The Amazing Race

Episode 18.08 : I Cannot Deal with Your Psycho Behavior

  • The Amazing Race
    • Episode Premiere : April 17, 2011
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Game-Show, Adventure
    • Seasons : 18
    • Show Period : 2001 - now
    • Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
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Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Phil Keoghan

The Story

When teams raced from Vienna to Sazlburg, Austria, best friends Zev & Justin came in first place and won a pair of 2012 Ford Focus cars while last place father and daughter Gary & Mallory were spared by non-elimination.


Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 2:07am, Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy ripped open their clue instructing them to fly from the heat of Varanasi to a city 40 degrees cooler, Vienna, Austria. When they landed, they had to choose a brand new 2012 Ford Focus and get their next clue.

At a travel agency, the Globetrotters found two different options for flights to Vienna. The first option connected through Delhi and landed in Vienna at 6:00am. The second option connected through Delhi and Mumbai, landing in Vienna at 5:35am, the fastest flight available. Five teams decided to go with the fastest flight, but one, Jet & Cord, didn't feel comfortable with the added connection in Mumbai. Jet explained, "Every flight we've been on in this country has been delayed by 20 to 30 minutes so I don't know if it's worth the risk." Even knowing the other five teams could have a potential 25-minute lead landing in Vienna, the cowboys still felt safer on the later flight. Boarding the flight with only his brother, Cord said, "We are lone rangers again. When you're all alone, it's either you're gonna win big or lose big."


Landing on time in Vienna, Austria at 5:35am, five teams raced out of the airport into the connecting parking lot where they each grabbed a clue from a waiting 2012 Ford Focus car instructing them to jump in the car where Phil appeared on screen to give them more information. Teams would get their next clue using the My Ford Touch System. To figure out where they needed to go next, teams had to put the car into reverse to automatically activate the backup camera. Phil also told the teams that the winning team of this leg would each win a new 2012 Ford Focus car.

As soon as teams began backing their cars up, they noticed words and letters appearing in the backup camera as the drove over them on the pavement. Best friends Zev & Justin finished deciphering the clue first discovering they had to drive to the castle Schloss Schallaburg. Kent & Vyxsin left the parking lot in second place followed by sisters Kisha & Jen in third place, and the Globetrotters in fourth place. Initially Gary & Mallory didn't realize the clue would appear in the backup camera, so, as Jet & Cord landed in Vienna, the father and daughter sat idle in the car unaware of how to get their next clue. Finally, just before Jet & Cord arrived in the parking lot, Gary put the car in reverse to figure out he and Mallory needed to drive to Schloss Schallaburg. Driving out of the parking lot in last place, Jet told his brother, "We can't make any mistakes."

Maintaining their lead, best friends Zev & Justin arrived at Schloss Schallaburg in first place and into the courtyard of the stately castle where torches burned and a medieval princess beckoned for them to approach. The princess handed the best friends a giant book that had a stamped page on the inside cover. The stamp directed teams to now drive to the National Library in Vienna.


Still in first place just ahead of sisters Kisha & Jen, Zev & Justin ran into massive National Library and delivered the book they picked up at the castle in exchange for their next clue. Opening it up, the best friends found a Detour with the choice of Long Hard Walk or Quick and Easy Meal. In Long Hard Walk, teams had to make their way to the Freud Museum, the former home and office of Sigmund Freud. Then, working together, teams had to transport an analyst's couch one mile to the school where Freud once studied and later lectured, the University of Vienna. Once they delivered the couch, they would receive the next clue. In Quick and Easy Meal, teams made their way to the Wiener Riesenrad, a giant ferris wheel made famous in the Orsen Welles' film The Third Man. Once there, teams had to pick up two local meals and enter one of the dining cars. Then, accompanied by traditional Viennese music, they had to eat all the food during one 12-minute rotation of the ferris wheel to receive their next clue.

Zev & Justin and Kisha & Jen both took the train to the Wiener Riesenrad and anticipated exactly what they would be eating. Jen joked, "I bet that will be the biggest wiener I'll ever eat." Running to the ferris wheel, the two teams picked up their massive plates of food that included wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut, and a big slab of chocolate cake. As soon as the door closed on Kisha & Jen's dining car, the sisters began stuffing their faces with the fried schnitzel knowing they had only 12 minutes to finish their plates. Jumping into the next dining car, Justin told Zev, "There's no ‘try'. Only ‘do' right now." With pleasant violin music playing, the best friends started eating, as Justin told Zev not to waste time cutting the schnitzel into little pieces.


As the Globetrotters and Kent & Vyxsin ran to Freud's Museum to deliver an analyst's couch, Kisha & Jen and Zev & Justin continued to voraciously eat their Viennese meals with the clock counting down. Six minutes in, with their dining car at the top of its rotation, Jen told her sister, "This is a lot of fried food." When Jen suggested the possibility of them not finishing, Kisha, with her mouth full of food, responded, "We're not about to even think about that." When Zev & Justin's dining car reached the top, Justin announced, "I'm running out of steam. I hate wiener schnitzel. This was a terrible idea."

