The Amazing Race

Episode 19.02 : The Sprint of Our Life (Indonesia)

  • The Amazing Race
    • Episode Premiere : October 02, 2011
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Game-Show, Adventure
    • Seasons : 19
    • Show Period : 2001 - now
    • Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Phil Keoghan

The Story

A wild finish in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the first ever double elimination sent dating couple Ethan & Jenna and domestic partners Ron & Bill out of the race.


Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 9:28pm, engaged couple Ernie & Cindy ripped open their clue instructing them to fly over 2,400 miles to Jakarta, Indonesia. Once they landed, they would take an overnight train to the tropical city of Yogyakarta. The engaged couple gasped as they also read that, for the first time in Race history, this would be a double elimination. The last two teams to check in at the Pit Stop would be eliminated. With no flight to Jakarta departing until 8:45am, teams gathered at the airport where, once again, attention turned to dating couple Ethan & Jenna. Sandy commented, "Ethan & Jenna are going to be tough. They both look strong and they already won Survivor which is More...crazy. So they have a pretty good chance at this.' Ernie added, "Jenna seems very nice, but she has that Medusa eye thing going on. You can't really trust her so much.' Teams also focused their attention on last place grandparents, Bill & Cathi, who nobody saw in the last leg. Cindy & Ernie speculated with Jeremy & Sandy as to whether or not Bill & Cathi were eliminated. When the grandparents finally appeared at the airport, the other teams erupted in thunderous applause, happy to still have them in the race. Cathi exclaimed, "You don't know how we've missed you!" Andy said, "It's pretty rad, because ma and pa, they got a good energy about them." A more pragmatic Jenna opined, "I'm actually happy they weren't eliminated, because the more people that are here, the more people that can fall behind."


All eleven teams flew together to Jakarta, Indonesia and bought seats at Station Gambir for the 5:30pm train to Yogyakarta. With all the teams together, Justin wanted to get a leg up on the competition by finding a phone to call ahead for transportation in Yogyakarta. When Justin got a very curt reply from his sister, Jennifer, he told her, "I want us to be a better team than we are right now. You're hostile. I just asked you a question.' As Justin became increasingly frustrated with his sister, Jen retorted, "Calm down with all the yelling. You are driving me absolutely insane right now.' Jen later explained, "Justin and I fought a lot when we were kids. Justin is very by the book and I might be a little hot head.' When the siblings' yelling reached its crescendo and other teams looked on, an exasperated Justin said, "You treat me like [expletive] every day. We can't do this every day. I'm trying so hard.' Jen responded, "I don't know what else to do. Let's go wait on the train. That's what I want to do." On the tense situation with his sister, Justin later remarked, "This is an incredible opportunity...There's a chance for a million dollars, but obviously if we can't get beyond this, all that comes to an end."


After taking the crowded overnight train, the eleven teams arrived in Yogykarta and raced by taxi to Goa Jomblang Cave, a remote vertical cave on the outskirts of the city. With the help of a talented taxi driver, grandparents Bill & Cathi arrived at Goa Jomblang in first place to find a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to go spelunking. Descending 160-feet into the dark cave, teams had to find a Javanese mask and an indigenous dagger called a keris. Once they collected the artifacts, they had to scale a towering bamboo ladder and deliver them to a petani who will hand over the next clue. Before Bill could start spelunking, he and Cathi needed to complete their Speed Bump, the penalty for having come in last place in the prior leg. In this Speed Bump, the grandparents had to untangle a massively knotted rope far enough for it to reach a carabiner attached to a tree. Looking at the messy tangle of rope in front of him, Bill exclaimed, "This is Christmas tree lights gone crazy.' As engaged couple Ernie & Cindy, twins Liz & Marie, and married couple Amani & Marcus arrived at the cave, Bill & Cathi managed to untangle the knotted rope allowing Bill to run to the tree and attach it to the carabiner, completing the Speed Bump.


