The Amazing Race

Episode 19.03 : Don't Lay Down On Me Now (Indonesia)

  • The Amazing Race
    • Episode Premiere : October 09, 2011
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Game-Show, Adventure
    • Seasons : 19
    • Show Period : 2001 - now
    • Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Phil Keoghan

The Story

After starting in last place and falling even further behind, married couple Amani & Marcus staged a comeback to stay in the race as former Vegas showgirls Kaylani & Lisa were eliminated.


Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 7:38am, professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy ripped open their clue instructing them to take a ride back into the Dutch colonial era by joining a group of local enthusiasts who reenact the bicycle patrols of the 1940's. Once they rode in formation with their fellow bike riders to Fort Vredeburg, teams would receive their next clue. After putting on khaki shorts, a matching shirt, and hats to complete the outfit, the professional snowboarders hopped on their old-fashioned bicycles and began riding through the streets of Yogykarta with their patrol group. Not content to merely ride his bike, Andy broke out a wheelie before he and Tommy arrived at More...the gates of Fort Vredeburg. After parking their bikes, Andy & Tommy opened their clue instructing them to travel into the vast countryside of Salakmalang Village and find Lesehan restaurant.


Departing in fourth place, engaged couple Ernie & Cindy started their bicycle ride laughing, as Cindy joked, "Ernie's dad is a cop, so I'm thinking he's feeling pretty at home right now." However, when Ernie rode through a narrow alley, he watched in surprise as one of the pedals fell off his bike. When told he could not continue without reattaching the pedal, Ernie could only stand idly by as the patrol attempted to fix his bike. Soon, twins Liz & Marie, dating couple Jeremy & Sandy, grandparents Bill & Cathi, and siblings Justin & Jennifer all rode past the stranded Ernie & Cindy. Starting to panic, a frantic Cindy said, "Shoot, we need to get out of here! Let's go!' With only last place Amani & Marcus still behind Ernie & Cindy, Ernie's bike was finally ready to ride once again. Hopping on her bike, Cindy lamented, "Four teams just passed us now. That sucks."


Arriving in Salakmalang Village in first place, professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy ripped open their clue to find a Detour giving them the choice of Rice Field or Grass Fed. In Rice Field, teams had to deliver the mid-day meal to a group of hardworking men and women in the rice field. While the workers ate their lunch, teams had to plant 300 rice seedlings. In Grass Fed, teams had to properly fill two bags with freshly cut grass, then pick-up two sheep, and bring everything to a shed. There, teams had to collect six buckets of water from a well and pour them into a watering trough. Once teams completed all their chores, the farm manager would hand over the next clue. Running nimbly along the narrow pathways above the muddy rice fields without any fear of falling, the professional snowboarders reached the gigantic pile of freshly cut grass, grabbed two bags and began filling them. Thinking they had full bags, Andy & Tommy carried them back along the narrow path, again managing to avoid falling into the mud, then picked up two sheep from the sheep shed. With a bag of grass in one hand and an unruly sheep in the other, Andy & Tommy each presented their deliveries to the farm manager. However, the farm manager refused to accept the snowboarders' bags because they were not completely filled with grass.


As father and son adventurers Laurence & Zac arrived in Salakmalang Village, Andy & Tommy returned to the rice fields, stuffed more grass into the bags, and returned to the shed with their sheep and grass. This time the farm manager accepted the deliveries allowing Andy & Tommy to begin drawing water from the well. Looking at his clue, Tommy noted that it specified each team could only use two buckets at a time to draw the six required buckets of water. When Laurence & Zac joined the professional snowboarders at the well, Laurence, in an attempt to finish quickly, used a third bucket to draw water, failing to notice the instructions in the clue. Both teams finished filling the trough with the required six buckets and opened their next clue, instructing them to travel by taxi to Borobudur Temple.


With Amani & Marcus in last place in a lost taxi cab, siblings Justin & Jennifer, dating couple Jeremy & Sandy, engaged couple Ernie & Cindy, grandparents Bill & Cathi, former Vegas showgirls Kaylani & Lisa, and twins Liz & Marie all arrived at the restaurant in Salakmalang Village within moments of each other. While the twins and the former Vegas showgirls chose to plant rice seedlings, the other four teams opted to deliver the grass and sheep. However, navigating the narrow pathways to get to the Detour choices proved eventful for some racers, who tried to balance while running along the narrow ridges unsuccessfully. Lisa and Sandy both screamed as they fell into the muddy fields of grass and Cathi fell repeatedly as she carried her bag of grass. While tedious, planting rice seedlings proved to be a faster task. Twins Liz & Marie and former Vegas showgirls Kaylani & Lisa finished their task in third and fourth place respectively while the other four teams continued to carry their grass and sheep to the shed and collect the buckets of water. Just as the twins and former Vegas showgirls jumped into their taxis heading to Borobudur Temple, a frustrated Amani & Marcus finally arrived in Salakmalang Village, far behind the other teams.


