird things over the past five months, there's no way he killed his former partner. Harper disdainfully tells him to save his compassion for Bird and not refute the testimony of the officer who witnessed the crime.

Britten wakes up in Rex's world, handcuffed in the back of Bird's car. Britten's relieved to see Bird alive at least in this world. Before Bird can turn Britten in at the station, Britten convinces Bird to check Hawkins' laptop for the lease agreement. Oh - and even though he's been passed out in the backseat for the last half hour, he now knows Hawkins' password: tulip. A skeptical Bird uses the password to access the file. Bird is mystified, but convinced enough to take Britten into Captain Harper's office. Britten lays the conspiracy out on the table for Harper insisting they check out Carl's storage unit immediately. Harper isn't sold, but she does allow Bird to take a team to the storage facility while Britten remains in custody. Britten thanks her, but she doesn't know why. Unless Bird comes back with something real, Britten's going to be staying in that holding cell for a long, long time.






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