The Amazing Race

Episode 18.02 : I Never Looked So Foolish in My Whole Entire Life

  • The Amazing Race
    • Episode Premiere : February 27, 2011
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Game-Show, Adventure
    • Seasons : 18
    • Show Period : 2001 - now
    • Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Phil Keoghan

The Story


The eleven teams raced to the Australian Outback where best friends Zev & Justin hopped into first place and engaged couple Amanda & Kris failed to overtake a bickering Ron & Christina to stay in the race.


As Jet remained befuddled trying to decode the nautical flags at Ocean World, the remaining ten teams had to solve a puzzle of their own. Their clue instructed them to return to Sydney and get "To Sail to Stop." Teams had to figure out that the phrase "to sail to stop" would lead them to a large anchor next to Sydney Town Hall. The first six teams to sign up there would be on the first of two charter flights to Broken Hill, a small mining town 684 miles from Sydney.

The search for "To Sail to Stop" proved difficult both mentally and physically for some teams. While Ron began reverting to old bad habits when he snapped at daughter Christina, Mel winced in pain from a cramp as the grueling first leg took its toll on the 70-year old racer. Mike later commented, "It sure feels like the race is more difficult this time." After boarding a ferry from Shelly Beach back to Sydney, Mel collapsed in his seat while Mike helplessly looked on in tears. Mike told his dad, "You pushed yourself so hard today and I just don't want to kill you for some joyride." Slowly recovering, Mel calmed his upset son, responding, "I'll be responsible for my decision."

Meanwhile, after stopping at an information desk and searching online, sisters Kisha & Jen and best friends Zev & Justin quickly determined they needed to find Sydney Town Hall. Working together, the two teams arrived at the anchor next to the town hall and celebrated as they snagged two of the six spots on the first charter flight to Broken Hill. Continuing their alliance from the first time they ran the race, mother and son Margie & Luke and former NFL cheerleaders Jaime & Cara teamed up to secure the third and fourth places on the first charter flight. A stunned and relieved Mel & Mike took the fifth spot as Mike told his dad, "You're awesome." After a rough first leg, dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin jumped up in the standings to take the sixth and final spot on the first charter flight.


After finishing the first leg at the top, Express Pass holders Gary & Mallory and engaged couple Amanda & Kris circled around Sydney unable to figure out where to sign up for the charter flight. Feeling their lead slipping away, the two teams paired up with father and daughter Ron & Christina to finally figure out they needed to find Sydney Town Hall. The three teams settled for the second charter flight leaving thirty minutes later with Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy. A disappointed Kris said, "We are unfortunately on the second flight and we still do have the U-Turn to face."

After Jet finally cracked the code to tell the commodore, he and Cord sailed on the 16-foot skiff across Manly Bay before meeting Phil on the sands of Shelly Beach. Relieved to still be racing, the cowboys set off to solve the cryptic "to sail to stop." However, each person the brothers asked had no idea what the clue meant. With the sun setting over Sydney and other teams gathering at the airport, the confused cowboys continued their search through the city until finally a taxi driver told them they needed to travel to Sydney Town Hall. After finally signing in for the second charter flight, Jet said, "We're just glad to still be in the race."


Landing in Broken Hill, teams on the first charter flight opened the clue waiting on their vehicles instructing them to drive to The Living Desert, a vast, barren landscape in Australia's Outback. Leading the way, best friends Zev & Justin, sisters Kisha & Jen, and father and son Mel & Mike all had maps and drove to The Living Desert with no issues while mother and son Margie & Luke, former NFL cheerleaders Jaime & Cara, and dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin stopped at a gas station for directions.

Arriving at the desert and ripping open their clue, the lead three teams discovered the first Detour of the race having the choice between two Aboriginal customs that have survived through the ages, Spirit World or Natural World. In Spirit World, teams had to use traditional materials to create an Aboriginal ground mosaic that matched an example. Once teams properly completed the mosaic, they had to perform a dance on it intended to raise the ancestral spirits. In Natural World, teams had to create a series of Aboriginal territory markers using a natural paint made from water and a claylike pigment. Teams had to put the paint into their mouths and spit the substance onto a stencil to create four images.

The three teams all opted to construct the ground mosaic of Spirit World and began to gather the rocks and materials just as the next three teams arrived at the desert. With Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, and Kent & Vyxsin also choosing Spirit World, six teams took handfuls of white chalk and black and red rocks from giant piles and began to fill in their mosaic trying to replicate the example mosaic where young Aboriginal children danced.


When the five teams on the second charters flight, led by father and daughter Gary & Mallory and engaged couple Amanda & Kris who faced the automatic U-Turn penalty, arrived at The Living Desert, they all chose Spirit World just like the six teams in front of them. Gary later said, "It was bedlam. Every team was there." Mike added, "There were teams to the left of us, teams to the right of us. And it's stressful trying to do your mosaic with ten other teams at the same time. "

The artistic dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin completed their mosaic first, but they misread the clue of how to perform their dance. Instead of dancing on top of their work of art, the dating Goths danced around it, enlisting the help of the young Aboriginal dancers. Kent shouted, "Vyxsin, help me! Come get children!" As Kent & Vyxsin danced in a circle around their mosaic with the kids, best friends Zev & Justin, mother and son Margie & Luke, and father and son Mel & Mike all danced directly on top of their mosaic earning the next clue instructing them to drive back to Broken Hill and find the Home of the Magpies. Teams had to figure out this would take them to the Central Football Club. Driving away in third place, Mike told his dad, "We need to stay on track because all those teams are fighting like dogs."


