The Amazing Race

Episode 21.10 : Not a Well-Rounded Athlete

  • The Amazing Race
    • Episode Premiere : December 02, 2012
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Game-Show, Adventure
    • Seasons : 21
    • Show Period : 2001 - now
    • Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Phil Keoghan

The Story


On the island of Mallorca in Spain, dating couple Trey & Lexi won their third leg while twins Natalie & Nadiya couldn't drive stick shift and came in last.

CELEBRATION Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 2:55am, twins Natalie & Nadiya ripped open their clue instructing them to fly south to the seaside city of Barcelona, Spain. When they touched down, they had to make their way to the Port of Barcelona to catch an overnight ferry to the island of Mallorca. Once there, they would encounter a traditional Mallorcan spectacle of devils and demons playing with fire and had to search for the devil with their clue. Taking separate flights to Barcelona, the alliance of Natalie & Nadiya, Chippendales Jaymes & James, and dating couple Trey & Lexi all met up at the Port of Barcelona and purchased tickets for the 11pm overnight ferry to Mallorca. Now with 12 hours left before their departure, the three teams celebrated the reunion by swimming in the ocean and enjoying the beautiful Barcelona beach. The only question lingering for the alliance was whether their plan actually eliminated dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan like they intended. After their afternoon frolicking in the sun, the three teams hesitated as they returned to the ferry terminal afraid of what team they would see. The twins spotted goat farmers Josh & Brent first and let out a giant squeal running over to hug them. Chippendale James later said, "We're happy that the strategy with the U-Turn worked, that we ended up sending a strong team home." Josh commented, "After being behind for so many legs in this Race, it's just so great to be with the other teams...finally. We're feeling so much more optimistic, feel like we have a shot again, like we can actually win."


The next morning, the four teams arrived at the port in Mallorca and jumped into taxis headed for Dalt Murada. While three teams had drivers who took them directly to the cathedral steps where traditional demons and devils danced, one team, Josh & Brent, got dropped off at the hotel Dalt Murada instead, putting them once again in last place. At the cathedral, the three teams darted through a dizzying array of devils and demons swinging maces lit on fire, breathing fire from their mouths, and screeching loudly. Finally, the teams spotted the devil holding their clues, and they each carefully took one from him as the chaos continued all around. After reading the clue, they had to drive to the town on Manacor and find Centro de Alto Rendimiento.


Jumping into cars, the majority alliance appeared poised to continue their winning ways...until Nadiya started driving. On the highway, the Chippendales and Trey & Lexi noticed that their caravan of three turned into two, but they didn't know what happened to the twins. On a road overlooking the gorgeous blue water, Nadiya stalled the car out and couldn't get it back in gear. Natalie scolded her sister, "You should've taken extra driving lessons." Nadiya admitted that she only took one class in driving stick shift before the Race thinking that would be sufficient. As the car jerked forward, Nadiya conceded that perhaps she wasn't as prepared as she should have been. Becoming a backseat driver, Natalie gave Nadiya the little advice she knew about driving stick and the twins were (slowly) back on the road.


Arriving at Centro de Alto Rendimiento together in first place, the Chippendales and Trey & Lexi ripped open their clue to find a Roadblock. Manacor is known as the hometown of world tennis great Rafael Nadal, "the king of clay." In this Roadblock, one team member had to choose a tennis pro and a basket balls. Facing off against a high-powered ball machine, they had to successfully return 20 balls inbounds before their basket emptied. Trey and James each grabbed tennis rackets and baskets of balls before walking onto the red clay courts. As soon as the machines started firing, it was clear that one had an advantage. Tennis is among the many sports Trey plays, so he felt confident from the beginning and landed shots inside the painted lines. Meanwhile, James couldn't put his muscles to use as balls sped past him and the ones he did hit flew off his racket out of bounds. At the end of the first round, Trey reached his 20 balls inbounds while James only had 6. Ripping open their next clue, Trey & Lexi now had to drive to Coves de Campanet and follow the music to their next clue.


After James hit 20 shots on his next try, goat farmers Josh & Brent pulled into Centro de Alto Rendimiento just as the Chippendales were leaving. Even though he had a hurt ankle from the previous leg, Josh told Brent he felt better and volunteered for the Roadblock. When the machine began firing out the low, fast tennis balls, Josh struggled to connect and make shots inside the lines. Making matters worse, Josh forgot about his injury and when he tried planting his foot, he slid on the soft clay, rolling his ankle yet again. Watching Josh grunt as he kept swatting at balls, Brent commented, "He sounds like Monica Seles out there on the court." At the end of his first bucket of balls, Josh only hit a total of 4 in bounds. After reaching 10 balls on his second attempt, Josh needed a break from running on his ankle and rested in the corner as Nadiya took to the court. Watching her start, a defeated Josh predicted, "They're probably gonna power past it." Even though Nadiya only got 8 balls on her first attempt, a worried Josh continued to sit in the corner, saying, "I just can't push off that ankle." With Brent cheering (and coaxing) Josh back onto the court, Josh knew he had to play through the pain because he had no other option. As Brent continued praising Josh's slightly improved technique, on the third attempt the tennis balls started landing in bounds. After reaching the magic 20th ball, Josh doubled over, saying, "I feel like I just won the Olympics." Just as the goat farmers ran back to their cars, Nadiya also hit her 20th shot in bounds making the Race very tight.