After putting on gear and attaching to a line, Cindy, Marie, Bill, and Marcus began their descent through lush vegetation towards the dark cave below. Cindy exclaimed, "We're in a Jurassic Park jungle here. There's vines hanging off, rocks poking out. This is pretty amazing." Marie added, "This is great. I've never done anything like this in my life." Marcus joked, "This is child's play for me." Reaching the pitch black darkness of the cave, Cindy, Marie, and Bill all tried to navigate through the muddy, rocky terrain with only a small helmet light to help guide them. Marie worried, "I can literally only see what's in front of me." Finally, the trio reached an opening in the cave where sunlight streamed down, illuminating a keeper of the masks and daggers who banged a gong upon their arrival. After the three racers grabbed the artifacts, they exited the cave and faced a towering bamboo ladder which they needed to climb to return to their partners. Climbing up the ladder, Bill, Cindy, and Marie were initially neck and neck until Bill's upper body strength allowed him to pull ahead and reach the top first.


With Cathi cheering him on, Bill exchanged the mask and keris for the next clue, a Detour with the choice of Shake Your Money Maker or Be a Ticket Taker. Shake Your Money Maker required teams to make their way to a congested intersection in Yogyakarta and earn tips by dancing. One team member had to learn a traditional dance while the other accompanied by playing music on a gamelan. They needed to earn 30,000 Rupiah to complete the task. Be a Ticket Taker required teams to make their way to the Malioboro Mall and work as motorbike parking attendants. Once they parked enough motorbikes to earn 15,000 Rupiah they had to hand over their ticket book to complete the task. After completing the first task, both Detour options required teams to travel to a nearby orphanage, home to scores of children orphaned by the devastating 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi. There, teams had to donate their Detour earnings to receive their next clue. While there, teams had to notice a sign on the table at the orphanage instructing them to hand over all the money in their possession. With the threat of a double elimination looming, the last three teams at Goa Jomblang worried as they watched the other eight teams race off to complete the Detour. Zac said, "We're dead last, not the place to be right now.' Inside the cave, Zac managed to sneak ahead of Kaylani and Bill by finding the mask and darting up the bamboo ladder, moving into ninth place. In the taxi, Laurence said, "This could be the game clincher right here.' Finishing the descent and climb back in last place, a disappointed Bill told his partner Ron, "I can't believe this. Leg two and we're gonna go home.' Trying to remain optimistic, Ron replied, "We're not going home. We're gonna earn the money fast.'


Arriving at the Malioboro Mall, grandparents Bill & Cathi and engaged couple Ernie & Cindy suited up in bright orange jackets and began luring potential mall-goers from the crowded streets to park their motorbikes. With heated competition between the two teams, Ernie & Cindy made the shrewd decision to position themselves upstream of Bill & Cathi, allowing the engaged couple to snag all the motorbikes entering the mall on the one-way street. Parking their last bike as professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy and siblings Justin & Jennifer arrived, Ernie & Cindy headed off to deliver their earnings to the orphanage in first place. Pulling up to a crowded intersection, twins Liz & Marie put on the traditional costumes & masks and worried about how they would make 30,000 Rupiah. While Marie sat on the sidewalk playing the gamelan, Liz walked into the intersection when the traffic light turned red and began dancing to the music her sister created. Marie cheered on her sister, "Swing those hips.' When the light turned green and traffic began to move, Liz retreated back to the sidewalk, counted 6,000 Rupiah in her haul, and realized she would be dancing for awhile. With the arrival of Amani & Marcus and Jeremy & Sandy to the intersection, Liz & Marie continued their song and dance routine, trying to stay ahead of the other two teams. Marcus joked, "I'm breaking out the latest Michael Jackson. We need to find some big spenders. We got the kind that jingles. We need to get the kind that folds.' Twins Liz & Marie finally reached their 30,000 Rupiah goal and jumped into a taxi, happy to be helping out orphans and relating to it, having lost their father recently.


