The Amazing Race

Episode 14.10 : Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This

  • The Amazing Race
    • Episode Premiere : April 26, 2009
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Game-Show, Adventure
    • Seasons : 14
    • Show Period : 2001 - now
    • Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Phil Keoghan

The Story

Cara endured a painful foot massage in Beijing to help propel her team into the lead, but she and Jaime received a shock on the mat from Phil. Meanwhile, Jen's fear of water sunk her team which fell into last place.


Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 1:48pm, sisters Kisha & Jen ripped open their clue instructing them to fly over 1,000 miles to Beijing, China, home of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. When they landed, they had to make their way to the Liangzi Jian Guo Men Dian foot massage spa.

Although all four teams booked tickets on the 5:10pm flight to Beijing, sibling lawyers Tammy & Victor tried to get an advantage with their ability to speak Mandarin. The pair asked the ticketing agent to seat them in the front of the plane in order to exit ahead of other teams, and got their wish. Watching them work their magic with the ticket agents a wistful Jen noted, "That's an advantage of speaking the language. You get special privileges." With this advantage over the other teams, Tammy joked, "If we don't survive the Beijing leg, we will bring shame to our family."

Margie & Luke sat with the other teams at the airport, and when Kisha & Jen arrived you could cut the tension with a knife due to their scuffles in the prior leg. Luke commented, "I want them out. I want them eliminated next. I don't want to go to the final three with them." Still upset about the fight on the mat, Margie told her side of the story to former NFL cheerleaders Jaime & Cara who knew nothing of the confrontation. When Victor pointed out that Kisha apologized, Margie replied, "When somebody tries to express themselves and you're laughing, sorry, that doesn't fly with me." Breaking off on their own away from the other three teams and the gossip, sisters Kisha & Jen simply said, "Let them talk about us. I don't make small talk. It's fake."

Landing at 8:05pm in Beijing, sibling lawyers Tammy & Victor took the early lead out of the airport, since they sat at the front of the plane, while Jaime & Cara exited in dead last. Luke had another minor incident with sisters Kisha & Jen when he collided with Kisha as they all ran towards the taxis. Luke made no acknowledgement of running into Kisha. Once in his taxi ahead of the sisters he told his mother, "We kicked Kisha and Jen's ass." Jen commented, "I would expect it to be like this. It doesn't matter."


With the help of a speedy taxi driver with a great sense of direction, Jaime & Cara arrived at the foot massage spa in first place to find a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to first drink a Chinese medicinal tea. Then, they would sit back and "enjoy" a foot massage, known for its therapeutic powers, which walked the fine line between pleasure and pain and lasted ten minutes. If the racer could endure the therapeutic massage for the entire ten minutes, they had to drink another cup of tea to receive their next clue. However, if the pain was too intense, the racer could say, "Uncle", to stop the massage, but if they did, they had to restart the massage from the beginning.

Cara quickly drank the tea as she dreaded the task that lay ahead of her, saying, "I hate foot massages. I don't like people touching my feet." As she settled into the comfortable chair and gave her feet over to the care of a professional, Cara soon learned that not all massages are relaxing. The masseuse began to knead Cara's feet as she laughed to Kisha who just joined her, "This does not feel good."

As time ticked by very slowly for Cara, the pain of the massage worsened, and her initial uncomfortable laughter turned to tears. A wide-eyed panic stricken Kisha watched her neighbor wince and squirm in pain and soon felt it for herself as she bit on her jacket to ease the suffering. When Tammy entered to the shouts of Kisha and Cara, she asked, "Is it really that bad?" In return, Cara quipped, "I feel like having a baby's got to be easier than this." Jaime threatened Cara and told her not to dare yell "Uncle". Eventually, after telling Jaime to be quiet, Cara endured the remaining minutes of agony with more tears and shouting until the masseuse stopped. A relieved Cara drank her second cup of tea and then opened the next clue instructing her and Jaime to travel to Guangcai Natatorium.


In last place because of a lost taxi driver, Luke quietly suffered through his foot massage by biting on his cap and holding back tears. Looking on, Margie said, "It's hard to see him in pain, but I really wanted to do this one and he jumped in there." The pair made up ground on the teams ahead of them however because nobody could find a taxi to take them to the natatorium. Eventually, sisters Kisha & Jen grabbed the first one, followed by Jaime & Cara as they fended off Tammy & Victor, who tried to take it from them. A defiant Jaime told Tammy, "Not gonna happen, sister." Victor pointed out to his sister that they helped Jaime & Cara by telling the taxi drivers in Chinese where to go and received a stiff arm from them in return for their generosity, but Tammy wisely decided, "I don't want to get in a fight with Jaime. She scares me."