When both dining cars in succession returned to the starting point, neither Kisha & Jen nor Zev & Justin managed to finish their complete meals. Faced with having to get two whole new meals to try again, both teams decided to switch to delivering couches instead. Running to the Wiener Riesenrad just as both teams were leaving, Gary & Mallory asked the teams how the difficult the task was for them. Kisha told the father and daughter, "Y'all will be alright." Justin told Gary & Mallory that the food was delicious, later clarifying, "We didn't lie. It was pretty good tasting."

Taking the heaping platefuls of food, Gary & Mallory entered the dining car and began eating as soon as the door closed. By the time their dining cart approached a full turn, it became obvious to both Gary & Mallory that they wouldn't finish their plates. Gary simply said, "Too much food." With Jet & Cord on their way to delivering a couch, Gary & Mallory now fell into last place. Mallory apologized to her dad for not being able to finish her half, but Gary said, "I should've listened to you." As he and Mallory got on the train to head to the Freud Museum, Gary said, "Whenever you have to do both sides of the Detour that's bad. You really let people catch up."


With the lead teams all failing to eat at the ferris wheel, Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy vaulted into the lead as they delivered the heavy, burdensome couch through the streets of Vienna to the university. Using a dolly to roll the couch through traffic and then muscle to lift it up steep hills, the Globetrotters finally reached the University of Vienna, entered the marble halls, set down their couch, and ripped open their next clue instructing them to drive to the heart of Old Town Salzburg and find the Sternbrau restaurant.


Meanwhile, in second place, dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin bickered and argued throughout their entire delivery of the couch to the university. When Kent complained that he couldn't lift the couch, Vyxsin snapped, "Quit whining! You sound like a ridiculous baby." Once inside the university, Kent continued to complain about how heavy the couch was, prompting Vyxsin to again say, "Stop whining. I'm hurting too. Don't drag me down." After delivering the couch and returning to their car, Vyxsin explained to Kent, "My point was just that if you just start going, ‘This is heavy'…it makes it harder psychologically."

Although the dating Goths appeared to patch up their differences, the rift widened even further on their drive to Salzburg. When Kent ignored Vyxsin's directions by making an unapproved turn, Vyxsin shouted, "I need you to turn on this other street! Damn it! Get back over there!" As they continued driving, Vyxsin railed at Kent, "I cannot deal with your psycho behavior! You're just ignoring me completely and driving around in circles. If we get eliminated today, I swear to God I'm never going to speak to you again." Eventually, Kent listened to Vyxsin and the couple continued on their way to Salzburg.


Arriving at the Sternbrau restaurant in first place, Flight Time & Big Easy ripped open their clue to find a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to take part in the time-honored tradition of chimney sweeping. After putting on a chimney sweep uniform, teams had to climb on the roof and use a specialized weighted tool to clean out their chimney. Once finished, they had to head to the cleanout door, open it, and retrieve their next clue.

Picking out a black suit and top hat, Big Easy joked, "I'm gonna be sexy in these. They're gonna be whistling from the roof." Taking a ladder and tools, the Globetrotter walked up the stairwell to the rooftop where he learned the art of chimney sweeping. Using metal tools attached to a long rope, Big Easy dropped the bristled, weighted tool into the chimney and then pulled it back out to begin the cleaning process, joking, "Where I grew up we didn't have a chimney. Santa Clause came through the window." After dropping and pulling out the tools three times, Big Easy walked down to the basement and opened the cleanout door causing a poof of black soot, a product of the Globetrotter's hard work, to fall out. Opening the next clue, the Globetrotters discovered they had to drive across Salzburg to the Pit Stop at Villa Trapp, the real home of the Von Trapp family immortalized in the film The Sound of Music.


Although they dropped off their couch in fifth place ahead of only Gary & Mallory, best friends Zev & Justin made up a lot of ground in the drive from Vienna to Salzburg to arrive at the Sternbrau restaurant in second place just as the Globetrotters left for the Pit Stop. After Zev successfully cleaned his chimney and removed the soot, he and Justin jumped into their car expecting to end the day in second place. However, Flight Time & Big Easy became so lost on the way to Villa Trapp that Zev & Justin passed the Globetrotters and found the Pit Stop in first place. The shocked friends couldn't believe their good fortune when Phil told them that they each won a new 2012 Ford Focus car. Justin later said, "We're absolutely thrilled to have won those cars."

After a disappointed Flight Time & Big Easy settled for second place, dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin snagged third place, their highest finish yet. Vyxsin commented, "It is odd after a day of such hot, cold, hot, cold all day long with each other this is the best we've done on the race. Maybe we just need to fight more."


With Kisha & Jen running onto the mat in fourth place just seconds ahead of fifth place Jet & Cord who survived their decision to take the later flight, Gary finished cleaning the chimney and hopped into the car with his daughter expecting to hear terrible news from Phil when they reached Villa Trapp. Although the father and daughter finished in last place, they caught a break because this was a non-elimination leg. The thankful and relieved pair now faced a Speed Bump in the next leg, but they couldn't have been happier to still have a chance. Mallory said, "To have a third chance at this is the biggest blessing ever in the world. When you get something that big you have to do something with it so now we gotta win."

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