As the four teams at Grass Fed completed filling the trough with six buckets of water, last place Amani & Marcus stuffed two bags full of grass, carefully walked through the rice field, and picked-up two sheep for delivery to the shed. Once the married couple coaxed their temperamental sheep to the shed, they gave the bags and sheep to farm manager, but he would not accept the delivery - they had not filled up the bags with enough grass. Faced with having to walk back and refill the bags and corralling more sheep, Amani & Marcus chose to plant rice seedlings instead. Now, even further behind, Amani & Marcus stood in the muddy rice field and began the tedious job of planting 300 rice seedlings. Marcus later said, "By the time we get to the rice field, everyone that was working are gone. At that point we know we are majorly behind." After the married couple planted their last seedling into the mud and walked back to their taxi, Marcus said, "We're tired, dirty, disappointed, frustrated, angry. But I know one thing we will not do. We're not going to quit. Our kids don't know quit. We don't quit neither."


Still maintaining their lead, professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy and adventurer father and son Laurence & Zac arrived at Borobudur Temple. They marveled at the massive structure as they slowly approached it and climbed the many steps to their next clue, a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to walk in a clockwise direction around the 8th Century Buddhist temple and identify Buddha statues with four distinct hand positions. Additionally, teams had to figure out they needed to demonstrate the four hand positions to a judge. When teams had the proper count of each statue, they would receive their next clue. Having a solid lead, Laurence and Andy decided to team up to count the seemingly overwhelming number of Buddha statues in the temple. Laurence later commented, "What I like about Andy & Tommy they have similar roots, a spirit of adventure. That's kind of why we formed an alliance." As Laurence counted, Tommy followed behind remembering the numbers that Laurence called out. After circling around the temple, Laurence and Tommy arrived at an answer and walked down the steps to give their answer. When Laurence said, "17, 17, 17, and 18', the judge replied, "17 of what?' Confused, Laurence countered, "Buddhas', but he did not give the specific hand position of the statues that corresponded to each number. After the judge rejected his answer, Laurence stood with Tommy trying to figure out what they did wrong. Soon, the light bulb went off for the two that they needed to remember the hand positions as well, so they returned to the temple to count once more. Kaylani & Lisa, Liz & Marie, Ernie & Cindy, Bill & Cathi, Justin & Jennifer, and Jeremy & Sandy, who fell slightly behind when their taxi stalled a kilometer away, arrived at Borobudur Temple. As the new teams read their clue, Laurence and Tommy returned to the base of the temple and correctly recited the correct hand positions with the corresponding number of each Buddha statue. Opening their next clue, the two teams learned they needed to search the temple grounds for the Pit Stop.


Before the two teams could search for Phil on the sprawling temple grounds, they had to return to the entrance and settle up with their taxi. As Andy & Tommy walked through the entrance gates, they ran into last place Amani & Marcus, who had wisely paid-up and let their slow taxi driver leave. Deciding to help the frazzled looking Amani & Marcus, Tommy gave the married couple the four Buddha statue counts and the corresponding hand positions. Amani repeated the numbers and hand positions back to Tommy appearing to understand. As the profressional snowboarders walked away, Andy said, "We just want them [Amani & Marcus] to finish. We have a choice of who we want in or not." Edging out the pro snowboarders, father and son adventurers Laurence & Zac stepped onto the mat in first place. However, because they used an additional bucket to retrieve water from the well at the Detour, Phil imposed a 15-minute penalty on Laurence & Zac. Walking off to the side of the mat, Laurence told his son, "Sorry about that mate. That was me." As Laurence & Zac patiently waited, Andy & Tommy ran into the Pit Stop, earning their second victory in a row and a trip for two to Dubai from Travelocity. Sheepishly Tommy said, "Laurence helped me on that Roadblock. They should have this win right now."


By the time last place Amani & Marcus reached the top of the temple to open the Roadblock clue, an exhausted Amani could not breathe and wanted Marcus to perform the task. As Marcus began to circle the temple, trying to understand what he needed to count, Amani caught her breath and worried if Marcus paid attention to the key pieces of information Tommy told them at the temple entrance. Amani's hopes were not realized as Marcus said, "I was just carrying backpacks and running. I should have been paying more attention. It would be paying off right now. Shoot!" With potential elimination looming, racers decided to combine forces to figure out how to count the Buddha statues. While Ernie, Marie, Justin, and Jeremy all compared guesses, Marcus and Lisa walked around the temple counting together. Only Bill remained solitary; working alone, he came up with the correct number of statues with the correct positions ahead of the other six teams. However, the six racers working in groups completed the task only moments behind Bill and everyone solved the Roadblock nearly simultaneously.


In the race to the Pit Stop, teams' taxi drivers became a key factor in determining how they finished the leg. Because their taxi broke down on the way to the temple, Jeremy & Sandy did not need to return to the temple entrance, so they jumped up to third place. Also having ditched their driver, married couple Amani & Marcus finished in sixth place, just behind siblings Justin & Jennifer and engaged couple Ernie & Cindy. Thrilled after staging a huge comeback from last place, Marcus said, "I feel like I just won the Super Bowl.' With the long walk to their taxi and back to the Pit Stop, grandparents Bill & Cathi settled for seventh place while frantic twins Liz & Marie barely scraped by in eighth place. Stepping onto the mat in last place, former Vegas showgirls Kaylani & Lisa received the bad news from Phil that they had been eliminated from the race. On the experience, Lisa said, "We gave it a good shot. We did everything we could. We'll always be able to look back at this and think about all the amazing places we got to see and visited. I think we'll be closer and better friends because of it." Thinking of her daughter, who she described as "the light of my life", Kaylani added, "I get to go home. I hope my little girl is going to be proud of me."






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