Trey & Lexi and Jaymes & James arrived together at the Coves de Campanet and decided to team up as they walked underground into the subterranean caves. Passing stalactites and other incredible rock formations as they descended, the two teams faintly heard guitars playing in the distance. Trey's sharp ears led the teams in the right direction, and they discovered a pair of guitar players who handed them their next clue. Ripping it open, the two teams encountered a Detour allowing them to choose between Spin It and Bull It. Spin It required teams to repair a 400-year old windmill by properly attaching two giant blades to it. Bull It required teams to enter a 1000-year old bullfighting arena and take on the role of a bull. Charging their way around the corrida, they would have two minutes to successfully butt the capes of eight matadors and must correctly hit the bullseye launching the final matador into the air.


Deciding to drive together to the bullfighting arena, the two lead teams parted ways at a roundabout when they disagreed on which direction to go. As soon as the Chippendales kept driving in the direction they chose, they noticed some windmills in the distance and realized they stumbled onto the other side of the Detour. Pulling in, Jaymes said, "It's like a big, giant ceiling fan. It can't be that hard." After putting on a yellow hardhat and tool belt, they climbed up stairs through the tower until they reached the structure's base. Picking up a large metal blade from the ground, Jaymes held it in place on the windmill while James started securing the blade with a bolt.


Entering the arena where a band serenaded their arrival, Trey & Lexi put on a bull costume with Lexi as the front half and Trey as the behind. Even though Lexi could barely see out of the bull's mask she had on her face, Trey had an opening in the back that allowed his head freedom and he was able to use his eyes to guide them through the course of matadors. Shouting out to Lexi when to turn, Trey successfully steered himself and Lexi past each matador's cape until only the bullseye remained. Unable to see clearly, Lexi hit the bullseye too hard and at an angle so that the entire matador stand collapsed. Pulling herself out of the mangled wreckage, Lexi cried out in pain because she sliced open her finger. Even though Trey tried to calm her down, she continued to sob, telling him, "My finger is just throbbing."


Using wrenches to tighten bolts and properly set the blades in place on the windmill, Jaymes joked, "In our down time from Chippendales, we like to come out and do a little windmill repair. We're multi-dimensional." After getting approval from the judge for their work, Jaymes & James walked over to Don Quixote who handed them the next clue instructing them to drive to the next Pit Stop at Castell de Bellver, a 14th Century fortress whose name means "the castle with the lovely view." Meanwhile, after taking a moment to calm down and regain her composure, Lexi returned to the arena, but this time made Trey be the front of the bull while she shouted directions from the back. After guiding Trey through all eight matadors successfully, Lexi, learning her lesson the hard way, told him to lightly tap the bullseye. When Trey did this, the last matador, a dummy, went flying through the air earning the dating couple their clue to the Pit Stop. After racing through the pain of her injury, a determined Lexi wanted to win first place badly and she got her wish. The dating couple beat the Chippendales in the race to the Pit Stop to win their third leg - this time a trip for two from Travelocity to the Riviera Maya. Reflecting on their success thus far, Trey remarked, "We've never traveled the world. We've never done anything like this...I think every leg that we complete we get a little more confident."


Battling it out for last place, goat farmers Josh & Brent arrived at the windmill Detour mere minutes ahead of twins Natalie & Nadiya. Getting geared up, Josh said, "Whatever competitive drive that I have really did kick in when the twins pulled up and I knew in my heart that we would be better at this than they would be." Up on the windmill, farmer Josh seemed even more confident as he compared this to repairing a tractor, just having to know where the nuts and bolts went. On a nearby windmill, progress for twins Natalie & Nadiya was slow at best. Dropping tools and putting bolts in the wrong hole, the twins quickly fell behind Josh & Brent and just couldn't catch up. The goat farmers' efficiency in such a rural, agricultural based task proved too much for the twins who watched in shock when Josh & Brent drove off in third place. After Phil called Josh & Brent "the little train that could", Josh added, "We can actually win!" Finishing the windmills, the twins took full responsibility for their lousy day, saying, "The Beekmans were just like a non-factor for us. And now we mess up so bad. We did this all by ourselves to ourselves. If we're eliminated, we only have ourselves to blame." The twins' bad day got a lot better on the mat when Phil informed them that this was a non-elimination leg. Relieved to still be in the Race, Natalie commented, "From here all we can go is up now. Positive thinking. So we just have to put our games face on, make sure we're making smart decisions and hopefully there's no bloody driving."


Roadblock: A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform. In this Roadblock, that person had to choose a tennis pro and a basket balls. Facing off against a high-powered ball machine, they had to successfully return 20 balls inbounds before their basket was empty. Performed Roadblock: Trey, James, Josh, Nadiya

Detour: In this Detour, teams had to choose between Spin It and Bull It. Spin It required teams to repair a 400-year old windmill by properly attaching two giant blades to the windmill. Bull It required teams to enter a 1000-year old bullfighting arena and become a bull. Charging their way around the corrida, they would have two minutes to successfully butt the capes of eight matadors and must correctly hit the bullseye launching the final matador into the air. Spin It: Jaymes/James, Josh/Brent, Natalie/Nadiya Bull It: Trey/Lexi

Order of Finish: 1. Trey & Lexi 2. Jaymes & James 3. Josh & Brent 4. Natalie & Nadiya ...






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