Once Kent & Vyxsin and most other teams completed and danced on their mosaic designs, only two teams remained at The Living Desert. With the automatic U-Turn looming over them, engaged couple Amanda & Kris worked furiously and efficiently to gain a small lead on father and daughter Ron & Christina who continued to show glimmers of the problems in their relationship that plagued them the first time they ran the race. At one point, Ron snapped at his daughter, "What do you need? Tell me. You're the director." At another point, Christina chided her father to speak in Chinese so other teams won't get any hints on how to complete their mosaic. Once Amanda & Kris got the tip from Gary & Mallory to dance on top of instead of around their mosaic, only Ron & Christina still remained constructing the mosaic art. Ron told Christina, "You got this all screwed up."


As Ron & Christina finally figured out the proper placement of their rocks in the mosaic and danced for their clue, Amanda & Kris began the Natural World side of the Detour to complete the automatic U-Turn. The engaged couple placed stencils on a slab of stone, got a large mouthful of paint, and spit it onto rock. Initially, Amanda had problems making the paint spray from her mouth in a way that coated the stencil, but Kris mastered the technique quickly and showed her how to do it. He instructed his fiancée, "Like you're playing trumpet." After finishing their artwork, the last place engaged couple hopped into their vehicle trying to catch up to Ron & Christina.


After asking a local for directions, best friends Zev & Justin arrived at the Central Football Club in first place just ahead of Margie & Luke. The two teams opened up their clue instructing them to dress up as kangaroos and figure out where they needed to travel to next using only a Periodic Table of Elements as a guide. In Broken Hill, many streets are named after elements and only two of them, Mercury and Bismuth, intersect. By noticing the highlighted Hg and Bi on their table, teams had to figure out they needed to hop on foot to the corner of Mercury and Bismuth for their next clue.

Fully clad in kangaroo outfits complete with ears, tails, and shoes allowing them to hop, Margie & Luke and Zev & Justin teamed up to run through the streets of Broken Hill as curious townspeople looked on in surprise. Using a woman's smart phone, the two teams discovered that Hg meant mercury and Bi meant Bismuth. Justin then asked the woman, "Does that mean anything to you?" The local woman instantly knew and directed them to the corner they needed to find.


With a herd of seven kangaroo teams hot on their tails, Margie & Luke and Zev & Justin kept powering towards the corner of Mercury and Bismuth until Margie realized she lost one of the foot coverings of her outfit forcing her and Luke to backtrack as Zev & Justin continued on. While Margie & Luke now became part of the gigantic herd of teams including Mel & Mike who returned her foot covering, Zev & Justin arrived at the corner of Mercury and Bismuth in first place and opened their clue instructing them to drive in their kangaroo suits to the Pit Stop at Junction Mine, a former silver mine built in 1884.

Pulling into Junction Mine, best friends and kangaroos Zev & Justin stepped onto the mat in first place and won a trip for two from Travelocity to Cancun, Mexico. The last time the best friends came in first place, they lost their passports and forfeited a chance to keep racing. This time Justin promised, "We're in it for the long haul."


With the next seven teams all finding the corner of Mercury and Bismuth and driving to Junction Mine, only Gary & Mallory, Ron & Christina, and Amanda & Kris still roamed the streets of Broken Hill. Teaming up together trying to stay ahead of last place Amanda & Kris, Gary & Mallory and Ron & Christina realized they ran in the entirely wrong direction. With elimination looming large, Ron's familiar behavior emerged once again as he warned his group, "We cannot just meander." When a flustered Mallory darted off in a different direction, Ron asked, "Why are we following them? She's hysterical." Later, Ron told Mallory, "Don't shout because your voice carries."

After finding the corner of Mercury and Bismuth just ahead of Amanda & Kris, Gary & Mallory jumped in their car as Ron & Christina followed behind. However, believing that Gary & Mallory didn't know how to get to Junction Mine, Ron & Christina decided to break off on their own. After calling Mallory impulsive, Ron said, "I think we can cut the cord now." This proved to be a bad decision as Gary & Mallory found their way to Junction Mine in ninth place and Ron & Christina turned down the wrong road giving Amanda & Kris a chance to stay in the race. While they had a rocky leg, the father and daughter found a local to ask for directions and stepped onto the mat in tenth place. Christina told Phil, "We still have stuff to figure out between the two of us. We're just two very different people."


Stepping on the mat in last place, engaged couple Amanda & Kris received the bad news from Phil that they had been eliminated from the race. Kris told Phil, "I'm bummed. I really wanted this shot. This is our own fault. We can't blame anyone but ourselves." He later added, "We're really fortunate to experience this two times. We basically won the lottery twice. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. I'd do it over again in a heartbeat."






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