American Horror Story

Episode 1.04 : Murder House: Halloween (Part 1)

  • American Horror Story
    • Episode Premiere : October 26, 2011
    • Distributor : FX
    • Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - now
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story


At the Murder House, Chad Warwick is preparing for Halloween. His boyfriend Patrick says that he's going to the gym and Chad tells him to wear a condom. After a moment, Patrick comes back and asks why he would wear a condom, and Chad says that he knows that he's screwing the instructor at the gym. Patrick admits that he is and Chad reminds him that they've agreed not to talk about Patrick's extracurricular sexual activities. He also says that at this point, nothing Patrick can say will hurt him. Patrick says that he wants a relationship with a man and Chad tells him to leave, but then reminds him that they can't because they sunk all their money into the house and now they can't get sell it. He tells Patrick to man up, and Patrick disgustedly says that they wanted to have a baby and a great life. He walks away, angry and disappointed.

Later, Chad is putting the red apples in the bobbing station and realizes that they have to be green. The rubber man comes in and Chad assumes that it's Patrick. The rubber man attacks him and finally drowns him in the bobbing bucket and breaks his necks. Patrick comes in and sees that his lover is dead.

The Present

Ben and Vivien call in Marcy and complain that she isn't finding buyers for the house. She tells them that it's impossible with the house's reputation and suggests that they get a fluffer to spruce up the place and improve the house's image by giving it some style. She figures that they can get a lot of mileage by decorating for Halloween and getting a good image with the neighbors. Marcy points out that the house was egged, although no one was aware that it was the dead twins Bryan and Tony. Vivien agrees with Marcy and tells her to get a fluffer. She says that she has two choices, and the couple goes with the least inexpensive one, the gay man.

Travis is reading a story to Adelaide about how on Halloween, the dead walk among the living. She whispers to Travis what she's going to dress as for Halloween, and Constance comes in and overhears them talking. Travis volunteers to get food and cigarettes. Once he leaves, Constance berates Adelaide for flirting with Travis. She warns her daughter what happened to the last one and reminds her that she's given her entire life to raising her. Constance insists she won't share the affections of any man with Adelaide. She notices a magazine and Adelaide explains that she wants to dress up as a pretty girl from an advertisement. Constance tells her that she'll go as Snoopy or not at all, and Adelaide tells her about the story. When she hears it, Constance says that they've always known that the dead walk freely among the living.

Ben answers the doorbell and finds Larry there, holding a Halloween pumpkin basket and demanding $1,000 for disposing of Hayden. He suggests that he might have to call the inspector to check out the gazebo and demands his treat, but Ben kicks the basket away and tells him to leave.

Next, Ben meets with Tate and points out that the new psychiatrist he recommended has never seen Tate. Tate only wants to see Ben, and Ben demands to know why Tate was in the house at the time of the break-in. The teen claims that he threw pebbles at Violet's window but she blew him off, and he noticed that the door was unlocked. When Ben says that it's inappropriate to treat him, Tate breaks into tears and says that Ben is the only one he trusts to help him. Ben reluctantly agrees to meet him for coffee but refuses to meet with him in the house.

A security firm worker shows Vivien the new security system that she's paid to have installed. She admits that the house systems are old and the worker admits that if they lose power, they could have trouble. Vivien then finds Moira carving pumpkins. The housekeeper asks for Halloween off so she can visit with her mother and Vivien agrees. Vivien takes the first pumpkin outside and sees Chad and Patrick looking at the house, and assumes that they're Marcy's fluffers.

The gay couple soon has Ben and Vivien carving pumpkins in the kitchen. Patrick and Chad start sniping at each other, and Vivien asks what else they can do to spruce up the house. Chad suggests that they tear down the gazebo, and a nervous Ben cuts himself. Patrick takes him upstairs to deal with the wounds, and then offers to give Ben oral sex. Ben insists that he's straight and Patrick apologizes, saying that it's been a long time for him. As they go back downstairs, Patrick asks Ben not to mention the incident to Chad because they're not doing well.

In the kitchen, Chad says that Ben seems nervous and has an inner darkness. Vivien focuses on his problems with Patrick and Chad admits that Patrick plays along. He explains to Vivien that the way to find out if someone is cheating is to check their cell phone records and see who they're calling.