Running into the orphanage, Ernie & Cindy presented their earnings from parking motorbikes to the children. However, the engaged couple failed to notice the large sign on the table instructing them to hand over all the money in their possession. Likewise, second place Bill & Cathi and third place Liz & Marie also failed to notice the sign and handed over only their Detour earnings before heading to the Pit Stop at Kraton Palace, the current residence of the Sultan of Yogyakarta. As Ernie & Cindy stepped onto the mat at Kraton Palace, professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy arrived at the orphanage and handed over their Detour earnings. On their way out, Andy took one more glance at the table and spotted the sign instructing them to give all their money. A perceptive Andy said, "Dude, who's gonna blow that one.' As the professional snowboarders searched their pockets for every bill and coin, Ernie & Cindy were turned away by Phil because they did not do the same thing at the orphanage. Freaking out as she and Ernie ran away, Cindy cried, "I can't believe we did that!'


With twins Liz & Marie and grandparents Bill & Cathi also turned away from the Pit Stop for not donating all their money to the orphanage, professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy arrived at the mat in fourth place. With three teams ahead of them making the same mistake, a shocked Andy & Tommy became team number one, winning a trip for two from Travelocity to Ireland. On their win, Tommy said, "It was huge to notice that sign at the orphanage. It's awesome that we came in first today.' Inattention to detail became the theme of the day as dating couple Jeremy & Sandy, siblings Justin & Jennifer, and married couple Amani & Marcus also failed to notice the sign at the orphanage and were turned away by Phil at the mat. This allowed father and son adventurers Laurence & Zac, who arrived at the mat in eighth place, to vault all the way to second place because they followed instructions and donated all their money. Similarly, former Vegas showgirls Kaylani & Lisa also noticed the sign at the orphanage. While they technically arrived at the mat in tenth place, which would have sent them home, the relieved team ended the day in third place, thanks to their attention to detail. After correcting their mistake at the orphanage, engaged couple Ernie & Cindy finished in fourth place. Meanwhile, twins Liz & Marie tumbled to fifth place, dating couple Jeremy & Sandy took sixth, grandparents Bill & Cathi ended in seventh place, and siblings Justin & Jennifer, who continued their fighting on the run back to the Pit Stop, ended in eighth place. On their difficulties, Justin said, "I definitely think the race is harder than we thought it would be. My goal isn't to come out here and pick on my sister. It's to win a million dollars.'


Finishing the dancing task in eighth place, dating couple Ethan & Jenna appeared to be barely surviving the double elimination. However, troubles began for them when Jenna left the Detour clue with their costumes at the intersection. Getting into a taxi, the couple realized they did not have their clue and frantically darted back to where they left it. Losing valuable time and dropping to ninth place, an incredulous Ethan asked Jenna, "Why would you forget the clue?" Jenna simply replied, "Because it was an accident." With Amani & Marcus, Ethan & Jenna, and Ron & Bill all failing to read the sign at the orphanage, the foot race to the Pit Stop would only save one team from elimination. An exhausted Amani & Marcus held a narrow lead over dating couple Ethan & Jenna for ninth place, but a confident Ethan said, "We can outrun Amani." However, Ethan's hope did not come true as married couple Amani & Marcus kept their slim lead and mad it to the mat at Kraton Palace in ninth place. Stepping onto the mat in tenth place in the first ever double elimination leg, dating couple Ethan & Jenna received the bad news from Phil that they had been eliminated from the race. Ethan told Phil, "After what we've been through the past year and a half, just to be here traveling the world with Jenna beside me the whole time is really what matters the most. So this is a pretty blissful situation." Arriving at the Pit Stop in last place, domestic partners Ron & Bill became the second team eliminated that day. Ron later said, "Running The Amazing Race truly was fun, exhilarating, amazing.' Bill added, "Even though the time we wanted to be here was cut short, it doesn't take away a moment of what it's meant to us because we truly had such an incredible time."






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