Arriving at Guangcai Natatorium in first place when their driver dropped them off at the North door, sibling lawyers Tammy & Victor encountered a Detour having to choose between Sync and Swim. In Sync, teams would try to master the skill of synchronized diving by jumping off the three-meter springboard and hitting the water in perfect unison. When they performed a jump where they hit the water simultaneously, and received a passing score of five from the judges, they would receive their next clue. In Swim, teams had to change into the revolutionary Speedo laser suit, the same type of suit worn by Michael Phelps when he won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Then, they had to swim eight lengths of the pool in a 400-meter relay with team members alternating every two lengths, and competing against Michael Phelps' time of 04:03.84 in the individual medley. While teams did not have to beat Phelps' time, each team member had to complete 200 meters of the relay to receive their next clue.

Not feeling very confident in their swimming abilities, Tammy & Victor decided to test their athleticism and agility in synchronized diving. Walking out in his Speedo, Victor joked, "This is skimpy land." Having the same concerns about swimming, sisters Kisha & Jen also chose to dive. On her ability to swim, Jen remarked, "I just think of drowning automatically, so I won't put myself in situations where I will drown."

Watching the professional divers jump into the water after a deceptively simple feet-first forward dive, Victor assumed this task would be easy. However, after their first dive where Tammy left the board more than a few seconds after Victor, the pair realized they had their work cut out for them and earned a pair of ones for their efforts. Improving to a pair of twos on their second dive from the judges, Tammy & Victor kept trying while a nervous Kisha & Jen waited to test the waters for themselves.

On their first try, Kisha & Jen nervously walked to the edge of the diving board where Jen's fear of water began to overwhelm her. Almost instantly, Jen said she couldn't do the diving task, so Kisha offered to switch to swimming. Jen agreed to this, but knew her prospects at success in the swimming pool wouldn't be much better.


Meanwhile, in the pool, former NFL cheerleaders Jaime & Cara both took their turns swimming rather awkward strokes towards completing the 400-meter relay. They may not have possessed the speed of Michael Phelps, but the duo proved sturdy enough to get the job done. Finishing with a time of 09:53.30, more than five minutes behind Phelps, Jaime & Cara opened their clue instructing them to the Pit Stop at Drum Tower, built in the 13th Century, where drums were used to announce the time of day in ancient Beijing.

In her lap across the pool, Kisha slowly inched ahead using the lane divider as a guide while her nervous sister looked on. Jen prepared herself by donning a life jacket as she shouted to her sister, "We should have done the other one." When Kisha finally returned to the platform where Jen stood, Jen told her sister they needed to switch back to the diving and an exhausted Kisha agreed.

Finishing their 400-meter relay in a time of 08:05.30, mother and son Margie & Luke took their clue and ran to a taxi. The pair saw how Jen & Kisha struggled in the pool and celebrated en route to the Pit Stop. A snide Margie said, "Jen and Kisha, bye bye. They're tough on land, but in the water, they're nothing."


In the diving well, a very persistent Tammy & Victor continued to dive, even scoring as high as a pair of fours, but they never could get the fives necessary to earn their next clue. The lawyers then watched as Kisha & Jen took their first dive off of the board and received a pair of twos from the judges. When their time came to dive again, Jen needed to take a moment as the exhaustion and fear read clearly on her face. After another unsuccessful dive, Jen swam back to the side and told her sister she didn't want to do this anymore. Frustrated with their own failed attempted, Tammy & Victor decided to switch to swimming in an attempt to finish ahead of the slowly crumbling Kisha & Jen.

With no good option in sight for her, Jen began to sob along the side of the diving pool as her sister tried to comfort and encourage her. Their next dive sent Jen over the edge as she barely made it back to the edge, coughing up water. A defeated Jen said, "We're not gonna get this." In the hall between the swimming and diving areas, Jen crouched on the floor and sobbed telling her sister that she wanted to go home.

As Jen continued to cry, Tammy inched her way along the length of the pool with her brother as they slowly built a lead on the idle Kisha & Jen. After Victor completed his final lap to give his team a time of 10:29.30, the team excitedly accepted their clue to the Pit Stop leaving Kisha & Jen alone in last place.

When Tammy & Victor ran by Kisha & Jen, the sisters got up, determined to get into the laser suits and finish strong with their heads held high. Still tearing up, a surprisingly fragile Jen entered the pool and faced her greatest fear. As her sister looked on with pride, Jen made her way across the pool and conquered her fear of water. Kisha decided to wear a life vest as well so her sister wouldn't feel bad for wearing one, and she continued to shout encouragement to Jen as she finished her first 100-meters.


While Victor needed some time to soothe a cramped calf, they remained ahead of the sisters who needed to each complete a lap of the pool. With her sister cheering her on, Jen successfully completely the last leg of the swim for a final time of 18:19.00. On the experience, Jen commented, "That was the most difficult Detour that we've had. Kisha knows my weaknesses and I'm glad she was there pushing me. I'm sure a lot of other people just would have let me quit like I wanted to."

Not having won a leg yet, a nervous Jaime & Cara hoped their taxi driver was taking them to the Drum Tower with no complications. The anticipation for the redheads was almost too much to bear as they neared the Pit Stop. Getting out of their taxis, the former NFL cheerleaders hit the mat in first place where Phil waited for them. However, they didn't hear the news they'd hoped for. Instead, Phil handed them their next clue because this leg of the race was not yet over, and they were still racing…







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