Violet is in her room when she hears something beneath her bed. It's Adelaide, who grabs her leg to scare her and then crawls out. She asks Violet to make her up as a pretty girl for Halloween and Violet agrees. Adelaide asks if Tate is her boyfriend and says that she talks to him and knows that Tate likes her. She then asks Violet if she's a virgin. When Violet says she is, Adelaide says that she is and that she likes coming to the house because her friends are there.

When Adelaide comes home, Constance demands to know who made her look like a slut. She says that she refused to lock Adelaide up but she had no choice but to take care of her. Adelaide runs off before her mother can catch her.

Violet agrees to meet Tate in the basement at midnight. When she goes there, the rubber man attacks her but then reveals that he's Tate, wearing the costume. He ducks her question of how he got the costume back and asks if he scared her. Violet insists that she didn't and Tate says that he can scare her. He sets up an Ouija board and tells the story of how the original owners. Charles and Nora Montgomery, ran an abortion mill in the basement. One of the patients told her boyfriend, who abducted their baby, cut it up into pieces, and sent them back in jars. Insane with grief, Charles stitched the parts back together and Nora discovered what he was doing. Now the spirit of the baby, the Infantata, still remains in the basement. Violet says she isn't scared and asks to go on a real date. Tate agrees to meet her the next night and then asks Violet to help him get out of the house so that Ben doesn't see him. As they go, a sudden wind blows out the candles on the Ouija board.

Ben meets with Tate for coffee and comments that a young girl dressed in a Halloween costume reminds him of Violet when she was young. He talks about how Violet was like her mom, and neither one of them wanted to be like anyone else. Ben explains that he was a troubled kid like Tate, and everyone was shocked when he became a doctor. Now he has an amazing gift of family. Ben starts sobbing and Tate tells him that everything will be all right.

Constance comes to see Adelaide and asks where her costume is. Adelaide says that she's too old to go trick-or-treating, but Constance gives her a woman mask and says that she doesn't have to worry about make-up.

Ben puts on a vampire costume, and Vivien confronts him, saying she's checked his cell phone and knows that Hayden has been calling him. She reminds him that they were done if he lied to her again, and Ben claims that Hayden tried to call him and he ignored all of her calls. When she did get hold of him, he threatened to call the police and she stopped. Vivien says that Hayden may call again because she left a message, and Ben tells her not to expect a return call. He claims that he didn't want to add more stress to Vivien after the break-in, and assures her that Hayden is over. Ben's cell phone rings and Vivien checks to see that it's Hayden calling. She says that she'll call Hayden back and throws the phone away.

Vivien comes down to check out the decorations and Chad complains about her second-rate witch costume. When Chad sees that they've gotten him the wrong apples, he tells Ben that he does whatever he has to do to get the right apples. Chad tells them both to leave, saying they don't deserve the house, and Vivien destroys the decorations and tells Chad and Patrick to get out. Chad starts to go after her but sees the rubber man at the window. Patrick gets Chad out while Vivien tells Ben that she doesn't believe him and tells him to get out as well. Before he can do anything, Vivien clutches at her stomach and says that she can feel the baby kicking, but it's too early. Violet comes down and Ben tells her to lock the door and refuse to answer it while he takes Vivien to the hospital.

Adelaide comes to the Harmons' door and knocks, hoping she can show her costume to Violet. Violet ignores the doorbell and several girls in costume come to the door. They dismiss Adelaide and walk across the street, and she goes after them. As she crosses the street, a car hits her.

Ben and Vivien go to the emergency room and the ER doctor finally sees them. She does an ultrasound and notes that the fetus appears too large for eight weeks. When she looks at the baby on the monitor, the doctor faints.

Constance comes looking for Adelaide and finds the EMTs tending to her daughter. She shoves them away and says that she has to get Adelaide onto her lawn with all her friends before she dies. As she drops Adelaide onto the grass, she realizes that her daughter is dead.

Moira goes to a senior citizen center and visits Molly, her comatose mother who is on life support. The housekeeper apologizes, saying that she should have been there for Molly but wasn't. She then unhooks the respirator and watches as Molly dies. Her mother's spirit appears behind Moira and invites her to come with her, but Moira says that she can't.

Larry pounds on the front door of the house, demanding his $1,000, and Violet goes to look through the peephole. She calls Ben, who tells her to make sure the door is locked up and that they'll be home soon. As Violet backs away from the door, she's unaware that the rubber man is waiting behind her.

Ben and Vivien arrive home a few minutes later and discover that the front door is open and the alarms are on. Vivien calls Violet's cell phone while Ben hears a knock at the door. He answers the door, finds a Hayden standing there, and slams the door shut.






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